One Simple Outfit

Hi guys! It’s currently 1:30 in the morning (what in the world are you doing up at such a Godly hour you ask). Well y’all, it’s Day 2 of the NFL draft! If you didn’t know already, Joshua and I are a bit obsessed with sports :-).

Even though I could talk about sports for a whole post (with an exception of golf), I thought today would be perfect for a simple post. I know I know, another short and simple post. I’m sorry things haven’t been longer, but I just haven’t had too much happening in my life lately.

With the summer months coming, I’ve been finding myself browsing pinterest for a few minutes hours looking at cute clothes. It’s strange, I used to consider myself pretty fashionable, however these days… I feel like some days it can be a complete struggle. Do any of you feel this way?

I had been looking for something that says “effortless, yet classy”. Here’s what I came up with.. please let me know your thoughts & opinions


I’m not quite sure who the fashion designer of the outfit is, but the earrings are off of the website TRAIDCRAFT. What I love about the Rose Flower Silver Studs (besides how adorable they are) is that they’re crafted by Peruvian artists. Something about the quality for price and the homemade feel just wins me over every.single.time. There is a matching necklace, but I think that’d be too much. You agree? 

If you have any other ideas you may of seen floating around the internet, please don’t hesitate to link the URL to a comment.

&& now it’s time for me to go join Joshua on the couch and watch some draft picks before he heads off to work.

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend


69 thoughts on “One Simple Outfit

  1. Love that outfit and I know you will look beaitiful in it!! I hardly ever wear ,atching necklace and earrings, because I mostly think it’s too much. But these earrings with that blazer – perfect match!!

  2. You and Joshua are adorable! I love that you were up in the wee hours of the morning watching the draft. 😉 I hope the Packers managed to snag a few good players this year! Even though I’m a 49ers fan (I know, I know…but I grew up in the Bay Area!), I adore Aaron Rodgers because he went to Cal, so be default, I’m a Packers fan, too. Phew, that means we can still be friends, right? ❤

    Love love love everything about the outfit–especially the coral rose earrings. Adorable! Happy weekend, Jessie! ❤ xoxoxo

    • Packers picked some good g uys. Looking forward to the season. The 49ers have so many picks this year, it’s crazy! You do know the first game of the season they play each other right?? =)

      && of course we can still be friends!

  3. I can completely relate — I feel really good about my sense of style, but finding clothes that a) fit me, and b) aren’t obnoxiously expensive is a huge challenge. I love the outfit you posted, though, and those earrings are gorgeous! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of the NFL draft, and have an awesome weekend!

  4. Love it! I was just eyeing a white blazer yesterday… Only problem is, not sure when or where I’d wear it! Might have to get one though because I’ve seen so many cute outfits that include one! I just bought pink lace shorts a few months ago and it would be pretty cute with those! Now you’ve talked me into it 🙂

  5. Woot woot to the draft!! Although its just a sad reminder that we have to wait till SEPTEMBER until we actually start seeing any football. TOO. FAR. AWAY!!

  6. You kids crack me up when you wake up so early for sports, I love it. I also love this outfit and I think you would look adorable in it! I am quite fashionably challenged.

  7. Jake and I watched the Draft too– He is more into it than me, but I love seeing the players I know get drafted. (I know SEC players and that’s about it lol).

    I love clothes and feel pretty fashionable, but once the season changes I freak out lol!! I never feel like I can match things like I want, or I forget about something I bought last year. I guess it’s a reason to go shopping! 😉 I am all about the bright hair scarves on Pinterest right now, but I haven’t tried it yet. I love the outfit you picked out, and I agree–the necklace would be too matchy-matchy.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I’m addicted to pinterest outfits – except I never have the right things in my closet or enough money leftover to buy them!!! adorable outfit!
    I could probably write a whole post on golf…not by choice but because it is all he watched on our one tv!!

  9. I’ve been doing the same thing in regards to both Pinterest AND the draft. I’m not super obsessed with sports but Kyle is and is not happy with the players the Bears are picking 😉 Love those earrings too! They’d be so chic with any outfit!

  10. Omg, I am completely fashion illiterate I swear! I can put something together without having to worry about people looking at me like I’ve got a third arm, but as far as being trendy? Yeah, I just don’t get it most of the time…and by the time I DO get it, the trend is almost over! Oops?

    LOVE those earrings, but yeah, I would have to agree that matching earring/necklace combos are a bit over the top…unless you’re going to a high school prom! 😉

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