Marvelous In My Monday: Photo Crazy

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? I’m hoping it was filled with spring weather,  laughter and fun with all of your loved ones. Today’s Marvelous In My Monday (hosted by Katie @ Healthy Diva Life) is filled with an obnoxious amount of photos.. so be prepared.

Marvelous is… talking with your best friend three times over the weekendsandraMarvelous is… watching the NFL draft with the love of your life for hours (… and being ecstatic about all of the Green Bay Packers picks)




(Yes I found it necessary to include myself in the last photo)

Marvelous is… receiving my first BULU box on Thursday. (Have any of you tried that Self Tanning Glove before?)


Marvelous is… a #strangebutgood dinner I put together last night. (Chicken meatloaf with apple slices and thinned out coconut peanut butter + asparagus with almonds & more thinned out coconut peanut butter)….also a delicious dessert (peanut butter muffin “cake” with chocolate peanut butter “goo”)



Marvelous is… trying a new chipotle type restaurant over the weekend… even if the food was no good

Marvelous is… looking at photos of you and your husband since moving to Kuwait

1 2 8

Marvelous is… always loving yourself no matter when you don’t feel beautiful


  • Name one, or two things you love about yourself
  • Did you try any new recipes over the weekend?

122 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday: Photo Crazy

  1. Ok first of all, I can’t get over your hair! Absolutely gorgeous in all those photos! Especially love the ones of you and your bestie, time with friends is always so great. And that peanut butter muffin cake looks so good!

  2. I for one love all the photos, especially the one of you stashed in with all the football players. I’m glad you had a marvelous weekend. I love my neck; it’s my favorite feature, and I love my willingness to make quick decisions and stick with them.

  3. Awhhh. they are ALL marvelous. Jarid & I watched the draft, too… but we were a little less than ecstatic. His team is the Cowboys and their picks were awful!! He had to quit watching sooner than he wanted because he was so disgusted. haha.


  4. Awwwww! I LOVE all the pictures of you and the hubby!! SO cute! I swear I could just squeeze you silly! Haha! And seriously, it’s like you read my mind! I was THISCLOSE to trying asparagus and peanut butter the other day, but opted for ketchup instead. Now you’ve got my piqued my curiosity…must try!

    One thing I love about myself: The fact that in only 2 months time, I have COMPLETELY changed the way I think about almost anything these days! What started as a journey to improve my relationship with food is now incorporating so much more of my life and I am so much happier for it! 😀 <- See, that "D" stands for DAMN HAPPY! Lol

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