One, Two, or Five

minutes is how long it may take you to read this recap (if you care too that is) of my trip back to the states :). Since I’m such a horrible blogger when it comes to taking photos of pretty much anything, I have very few to share. What can I say, I’d rather live in the moment then think about pictures (hate me, stab me, or shoot me… whatever floats your boat). Anyways, let’s move on shall we (beware, this post will mostly be in bulletins).

Wednesday (Kuwait time)

  • Woke up at my normal time of 4 AM; Joshua had to leave for work, so we said our goodbyes 😦
  • Got all of my meals prepared for my flight home (who wants to spend $$$ on overpriced airport food??Β not me!)
  • Flight left around 8:45, had a 8 hour flight to London, 1 1/2 hour layover, and a 9 hr flight home (oh and sat next to the same man the whole trip who wouldn’t let me get in a minute of sleep. Talk about a chatterbox, gr!!) Got into the states around 11:00 pm U.S. time
  • Mom & brother greeted me @ the airport with a sweet welcome home sign. Drove 2 hours home. My parents, brother & I all sat around the kitchen and talked for a couple of hours



  • Mom & I went grocery shopping @ Wegman’s around 4AM in the morning. Yup, were crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I mean really, what’s a better idea when neither one of you can sleep?? Plus, it’s extra bonding time
  • Came home, and made ourselves smoothies (I’ve got her hooked :))
  • A little later in the morning, my whole family and I headed out for the day. Ran errands, got pedicures (yup, my dad got one too, he loves them), had an amazing lunch at a new-to-me restaurant, and headed home. Relaxed for a little bit, and well… I can’t remember what else happened.
  • Ended up passing out around 7:30

100_2016 100_2017 100_2018 100_2019


Since I wasn’t going to be home for my daddy’s birthday this week, I decided to celebrate it a few days early.

  • In the morning, Justin & I headed to the store to get a few items we needed for our dad’s birthday card.

100_2024 100_2023

  • My dad is a huge outdoors type of man. You know, hunting & fishing. Well, I can’t say I’m anything like that. Okay I lied, I love fishing, but hunting.. nope not my thing. I mean for real, what’s the fun in sitting around, not to mention freezing your butt off in hopes that an animal strolls by? Talk about BORING! However, I have wanted to visit a shooting range (inside of course) for quite sometime, and that’s exactly what he did. The verdict… I’m hooked! We had such an awesome time, and boy was he surprised.


100_2034 1


… I never said I was good. It’s all about having fun right??

  • After shooting, we went to a restaurant calledΒ Cheddars for lunch. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to just relax, and catch up with one another.
  • Once we got home, I went and visited a family friend for a little bit until my mom & I headed to Walmart to pick up ingredients we needed for dinner. We ended up making Sarah’s Dijon Pear Meatloaf Bites.They turned out delicious!
  • Played pool & relaxed
  • Later on while my brother was out with some of our old high school friends, my family & I went back to Wegman’s so I could pick up food (a months worth of Greek yogurt to be exact, and other goodies) to bring back with me to Kuwait. After a good hour & half, we stopped at Sweet Frog for some frozen yogurt. Um… AMAZING! I still can’t believe I only made one frozen yogurt run… but thankfully my selection more than made up for it. I had salted caramel and toasted marshmallow with pie crust crumbs, and chocolate covered coffee beans.

IMAG1440[1] IMAG1442[1]


  • Woke up around 3:45 in the morning, and did a bit of studying until my mom woke up
  • Spent some time together; went to the gym and walked for a good 20 minutes
  • Came home, mom & I had smoothies for breakfast, and I also made my dad a stack of my maple-cinnamon pancakes
  • Justin & I left around 9:00 and headed to D.C
  • Met up with Caitlin (who is the sweetest and funniest girl, ever) and her boyfriend, Joe, around 1:00 for lunch @ The Hamilton & ended up spending the rest of the evening w/ them (was supposed to meet a couple other lovely ladies, but unfortunately things didn’t work out :()

100_2052 100_2048 100_2046


  • Left D.C. around 7:30, got back to our house around 9:30
  • Went and visited Joshua’s Grandma, Aunt, Mom, Step-Dad, and Brother for a few hours
  • Afterwards, headed to Joshua’s Dad and Step-Moms house to spend a couple hours with them as well
  • Ate dinner & then met up with my family at a bar for a few St. Patty’s day drinks
  • Came home, and passed out around 8:00 (My sleep was all messed up throughout this trip)


  • Gym in the AM for a short 20 minute walk
  • Went to get our taxes done… well attempted too. Because of Joshua’s job, things got complicated and needless to say, we will be filing for an extension until we can figure out the whole tax situation
  • Went to my Mother-Inlaws house, and then we met up with my Sister-Inlaw for lunch and a little shopping afterwards
  • Didn’t do too much later in the day, besides play a few games of pool with my family. I was thinking about going out that evening, but unfortunately the weather had other plans. Lots of ice & snow.. yuck


  • Packed my bags
  • Head to the mall, gander mt & el rodeo for lunch with my family
  • Came back home, and prepped my meals for the airplane ride
  • Said my goodbyes to Justin & my family and I headed to the airport

100_2084 100_2085 100_2086

After a ridiculously long day of traveling (over 24 hours), I finally made it home (after my cab broke my down…) and walked into a clean home, and sweet notes/cards & non-expensive, yet perfect & simple gifts from Joshua (gum, a stuffed camel, single rose, and a water so I didn’t let myself become hydrated)


So there you have it, my trip to the states. Some of you may be thinking and wondering why I didn’t spend time with friends, and just family. Well the answer is easy, I didn’t have much time in the states & my family means way more to me than anyone else. I’m not sure when I’ll be back in the states. It could be a year from now, or yearS. We just don’t know. I do know one thing though, I’m already missing sipping downing coconut rum & pineapple 😦

… and now that it’s 2:40 in the morning, I’m going to attempt to sleep. Dang jet lag has me all messed up! Goodnight & have a fabulous day weekend!


98 thoughts on “One, Two, or Five

  1. I WISH I WAS THERE! DC would have been so fun. Glad you and Caitlin got to spend some time, and you and your bro are so cute πŸ™‚
    Side note, your HAIRRRR god I am jealous of that big beautiful blonde bombshell mane. Love you, and I’m glad you had a safe, fun and relaxing trip πŸ™‚

  2. Love the picture of you and Caitlin! I am so happy you got to spend time with your family and have such great experiences here. Also happy that you have such a wonderful man to come home to πŸ™‚

  3. It sounds like you had an AMAZING time at home!! I am so sad I wasn’t able to come to DC! I’m glad you and your family enjoyed the recipe! Thanks for the shout out! πŸ™‚ Joshua is such a sweetheart…simple gifts are always the best! And so is a clean house!

  4. Oh wow what a quick but amazing trip! You’re whole family looks so sweet and loving. I bet you miss them a bunch and they must really miss you. Really makes you appreciate time together when you do have it though! Love that your Dad had a pedicure! πŸ™‚

  5. I looove that post and to see what a wonderful time you had with your family! The last pics of you and Joshua are to die for, reminds me so much of me and my bro, he always does that to me too, so mean, hehe πŸ™‚ It just sounds like you enjoyed everything to the max just as it is supposed to be!! Happy tough that you are back and safe!!

  6. Wow, looks like such a great time! I love target shooting and it’s one of my favorite activities to do when I visit back home too πŸ™‚

    Glad you had so much fun!

  7. Gosh you are incredibly good at recaps. I’m glad you didn’t attempt to stretch it over days because then I always feel left hanging πŸ™‚ And now you can get back to your awesome posts!

    Good luck with those taxes. Don’t sound any fun 😦

    This trip sounded absolutely wonderful and I’m glad that most of your pictures were with your family. Perfect. And Joshua is so sweet with his welcome home table! πŸ™‚

  8. I’m glad you had such an amazing time. The pictures are adorable! I can’t believe you went shopping at 4am but hey, wegmans is amazing at any time of day! Sad I didn’t get to meet you but you had a lot going on and there’s always next time πŸ™‚

  9. I’m happy you had a great trip to the States and were able to spend lots of quality time with your family! No need to explain why you didn’t meet all of your friends over there. It wasn’t a long time after all and family clearly takes priority for me, too. Reading your recap feels like you really made the most out of every precious hour back home – yes, even the 4 AM grocery trip ;). Though I’m not sure I’d have been able to keep my eyes open at that time :D. Hope it won’t be years until you can see your family again.
    All of the pictures are great and you look gorgeous, girl!
    It’s so kind of Joshua to have made your return that bit sweeter with cards and little gifts!

  10. Aww, it was so fun to read!
    And you are so pretty, Jessie! So is your family!
    BTW, How long is your hair? It’s just LOOOONG! And beautiful πŸ˜‰

  11. Looks like so much fun! That huge card idea for your dad was so cute too – I might have to steal it next year for mine πŸ˜‰

  12. Love that you went to Wegman’s at 4 am πŸ™‚ And your hair is gorgeous! Also, love the bond you have with your bro! And I am impressed by your shooting haha

  13. love your looonnnngggg hair!! Glad your trip home was well spent! Looks like you had a great time! ….question though…what possesses you to wake up a 4AM on a regular basis?? I am NOT a morning person, I don’t think I could ever do that!

  14. Sounds like you had an amazing time back home. I totally understand the whole friends vs. family thing, living so far away from both makes it hard to juggle both when you get home — and trips always seem like they don’t have enough time. How fun to go to the shooting range, what a cool experience to share with your dad. Also, I didn’t realize your hair is so long!! So beautiful!!

  15. Looks like such a great trip! I so wish you got to see them sooner rather than later! It looks like just the perfect family filled time, which is always my favorite! I love being with friends, but I would never get by without family!

    How long are you scheduled to be in Kuwait for? Any idea? I want you to come back to the states so we can hang out and get fro yo! Haha hope jet lag goes away! It’s so bad 😦

  16. What a great trip! You have really pretty hair πŸ™‚ Did you come up with that card yourself or is it from online?! So creative!! Happy you had an awesome trip πŸ™‚

  17. Jessie!! What a fabulous trip! I am so so SO bummed that we weren’t able to meet up, though. 😦 I’d been looking forward to giving you a hug all day, however when your voicemail picked up on the first ring, I immediately knew that your phone had probably died. So sad! I’m sorry things didn’t work out, girl! Maybe this just means I need to come meet you in Kuwait? πŸ˜‰

    I absolutely LOVE the card you and your brother made for your dad’s birthday–so clever, and so sweet! How fun that you were able to go to the shooting range! And I think your 4am Wegman’s trip sounds like a blast–I’d hit be happy to hit the grocery store ANY time of day–especially with my mom!

    I’m so glad you had such a great time at home with your family–I’m sure they loved having you around for a few days! You must feel extremely blessed to have returned to such a loving husband (and super sweet gift), too!

    Happy weekend, beautiful! ❀ xoxo

  18. That sounds like such an amazing time Jessie, i’m so glad you had fun with your family! The card you made for your dad is way too cute. And I think you did pretty good at the shooting range! Welcome home πŸ™‚

  19. This was a great recap! I’m glad you had a great time with your family. I loved all the picoures of you with your family! You look a lot like your mom! That last series of photos with your brother is hilarious! The card you made for your dad’s birthday is hilarious too; it’s so clever and fun! Super cool that you went to a gun range with your dad! πŸ™‚ I’m glad your back home safe with Joshua and Roxy. Have a great day, girl!

  20. I love that card you made for you dad!! Every time I see one of those they get better and better! Lots of crazy traveling for you!! Glad you’re home safe and had a great time with your family!

  21. Sounds like a wonderful week! I live in Kentucky an my family lives in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and England and I know whenever I am in one of their locations I would much rather soak up lots of family time than visit with friends. I can talk to my friends in Skype but with family it’s so different to actually get to be with them rather than just talk.

  22. Aww, sounds like the perfect way to spend your trip to me! Family and relaxation…what more do you need? Love the silly pics of you and your brother! We are actually getting a Cheddars here in town soon…I had never heard of it until recently but I guess it’s similar to most American chains…like we really need more of those! Haha!

    And seriously, nice shooting! What are you talking about not being good!? You’re in the big ass circle in the middle aren’t ya?! I think Mr. Paperman would indeed be D-E-A-D!

    Hope you’re getting over the jet lag and getting your sleep schedule back to normal! I can only imagine how crazy it must feel to have traveled all that distance! The longest I’ve been on a plane is to Colorado (from Tennessee it was like 5-6 hours tops!)

    • You are going to love Cheddars.. I promise! They make a pretty mean margarita.. I mean that’s pretty important to know right??!!

      I am, but I’m the blue.. so my dad definitely did better. Hey, can’t be perfect after just one time though right??!!

  23. Sounds like an amazing trip that you had! I don’t blame you for spending time with your family… I would have done the exact same thing. I don’t know how you can spend that long on a plane. I flew from Atlanta to LA in January and it was a 4-4.5 hour flight and I was dying…anxious and just wanted to get up and run the aisle πŸ™‚

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