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Good Morning! Another Wednesday upon us only means one thing…it’s What I ate Wednesday Tuesday time (hosted by the fabulous Jenn @ Peas & Crayons). So let’s get this party started 🙂

Meal #1: Smoothie. In the mix: 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 2 tablespoons coconut flour, 1 tablespoon Earth Balance coconut peanut butter spread, 1 cup milk, 1/2 cup frozen spinach, 1/2 teaspoon coconut extract. Topped with 1 tablespoon unsweetened shredded coconut flakes, and Barbara’s original puffin cereal


Meal #2: 2 egg omelet. In the omelet: tomatoes, cucumbers, 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese, and 1 tablespoon flax. Topped with ketchup (of course!) + sweet melon & grape mixture with a peppermint vanilla chai latte (vanilla chai with 6-8 drops NuNaturals Peppermint liquid stevia) on the side… so good!


Meal #3: Salad. In the mix: tuna, apple slices, celery, cucumbers, and laughing cow cheese. On the side I drank CLICK Mocha protein powder mixed with water and NuNatural’s peppermint liquid stevia


Meal #4: Spaghetti squash bowl. In the mix: spaghetti squash, chicken deli meat, feta cheese, hummus, tomatoes & roasted broccoli


Meal #5: Broccoli Cole Slaw Pasta. In the mix: 12 oz. bag of broccoli cole slaw (heated for 5 minutes). Then, sauteed in pan over medium heat with 2 garlic cloves (minced), allspice, italian seasoning, and salt. After 5 minutes, I added 2 chicken breast cut into bite size pieces & 2 cups spaghetti sauce


Meal #6: 1/4 cup ricotta cheese mixed with a medium sweet potato (baked in microwave), crumbled mocha cake, and Artisana’s Organic Raw Cacao Bliss



  • Now tell me, what’s the best thing you’ve eaten all week?
  • Is there a recipe you’ve been eager to try, but just haven’t? 

72 thoughts on “WIAW: TUESDAY!

  1. Definitely interested in making cauliflower pizza crust and dark chocolate sea salt nut butter. Not together but who knows, maybe it will be a dessert pizza!

  2. everything looks so delicious! i just recently tried spaghetti squash with feta and its soo good! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it with salsa and avocado but thats amazing! also really good with runny yolk eggs 🙂

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