Meal #1 has me drooling

Good Morning! I don’t have much time for an introduction this morning. Gotta wake the hubs up for work & then head out for a phone call. Sorry! But hey, we all know the main reason you’re visiting my blog today (besides how cool it is, Ha Ha kidding), is to check out my meals from yesterday.So here ya go, enjoy 🙂 🙂 (Also, big shout out to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for hosting such an awesome link up!!)

wiaw love your veggies month button 2 (1)

Meal #1: Heart Smart Bisquick Pancakes topped with Earth Balance coconut peanut butter spread, blueberry & cranberry jam, coconut flakes, and a little maple syrup


Meal #2: 2 egg omelet with flax, peppers, asparagus, and laughing cow cheese. On the side I had a frozen strawberry chobani with frozen banana slices (on both bottom & top of bowl)


Meal #3: Sandwich on Ezekiel Bread with chicken deli meat, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers. On the side I had brussel sprouts with ketchup & an apple

3Meal #4: Smoothie. In the mix: CLICK Mocha protein powder, NuNaturals Peppermint Liquid Stevia, banana, milk. Topped with coconut & almonds

4Meal #5: Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza (Random fact: The meat goes under the cheese here in Kuwait) with a side salad and broccoli. *I wasn’t feeling too hot, so Pizza night it was**


Meal #6: Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa (I forget where I saw this recipe, so if it was YOURS please tell me so I can credit you) with almond butter. *If you’re wondering what’s in the quinoa mixture, it’s quinoa, packet of stevia, raisins, cinnamon & apple slices*



Have a lovely Wednesday, and remember to keep your head up high. You are awesome, you are smart, you are beautiful, you are the reason for someones smile


62 thoughts on “Meal #1 has me drooling

  1. I agree wit everyone else… your pancakes look out of this world! I hope you had a great day, girlfriend!

    P.S. I have never ever ever heard of a pizza place that puts the meat under the cheese. 10 points to them for creativity!

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