Marvelous In My Monday : A Realization

Good Morning and Happy Monday to my beautiful readers


Today’s post wouldn’t of happened had I not read Mallory’s recent post called “Fill It Up”. As many of you know, Joshua and I have been working with with our OBGYN since being diagnosed with HA in October. I was and am currently not ovulating so our hope of having a baby at the moment is just not realistic.

It wasn’t until Friday morning when I read Mallory’s post that I realized how much this whole journey has taken over not only my life, but Joshua’s life as well. I’ve let the bad outweigh the good. I’ve never credited myself for the milestones I’ve made along the way.

There was a sentence Mallory wrote that opened my eyes… “Somewhere along the way, I let the want for a baby turn into a challenge that I needed to overcome”.  After reading and letting those words sink in, my whole outlook and perspective had changed. I’ve been trying so hard to become healthy, that in a way I’ve only been setting myself up for failure. Yes I may be listening to my doctor on the fitness and eating part, but what about stress? With how much pressure I’ve been putting on myself day in & day out; I can’t imagine its helping bring my hormones to normalcy.

I no longer want to live as if I’m about to cross the finish line, because in reality, I haven’t even started the marathon. Until I start ovulating again, I just need to sit back, relax & count the blessings I have in front of me. If I continue to let this situation take over our lives, it’ll be a rough ride. I know it’s not possible to be happy 24/7, but who says you can’t be most of the time?! I don’t want to feel the hurt and the let down every single month when I hear bad news. I don’t want to fall asleep crying, and wake up with puffy eyes. I don’t want to stay awake at night because it’s all that I can think about. I just NEED to refocus and remember the joy that life has and continues to bring into my life. I NEED to acknowledge the accomplishments I’ve overcome so far. I NEED to remind myself that God WILL give us a beautiful baby when he believes the time is right.

So Mallory… thank you. Thank you for reminding me that there is indeed a wonderful life outside of the struggles we’ve been facing.

With all that being said, I have one more marvelous thing to share…


Yup, how amazing is that? Thanks to my (awesome) Mom for sending a months’ worth of Greek Yogurt! 🙂

Have an amazing day with happiness, love, and laughter ❤ Don’t forget to link-up to Marvelous In My Monday hosted by the beautiful Katie herself.


63 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday : A Realization

  1. Jessie, this is such a great realization! It’s pretty amazing the impact stress has on our bodies, and I’m glad you’ve recognized the stress in your life and trying to fix it! Your time for motherhood will come and you will be the best mom ever!

  2. You have a different purpose right now in your life, and a baby is just not in the cards God is ready to deal you!! Enjoy the time with Joshua, support him and yourself and when you least expect it that blessing will come!! You will make a great mother one day, but for now enjoy the rest of your youth and continue to have a kind heart!!

  3. That is a great realization, Something I think many people (myself included) need to focus on. And what a great mom! I LOVE Chobani, how is the light & fit greek yogurt? I haven’t tried that yet

  4. Aw pumpkin. I hate to think of you falling asleep while crying. Try not to stress it, and it will come with time. Also, I’m not sure you already know this, but you have come a very long way since your diagnosis. You should be proud of the steps you’ve taken.

  5. Sending you lots of prayers and good vibes ♥ I think focusing on de-stressing is exactly what you need to do – be NICE to yourself, you deserve it!! 🙂

  6. As always, this is such a great post! It is so easy to get caught up in the stress and pressure of something that we are dealing with, while forgetting about all of the good in our lives. I am so guilty of it, and I definitely need to change my perspective on things and appreciate all that I have in my life and truly count my blessings.

    Hang in there and take time to enjoy all of the wonderful things you have in your life! I’m also sending good vibes your way!

  7. Oh wow, that is so sweet of your mom, you are definitely stocked for while! The time will come for you hon, and I think it it good that you have realized you will be happier letting it come as it may and live your life in the meantime. Sending prayers, as always! ❤

  8. Sending you happy thoughts. Stress really can affect our bodies–even if we’re doing everything else right (eating, exercising, etc.). I wish you the best and that one day that blessing comes when you least expect it.
    On a different note, what an awesome gift from your mother! Yum.

  9. Oh sweetie! It breaks my heart to think of you crying yourself to sleep at night! You’re right…you owe it to yourself to focus on the positive…to stress less…and let things take its course. I know it’s hard not knowing what the future holds, but good things happen to good people…and you are one of the BEST! 🙂 *hugs*

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