Marvelous In My Monday: Photo Crazy

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? I’m hoping it was filled with spring weather,  laughter and fun with all of your loved ones. Today’s Marvelous In My Monday (hosted by Katie @ Healthy Diva Life) is filled with an obnoxious amount of photos.. so be prepared.

Marvelous is… talking with your best friend three times over the weekendsandraMarvelous is… watching the NFL draft with the love of your life for hours (… and being ecstatic about all of the Green Bay Packers picks)




(Yes I found it necessary to include myself in the last photo)

Marvelous is… receiving my first BULU box on Thursday. (Have any of you tried that Self Tanning Glove before?)


Marvelous is… a #strangebutgood dinner I put together last night. (Chicken meatloaf with apple slices and thinned out coconut peanut butter + asparagus with almonds & more thinned out coconut peanut butter)….also a delicious dessert (peanut butter muffin “cake” with chocolate peanut butter “goo”)



Marvelous is… trying a new chipotle type restaurant over the weekend… even if the food was no good

Marvelous is… looking at photos of you and your husband since moving to Kuwait

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Marvelous is… always loving yourself no matter when you don’t feel beautiful


  • Name one, or two things you love about yourself
  • Did you try any new recipes over the weekend?

One Simple Outfit

Hi guys! It’s currently 1:30 in the morning (what in the world are you doing up at such a Godly hour you ask). Well y’all, it’s Day 2 of the NFL draft! If you didn’t know already, Joshua and I are a bit obsessed with sports :-).

Even though I could talk about sports for a whole post (with an exception of golf), I thought today would be perfect for a simple post. I know I know, another short and simple post. I’m sorry things haven’t been longer, but I just haven’t had too much happening in my life lately.

With the summer months coming, I’ve been finding myself browsing pinterest for a few minutes hours looking at cute clothes. It’s strange, I used to consider myself pretty fashionable, however these days… I feel like some days it can be a complete struggle. Do any of you feel this way?

I had been looking for something that says “effortless, yet classy”. Here’s what I came up with.. please let me know your thoughts & opinions


I’m not quite sure who the fashion designer of the outfit is, but the earrings are off of the website TRAIDCRAFT. What I love about the Rose Flower Silver Studs (besides how adorable they are) is that they’re crafted by Peruvian artists. Something about the quality for price and the homemade feel just wins me over every.single.time. There is a matching necklace, but I think that’d be too much. You agree? 

If you have any other ideas you may of seen floating around the internet, please don’t hesitate to link the URL to a comment.

&& now it’s time for me to go join Joshua on the couch and watch some draft picks before he heads off to work.

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend

Positive Thinking + Giveaway Winners

Hi everyone! How are you doing this morning? I’m doing absolutely wonderful. Today is Joshua’s last day of work for the week, so no complaints on my end. In about 10 minutes I have an online webinar to attend, so I don’t have too much time to blog today. However, I did want to make sure to announce my NuNaturals giveaway winners, as well as some positive thinking quotes ❤




7…and drumroll please!!! 

Giveaway**CONGRATULATIONS to you lovely ladies!! If you could please send me your mailing information that’d be fabulous []


  • If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?
  • Favorite fruit at the moment?


What I Ate Wednesday : Ethical Superstore

Good Morning and happy What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

wiaw love your veggies month button 2 (1)

Before I showcase my meals from yesterday, I want to talk about a new-to-me website. Many of you know my obsession with vitacost (hello cheap products and free shipping), well I just came across a new site called Ethical Superstore. It’s very similar to that of vitacost, but I’ve actually found it to be cheaper (… yes, cheaper! I didn’t think it was possible either). Not only does the site provide multiple categories such as:

  • Groceries & Everyday
  • Fashion
  • Home & Garden
  • Baby, Child & Toys

but in the Groceries & Everyday category you can actually buy in BULK. Buying in bulk is a great way to save some money if you love a certain item (… I know all of you can’t get enough of Nut Butters =))

Most of these items will be new to you since the company is based out of the UK, but who doesn’t enjoy trying new products?

Here is the direct link to the Gluten Free Items as well as the Organic Food Items

Although I have yet to try any products (will be making my first order as soon as I publish this post), I already have a list of products that I’m dying to try…

Alright, enough of that. I’m sure you get the picture, Ha Ha! I highly recommend checking out the site though.

Now let’s move onto my meals from yesterday shall we..

Meal #1: Overnight Oats. In the mix: plum oatmeal, 1/3 cup water and Light n’ Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurt. In the morning I layered it between Fiber One chocolate squares


Meal #2: Egg scramble. In the mix: 2 eggs + 1 egg white, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, laughing cow cheese and salsa. On the side I had an apple with Earth Balance coconut peanut butter spread 


Meal #3: Sandwich in one of those Salad Bowls. In the mix: Chicken & Turkey deli meet, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mayo and mustard. On the side I had another apple & peanut butter


Meal #4: Smoothie. In the mix: CLICK protein powder, banana, milk, flax, xanthan gum, NuNaturals Vanilla Liquid Stevia. Topped it with sliced almonds & unsweetened coconut flakes


Meal #5: Brown Rice and Quinoa mixed with laughing cow cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. On the side I had a tilapia fillet with red pepper flakes sprinkled on top


Meal #6: Light n’ Fit vanilla Greek yogurt with a microwaveable peanut butter muffin


Have a great day everyone

Week in Review #2


Today I decided to join in on Meghan’s “Week in Review” link-up. I know you’re supposed to break up your review into the days; however mine all seem to run together. I will include bulletins though, because well it just makes it more fun…

  • Prayed for everyone who was affected by not only the Boston Marathon Bombing, but for West, Texas


  • Did lots of baking – look for a recipe @ the bottom of this post
  • Wrote 6 posts
  • Walked Roxy 2 times most days (…and with that came a little sunburn from the 100+ degree temperatures)
  • Received an awesome care package from my mom full of yogurt


  • Received my Emeril?? Stainless Pots & Pans?? and vitacost packages


  • Went to the grocery store with my lovely husband
  • Watched the news channel almost every second of every day
  • Joshua and I relaxed @ Caribou Coffee two nights in a row
  • Made my first egg white-flaxseed pizza crust topped with TVP “sausage”, feta cheese & a ridiculous amount of vegetables
  • Made sure to pack Joshua’s breakfast and lunch five days this past week
  • Was offered a job, and after much thought and discussion with Joshua, my mom & Lucie (thanks girl) decided to turn it down
  • School assignments and studying
  • Created a new smoothie recipe: White Chocolate Mint


  • Hosted a giveaway – Have you entered yet?
  • Joshua and I went old school and played “I declare War” and “Go Fish”
  • Went to bed before 8:30 at night five times #grandmastatus
  • Paid bills
  • Hubby and I made our NBA Playoff & Championship brackets
  • Watched basketball
  • Watched the Phillies (baseball) finally win a game last night

…and I think that about sums up my week. I sure hope I didn’t bore you.

Okay, now onto the recipes I mentioned in the beginning

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkin Muffin/Cake: Serves 1



  • 6 tbsp. pb2-Chocolate [If you don’t have chocolate, you can use regular pb2 or peanut flour and just add in some cocoa powder]
  • 6 tbsp. almond milk
  • 2 tbsp. pumpkin
  • 7 drops NuNaturals Chocolate Stevia
  • 1/8 tsp. baking powder


  • Lightly coat a mug, or bowl with non-stick cooking spray
  • Mix all ingredients together
  • Microwave for 4-5 minutes
  • Top with anything your heart desires
  • Enjoy!
  • Tell me, what’s one awesome thing that happened during this past week for you?
  • Did you fill out a playoffs/championship bracket? 

MIMM: NuNaturals

Good morning y’all! I could go on this morning about my weekend, however I am too excited to hold a secret in for any longer…. I am hosting yet another giveaway! I had the wonderful opportunity to sample NuNaturals latest new products.


What exactly are NuNatural Stevia products

  • NuNaturals Stevia products are a sweet delicious way to reduce sugar and carbohydrates in your diet! 

NuStevia products are also:

  • 100% Natural. They do NOT contain Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, or any artificial ingredients/colors.
  • Gluten Free, and contain NO soy, yeast, wheat, milk, and synthetics
  • ZERO calories

After doing some experimenting in the kitchen, I came up with a delicious smoothie recipe [go figure right?! Ha]. I know it’s no longer St. Patricks Day, but just like we all eat pumpkin year round, why should peppermint be any different?


..and now onto the giveaway part. NuNaturals has offered to give FOUR of my lovely readers a sample pack. Each winner will receive four flavors: lemon, orange, peppermint and chocolate. I am offering you 4 ways to enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me what flavor you’d enjoy the most
  • Leave a comment sharing a recipe you have used, or would use the product in
  • Like NuNaturals on facebook
  • Follow JessieLovesToRun on twitter

*NuNaturals is also offering a discount code. If you use BLG0613 when checking out, you will receive 15% off your ENTIRE order (good until June 30,2013). You can check out their products on their website.

*This giveaway isn’t just open for U.S residents, it’s open to everyone WORLDWIDE (with an exception of P.O. boxes).

*I will pick the four winners this Thursday April 25, 2013*

*Also, to see other marvelousness going on today, head over to Katie @ Healthy Diva’s Life to check out other bloggers pages ❤

Fitness Friday: My Outlook

Good Morning and Happy Friday! How excited are you that the weekend is finally here?! I’m not too sure what Joshua and I will be doing today. Most likely today will include our weekly grocery store trip, walks with Roxy and just relaxing and catching up on each others lives. With Joshua working such long hours throughout the week, some nights he literally comes home from work, we eat/shower, watch a little television and then go to bed. So for us, it’s nice to just have our alone time on Friday’s.

Anyways, I’m sure when many of you saw “Fitness Friday” as today’s blog post you may have been surprised. Maybe thinking.. “What in the world does she have to share. She’s not really doing any workouts”. Well yes, that is true, but I thought I’d put a little twist on what so many bloggers say “fitness friday” is all about.

I am always seeing new workouts, or even workout recaps from the week, but never do I see posts that talk about the type and brand of equipment they use. So for today’s post, I thought it’d be fun to share a couple of workout examples and the types of equipment I would use during my gym session that day (and even better, all I would need if I wanted a home gym).


What I use: 

  • Dumbbells : Dumbbells are perfect when performing almost any arm moves that doesn’t involve a machine; bicep curls, hammer curls, shoulder press, chest press, flyes, etc.. 
  • Flat Bench : I’ve noticed that flat benches range anywhere between $75.00-$300.00. The cost will depend on what type of flat bench you’re looking for. For me, I need nothing fancy. Just a piece of equipment that will get the job done.(the link is directed to the type of flat bench I use). 



What I Use:

  • Medicine Ball : I use different weight amounts during different moves. Take russian twists for an example, I’ll use a lighter weight compared to what I use during walking lunges or squats. Medicine Balls are also awesome when trying to increase the difficulty of moves such as; planks and push ups. 



What I use:

  • Treadmill : I will always recommend the brand Life Fitness for anyone who is searching for a high quality treadmill. You know when you are completely attached to a treadmill? Like you have that specific one you always jump on at the gym? Yep, that was me before moving here. I always had to use the 3rd one in from the left at our gym. Well when I moved to Kuwait, I was so unsure whether or not Life Fitness Treadmills would even exist since they are a US based brand. But to my surprise, they DO exist here in Kuwait, and they are just as amazing. **I attached the URL link above to show y’all the one I use (Life Fitness CST Club Series) on my daily walks. It features: Polar Wireless and Lifepulse digital contact heart rate monitoring system, GoSystem Quick Start feature remembers your preferred walk, or run speeds, Users can create 6 personality workouts, built-in reading rack &  phone/water bottle holder, and of course shows the distance you’ve gone and calories burned.** Okay, and before I continue to go on and on about treadmills, I will stop myself! Ha Ha. 

So there you have it — the type of equipment I would use during my workouts. I really hope you enjoyed a different view from the ordinary “Fitness Friday” posts you read 🙂

& now I want to buy everything I mentioned above and create my own home gym. I’m not quite sure Joshua or the wallet would be on board. Hey a girl can dream though right? But if you are one who’s looking for some high quality and sustainable equipment, (or maybe to surprise me with :)) check out Gym Company for some good deals.

  • What’s your favorite type of gym equipment?
  • Do you prefer a specific brand of treadmill?