Spring & Summer Workout Tips

Hi Guys! After Friday’s Top 5 Herbs post explaining their benefits and recipes for those spring and summer days where nothing sounds more perfect than a refreshing beverage, I figured it’d only be right to share my Top 6 Summer Workout Tips.

  • Invest in lightweight and breathable clothes. Also, think about wearing a hat to keep the scorching sun away from your face.


  • Match your workouts to the temperatures. If you’re a runner, get your miles done in the early hours. If not, try other cardio activities such as: biking, kayaking, surfing, padding, or even swimming


  • Replenish your electrolyte and salt consumption while exercising
  • Drink water to stay hydrated all day long. Some people may think you can get by with a couple glasses; however that’s not always the case. The more water you drink, the better of chance you’ll have of preventing symptoms such as dizziness, stomach cramps & headaches.


  • Moderate your heart rate
  • ..and MOST importantly, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Never push yourself in extreme temperatures. If you notice any heat-illness symptoms or just feel bad in general, stop your workout & get into AC.

Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them!!”

As I’m sure there are many other tips I forgot to mention, I’d love to hear ones you’ve come up with over the years!

  • Is it summertime where you live yet? Considering it’s been 110 degrees here, I’d say YES!
  • What is one summer activity you’ve always wanted to try, but never have? I’ve been wanting to try Stand Up Paddling for quite sometime. One day, One day!

22 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Workout Tips

  1. Great tips, Jessie!! I’ve been adding to my summer workout top collection & investing in some UV proof bandanas that will help keep the sweat out of my eyes during workouts.
    wow, it is HOT there!! Nope, not summer here in WI yet… only in the 60’s today! Brrr!! haha
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh mannn that kayak picture makes me wanna jump into some cold, refreshing water! One sport I’ve always wanted to try is surfing, but I hear it’s super duper challenging, which I don’t mind because I’m sure I’ll manage to have some fun with it. And I second the dehydration one. Less water definitely makes me get more cramps, even if I’m just walking around the neighborhood or something. 😛

  3. Ahh, summer workouts are my favorite! I actually love to sweat, and have found that I’m a more efficient exerciser in the heat (I know–crazy!), so warmer temperatures make me happy. 🙂

    This is a great list of tips! I have to be especially careful about #4 because I tend to get dehydrated easily. I try to carry a water bottle in my bag at all times, but the problem is that it runs through my too fast. TMI! It’s the truth, though—I always have to go to the bathroom! :-p My favorite tip is the last one, though. I definitely agree–our bodies know best!

    Huge hugs! Hope you’re having a great weekend! ❤

    • I am the same you – water runs through me way too fast! It’s so annoying!! I see people that drink 8 bottles of water a day and think if I did that, I would not be able to come out of the bathroom all day! haha 🙂

  4. I love your tips!! I can not wait for summer to arrive. We had the coldest and darkest spring since years and it’s not looking better in the future, boooh!
    I love my 6am morning run in Summer when it is still fresh and the day awakes!
    And I will totally invest in some new summer workout tops!!

  5. Great tips! Replacing electrolytes and salt is something I think a lot of people overlook. And yes, listening to your body is key!!

  6. Definitely not summertime here yet. It was for a few days, and then temperatures just plummeted to like 50…I’m enjoying the great running weather while I can! 😛

    I think all of these are great tips. Drinking water is incredibly important–when it’s super hot out, you can get dehydrated so easily. And not just before, during, and after your workout, but throughout the day, too! Drinking more water is something I STILL need to work on…

  7. That kale, parsley, and basil smoothie looks fabulous! Hope you’re having a great weekend, and thanks for the comment on my blog- I agree, sometimes life happens, and that is just what I needed to hear 🙂

  8. I definitely had to listen to my body during a few hot runs last weekend. I ended up walking for part of both of them because I was starting to feel faint and nauseous. It probably didn’t help that I was a little hungover too… But I am going o be smarter from now on and hydrate hydrate hydrate!

  9. These are awesome tips.. it is not quite summer yet.. actually right now it’s like spring, but this week gets into the high 80s which will be nice! I like the wear breathable fabric tip because that’s so important in the heat to not trap your sweat!

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