Fitness Friday: Core & Arms

Happy Friday to all my beautiful readers! Now that the week is finally over, do you have any big plans for the weekend? What’s the weather supposed to be like where you live? Have you finished your school finals? I know on my end our day will probably consist of sitting in the AC since it’s been 106+ degrees outside lately…and to think, it’s just the START of summer. Not a fan! Joshua actually told me the other day that 9 out of the 12 months here in Kuwait the temperatures are 90 degrees +. Crazy right?!

Enough weather talk though, Ha Ha. For today’s Fitness Friday post, I’ve decided to share a couple of core & arm workouts with y’all. Enjoy!

2 3

**I hope they are as effective to you as they have been for me**

  • What’s your favorite bodypart to train?
  • Do you prefer dumbbells or barbells?

33 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Core & Arms

  1. Core and legs all the way, so i’ll be giving the core ones a go this weekend 🙂 nothing much going on in this neck of the woods which i love! Need it after this week…been long and tougher than usual…happy weekend girl!

  2. Ooof, that’s hot! Brandon spent a summer in Bahrain, and after he came back, he said that the Texas heat felt like nothing compared to the 130 degree days in Manama. 130! that’s freaking insane! (*Falls over, melts onto sidewalk*) Hopefully it won’t get that intense in Kuwait, but thank God for A/C. 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome training routines, lady — have an awesome weekend!

  3. Ahhh I thought Houston weather was terrible! How do you survive?! I’d literally just refuse to go outside…

    I love that these workouts require very minimal equipment. My favorite kind. 🙂 I used to be obsessed with barbell training, but it’s a lot easier for me to overtrain with barbells than with dumbbells. I haven’t done any barbell training since, but if I’m going to start CrossFit, barbells will inevitably make an appearance in my life. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for new arm workouts since I have such a weak upper body! My favorite body part to train is my legs, NOT arms…hence the weakness! 😛 LOL Hope you have a fabulous weekend love! 🙂

  5. AHH that heat wave weather is awful. My dad lives in Arizona and my sister and I usually visit mid summer when it’s like 115 and I DIE, but at least it’s dry heat!! I need to work my abs more, but my favorite thing to work is my heart…does that count? I LOVE CARDIO! HAHA

  6. Love these workouts! I love to train my arms, chest and abs. NOT legs. This difficulty to walk after the workout sucks, haha 🙂 I am happy to take some of your heat, it’s cold and rainy here 😦 thanks God I am off to Spain now. Have a wonderful weekend Hunnie!!

  7. 106 DEGREES?!?! Holy crap!! Break out the smoothies!! Stay cool m’dear…you know, cooler than you already are! 😉

    Favorite body part to train: calves and shoulders and I love using dumbbells! Forces you to really focus on balance and stability!

  8. My favorite body part to train is arms, but I know I need to work more on legs. And I guess I’d say I’m more into dumbbells. Please stay cool!! Crank that AC and eat lots of Popsicles! The weather in Philly is in the 70s but earlier this week it was in the 40s, crazy!

  9. Great workouts! I will have to incorporate them to get in tip top summer/wedding shape 🙂 I like working my arms best…but I should totally be incorporating more leg work!

  10. Awesome workouts!! I love planks. My favorite body parts to train are legs and abs. I really don’t like doing arms – but of course that’s the part that needs the most work- so i’m trying to learn to like it 🙂 have a wonderful weekend chica, stay cool in that AC 🙂

  11. Great workouts, thanks for sharing! I gravitate towards legs! I try my hardest to be aware of the core & arms so they don’t get “neglected” 🙂 Happy Friday!

  12. Those core workouts sound fab! I’m going to try them this weekend! I got into a bit of a car accident this week and hurt my hands… my gripping abilities are stinkies right now. I’m relying on ab/core exercises for the next week until my hands are all better! Happy Friday!

  13. I love your friday fitness posts!! My favorite body part to train used to be legs….until, well, you know the story! haha And since that can’t happen right now I would have to say arms or back…make me feel so strong!!! I hope you are staying cool today! Happy Day Off to Joshua!

  14. Dumbbells and kettlebell lover over here!! And legs and arms are my favorite to train, mostly because they get sooo sore, and I love that feeling!! Plus I love doing bicep curls and watching my baby bicep pop up. bahahaha

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