Fitness Friday: My Outlook

Good Morning and Happy Friday! How excited are you that the weekend is finally here?! I’m not too sure what Joshua and I will be doing today. Most likely today will include our weekly grocery store trip, walks with Roxy and just relaxing and catching up on each others lives. With Joshua working such long hours throughout the week, some nights he literally comes home from work, we eat/shower, watch a little television and then go to bed. So for us, it’s nice to just have our alone time on Friday’s.

Anyways, I’m sure when many of you saw “Fitness Friday” as today’s blog post you may have been surprised. Maybe thinking.. “What in the world does she have to share. She’s not really doing any workouts”. Well yes, that is true, but I thought I’d put a little twist on what so many bloggers say “fitness friday” is all about.

I am always seeing new workouts, or even workout recaps from the week, but never do I see posts that talk about the type and brand of equipment they use. So for today’s post, I thought it’d be fun to share a couple of workout examples and the types of equipment I would use during my gym session that day (and even better, all I would need if I wanted a home gym).


What I use: 

  • Dumbbells : Dumbbells are perfect when performing almost any arm moves that doesn’t involve a machine; bicep curls, hammer curls, shoulder press, chest press, flyes, etc.. 
  • Flat Bench : I’ve noticed that flat benches range anywhere between $75.00-$300.00. The cost will depend on what type of flat bench you’re looking for. For me, I need nothing fancy. Just a piece of equipment that will get the job done.(the link is directed to the type of flat bench I use). 



What I Use:

  • Medicine Ball : I use different weight amounts during different moves. Take russian twists for an example, I’ll use a lighter weight compared to what I use during walking lunges or squats. Medicine Balls are also awesome when trying to increase the difficulty of moves such as; planks and push ups. 



What I use:

  • Treadmill : I will always recommend the brand Life Fitness for anyone who is searching for a high quality treadmill. You know when you are completely attached to a treadmill? Like you have that specific one you always jump on at the gym? Yep, that was me before moving here. I always had to use the 3rd one in from the left at our gym. Well when I moved to Kuwait, I was so unsure whether or not Life Fitness Treadmills would even exist since they are a US based brand. But to my surprise, they DO exist here in Kuwait, and they are just as amazing. **I attached the URL link above to show y’all the one I use (Life Fitness CST Club Series) on my daily walks. It features: Polar Wireless and Lifepulse digital contact heart rate monitoring system, GoSystem Quick Start feature remembers your preferred walk, or run speeds, Users can create 6 personality workouts, built-in reading rack &  phone/water bottle holder, and of course shows the distance you’ve gone and calories burned.** Okay, and before I continue to go on and on about treadmills, I will stop myself! Ha Ha. 

So there you have it — the type of equipment I would use during my workouts. I really hope you enjoyed a different view from the ordinary “Fitness Friday” posts you read 🙂

& now I want to buy everything I mentioned above and create my own home gym. I’m not quite sure Joshua or the wallet would be on board. Hey a girl can dream though right? But if you are one who’s looking for some high quality and sustainable equipment, (or maybe to surprise me with :)) check out Gym Company for some good deals.

  • What’s your favorite type of gym equipment?
  • Do you prefer a specific brand of treadmill?

36 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: My Outlook

  1. This is a fun spin on Fitness Friday! I really enjoy learning about the types of workouts/equipment others use because it almost always introduces me to new brands and products. Like you, I’ve always preferred Life Fitness treadmills! At my old gym, there were only three of them, so I’d always wait for for one to free up, even if when there were other treadmills available. It’s amazing what a difference the design and company can make!

    My strength workouts are almost always a mix of dumbbells/free weights and machines. I like using both because it keeps the routine more interesting.

    I sure hope you and Joshua are able to enjoy a relaxing day together! Huge hugs, my dear!! ❤ xoxoxo

  2. We also have Life Fitness at our gym, I think it’s an awesome brand!
    I use dumbbells and free weights for my workouts or the TRX. I never do strength training on the machines, they scare and bore me at the same time 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this, very intersting and I wish you and Joshua a wonderful day together!! xxxx

  3. i love life fitness! it’s so funny how i’m attached to different machines. it matters more for me on ellipticals than treadmills because i feel like treadmills all do about the same exact stuff but ellipticals i feel like are so much more finicky. i love the ellipticals with cross ramp and hate all other kinds. glad to know i’m not the only one with this obsessive need to use the same machinery!

  4. Strength training is an AWESOME form of fitness. Just because you’re not running right now, doesn’t mean you don’t have advice to share!! 🙂 Heck, I wasn’t running for a long time due to injuries, but I found other ways to workout and stay toned. I’ve been loving working on my arms and core! Happy Friday, Jessie!

  5. Favorite gym equipment is definitely free weights and the treadmill for when I can’t run outside. I don’t necessarily prefer a certain brand of treadmill but rather a high quality one. My old gym used to have really good treadmills and really rinky dink ones too. I want to feel like my running on it won’t break it! Haha have a great Friday night! I’m looking forward to some alone time with my guy too 🙂

  6. i caved finally and got a gym membership and i use the treadmill and stair master for cardio (i really just don’t like the elliptical) and free weights. not really a fan of weight machines – there’s nothing your own body weight can’t do!

  7. I’m not a big machine person. I either go run for miles outside or I do some yoga… I get bored with equipment and it’s too complicated for me 😉

  8. Ahhh I’d love a home gym. Wouldn’t that be amazing? No queues or anything for machines. I’d love a treadmill (for those times that it’s snowy/too windy outside), a rower and a good collection of weights. Not too much to ask surely??
    I’m not a big treadmill fan I have to say, it does tend to suck my spirit. I like to run outside and feel the wind on the face, but in Britain that’s not always a good thing!! The rower though would be brilliant. I used to love using it at the gym.
    Great post! I love how excited you got about the treadmill hehe

  9. I love my treadmill, we got a ProForm one and so far it has been awesome, I especially love that I can plug my phone or tablet into the machine and the sound plays through the speakers. Something I would LOVE to have in my “home gym” is a bosu ball, I think those are awesome

  10. I would love to have a LIfe Fitness treadmill at home but I am not quite sure I have the space OR the money!! They are definitely gym club quality!! We are in the process of trying to put together a home gym and I am looking for a decent treadmill that will not break the bank. I currently have tons of dumbbells, a bench, stability ball, TONS of videos and resistance bands.

  11. I love that arms workout! Definitely pinning that. My favorite type of gym equipment is the treadmill. My apartment complex uses Life Fitness, too, and I love it! I’ll be sad to leave it when my lease ends!

  12. i actually really like this post! and thanks for the arm pyramid by the TIU girls. i pinned it because i need an arm workout for today. i use dumbbells and a flat bench for arms, but i also like to use the stability ball for tricep/chest presses. it sneaks in extra core work! i cannot stand the treadmill to be honest but i feel like people know me as the stepmill girl 😉 that machine is just so efficient!

  13. I love this post! I love learning about the different fitness equipment that people enjoy using. I use whatever equipment that is in my gym but if I win the lottery I would love to make an at home gym 🙂 I guess i’ll have to enter the lottery to ever have a chance of winning it.

  14. I love the treadmill and medicine ball neither of which I have but would love to some day! We do have an elliptical and a full weight set so I’ve always got something to use at home. No excuses for me!

  15. dumbbells and barbells are definitely my go-tos! I like the barbells for when I want to lift heavy on legs, much easier to hold and move around. And I’m totally like that with ellipticals, well, arc trainers. Those are the only ones I like to use! I really want to get a medicine ball, so good for core and balance work!!

  16. I love Life Fitness too Jessie! I used to use their equipment at my previous gym but my new one doesn’t have it, so upsetting! This was such a fun take in fitness Friday, I’m always interested to see what others use and do in more detail. Hope you have a wonderf weekend with Joshua and get to spend some time together 🙂

  17. Love this!! I use dumbbells at home, and resort to my own body weight for most everything else! I do have a treadmill and use that thing a lot too if I’m not running outside!

  18. I really like Life Fitness Treadmills too! (and ellipticals) We have those at the gym I work at and they really rarely have issues. We also have a few matrix brand ones that are nice and have a screen that allows you to switch quickly back and forth between speeds so that you can do intervals if you wish to

  19. My fave right now is the dumbells and barbells we have. Simple but effective! I’m not much into cardio machines, although we do have an elliptical that my husband uses alot. I actually prefer workout DVD’s for my cardio, and I’m just getting into running, too!

  20. Great post Jessie! I love your fitness posts! Just because you can’t do the workouts you want to right now, doesn’t mean it will be always (or that you don’t have something fun to add!). ENjoy your day together! x

  21. My favorite gym equipment is definitely dumb bells, they’re so versatile! The Y I go to at home just got new treadmills and they are amazing! I think they’re Precor but I don’t really remember, but they sync up with the Nike+ app on my ipod and you can pick a location and to run and they will show video of the route like you are actually there running it and adjust the incline of the treadmill to match the hills on the route you are running, pretty snazzy!

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