Fire Recap

Good Morning and Happy weekend! I am so sorry to have been absent these past couple of days. As I’m sure you can imagine, life has been a bit hectic since the fire. I wanted to share some after fire & the clean up photos with all of you, and let you know what exactly happened. Before I get into the details I want to say THANK YOU for the prayers, comments, tweets, and messages y’all left. No words can describe how much it all meant to Joshua & I. You guys are just incredible ❤

11:30PM: Heard a strange noise that I thought was rain pounding on our bedroom window. Sat in bed for a second, then decided to get up & check. Looked out the window and saw nothing but flames. Started screaming “Fire, Fire!”, and yelled to Joshua to get the dogs.

I ran out of the bedroom to see if the fire was in the house as well (it wasn’t).

Joshua and I made it out safely (obviously). The fire trucks and police came. We sat outside until 3AM with two dogs (were pet sitting for one of Joshua’s co-workers). The manager of our flats called their cleaning company around 1:30AM to come clean up everything.

(I wish I had pictures of before the cleaning was done. Our house was flooded, there was debris, glass and dirt EVERYWHERE!)

Up until today, our house has smelt like straight smoke. We went to Caribou Coffee the night/morning of the fire, since obviously sleep wasn’t happening. Joshua left for work around 5AM, and I took care of cleaning more, taking our bed comforter/sheets/blankets to the laundromat, and just putting things back into place.

We only ended up losing materialistic items. I just thank God that I heard the noise when I did, and that we were able to get out before it had gotten bad.

What you can’t see in the pictures below is all the trash that’s in the “alley way”. When we first moved in, we told them to take care of it bc we thought it would be a fire hazard.

Well hey, what do you know. Looks like we were completely right! Were not exactly sure what the cause was. We’re about 80% sure someone above must have thrown a cigarette out of the window.


Looking out from our bedroom window into the little “alley way” that runs from our bedroom past our kitchen


The first photo is looking out from our front door. As you can see, our front door leads to another door that leads to one entrance of our kitchen. The third photo shows me standing looking into our bedroom


Looking into our bedroom again. The second photo shows the kitchen window


The first photo shows our AC unit that was torched, and the second photo shows the shattered window & looking outside to where the fire was

…there you go! Again, Thank You for all the kind words ❤


37 thoughts on “Fire Recap

  1. Oh gosh how scary. I’m so happy to hear you and Joshua are safe and doing okay. Thinking of you and sending you hugs!

  2. Jessie, I am so sorry to hear about the fire. That’s such a terrible thing to happen. I am, however, so happy to hear that you and your family are safe and sound and that everything is able to be returned back to normal with time. Stay strong. You’re in my prayers ❤

  3. Oh Jessie, once again I am just so sorry that this happened. Frightening. I am so glad you are both physically ok, though I am sure it is mentally a lot. Still thinking of you. Glad your bond together is so strong!

  4. Oh that is so scary! I’m so glad you, Joshua and the pups are safe. I hope they will be responsible for the cleaning, especially since you had already mentioned you thought it was a fire hazard. Fires are so scary!

  5. Oh my goodness honey!! Im so glad you guys are alright! I would NOT be good in a situation like that. I would be more worried about my stuff than my own safety lol Id probably be scrambling trying to get pictures and what not before leaving the house!

  6. how awful! I’m so glad you and Josh are okay, but so sad that there’s a lot of dirt and damage 😦 I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers!

  7. you seem very smart and wise. I am a bit older than you and struggling with binge eating and last night was the worst yet. I feel very badly about it (it was over 1500 calories at 10 pm in one sitting and it included a king sized bag of popchips that i didn’t even like or want but “had” to finish…I don’t exercise and have bowel issues so I feel like the worst girl in the world and …”unclean”. I know you can’t offer professional advice, but I just need a sound voice at this time…please email me if you can….i’m in tears and feeling “ruined” forever now. Forgive me. i feel so horrible. I feel that at my age and with messed up hormones and metabolism, i’m ruining myself FOREVER and ever 😦
    normally i binge on “safe” foods (healthier)…this was horrible…and i ddint’ even enjoy it or want it…

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