April fools day and a GIVEAWAY!

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday! I cannot fathom the fact that we are now in April. Speaking of April, did anyone play an April fool’s jokes on you? If you follow me on twitter, you probably read that Joshua got me good. But before I get into that, I must share my breakfast I had this morning with y’all (yes it was that good)!


For the past couple weeks I’ve been working with flaxseeds and trying to incorporate them into a variety of dishes. I’ve done fairly well so far, but was on the hunt for a good pancake recipe. Thankfully while browsing through some blogs, I came across Karey @ Nutty About Health, Flaxseed Protein Pancakes. I immediately bookmarked her recipe, and figured I’d give it a try within a couple of days.

Verdict: AMAZING! I followed her recipe, but made a tiny substitution and add-in…

  • The substitution: Instead of stevia, I added 1 1/2 tbsp. splenda
  • The add-in: a small box of raisins

Ontop of my changes, I nixed the strawberries she used for her toppings, and added peanut butter, apple slices, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of syrup. They turned out incredible, and I am already dying to make another batch tomorrow morning.

Alright, now let’s get into what Joshua did (… psh, what didn’t he do is more like it) to me on April fools day. Oh, and because you now know my love for bulletins, they may happen frequently.

  • I had two water bottles lying out; 1 in the living room, and 1 in the kitchen. Well, that butt decided to put puncture wounds in both bottles. Needless to say, when I went to drink them, water squirted all over my face and on the floor. 
  • Salt and spray butter on my toothbrush
  • Saran wrapped our toilet
  • Hid one shoe from every pair of shoes I have
  • Cut out the bottom of my cereal boxes that I use to top my smoothies with. When I went to grab them from the cupboard, cheez-itz (that he put in the boxes) spilled everywhere
  • Unscrewed our shower head and put tang (powdered orange drink) inside, so when I turned the water on, I was covered with tang

I think that’s it. Needless to say, he played me good (Joshua if you are reading this, you are a jerkface 🙂)!

…and now I’m sure this is the part you’ve all been waiting for. Giveaway time! I recently reached out to Earth Balance to see if they would be willing to partake in a giveaway with my blog. To my surprise, they responded back to my inquiry very quickly, and will be offering one of you lucky readers THREE FREE COUPONS!


Just to hear back from Earth Balance was such an excitement. I have been a regular user of many of their products for quite some time. Not only are their products:

  • 100% plant-based
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO,
  • Lactose-free,
  • Gluten-free
  • Egg-free
  • Casein-free
  • 0g of trans fat

They are absolutely incredible! Whether it be nut butters, snacks, spreads, or even the culinary spreads, I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed each product I’ve purchased.

To Enter this giveaway: All you simply need to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite Earth Balance product. If you’ve never tried any, head on over to their page & comment about one of their many products you’d love to try.

**This giveaway will end Thursday, April 4th and I will pick a winner on Friday!**


92 thoughts on “April fools day and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Dang he did get you good!! I thought about what I could do for Ty but came up dry with good ideas. Now I have some for next year though 🙂

    I have only had the PB but dying to try the coconut spread. nomnomnom

  2. Oh wow! Wish I had thought of some of those things for my hubby! Yeah I am not good with jokes 😦

    I would love to try their coconut spread. I have only used the butter spreads before.

  3. I’ve never tried it but ALWAYS wanted to and basically anything with peanut butter or a nut butter spread would be FAaaaaaaaantastic! 😀

  4. This isn’t some sick April fools joke right? Im not gunna “win” only to have you say “JUST KIDDING!!” cause I would probably cry.
    The coconut peanut butter. HANDS DOWN best peanut butter EVER!!

  5. I am not one to turn down peanut butter so I would love to try that!!

    And oh my goodness, where did your hubby find the TIME to plan out all of those pranks?! I would’ve had to get him back good!!!

  6. OMG!!! He did ALL that to you in ONE day!!??? I am cracking up right now, but if I were you I would have killed him!!! He is like the master of April fools jokes! Holy cow! The Earth balance coconut spread is AMAZING!!! I love using it on my pancakes or on some toast when I have my eggs! It is soooo amazing! Yum! 🙂

  7. He must have been planning that for a long time!! I can’t believe he did all that to you haha! Such a jokester lol I actually bake with Earth Balance since I don’t eat dairy 😀 it makes the best cookies 😉

    I totally love flax, I used it everyday lol I put it in my smoothies most of the time 🙂 Makes them more fluffy (at least I think)

  8. My favorite Earth Balance product is the Coconut Peanut Butter. OH MY GOSH! It is AMAZING. I honestly can’t buy it anymore because I will eat the entire jar in one week. Oops! 😀 If only I could practice some moderation with the stuff…

  9. I would be so pissed if someone pulled all those pranks on me! I totally would have left all those Cheezits on the floor for him to clean up! You better get some revenge!

    I’ve never tried any Earth Balance products but their coconut peanut butter looks AMAZING.

  10. i love their almond flax butter and i recently tried the coconut peanut butter which was amazing. i really want to try one of their crunchy varieties as i haven’t yet. their company is amazing is it not? and how great they responded to you!!

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