Balancing Act : Guest Post

Hello everyone!  My name is Angela, and I am the blogger over at Beauty in Strength.  I am more than honored to be doing a guest post for Jessie today as she is visiting us here in the states!  (Thank you for the opportunity to visit Jessie Loves to Run sweetie!) Jessie and I have become best blends over the past year. J Not only is she an amazing blogger but an incredible woman, and I wish her a very safe and fun-filled trip!

I live in New Jersey with my little puppy, Morgan, and I am a currently a fifth grade teacher.  Over the years I’ve formed a passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle, and I recently became an Arbonne Independent Consultant as well as an Ann Taylor “Fit” Stylist.  I am also a Fitfluential and Sweat Pink Ambassador, and I am presently in school, studying to become a Health and Wellness Coach.  Beauty in Strength is a blog that strives to prove that a healthy attitude about food and fitness is possible for anyone and can be balanced with a career, friends, family, fun and anything else life may bring your wa

1Speaking of balance…. How many of these pieces of, “advice” have you heard before?

  • “You should drastically cut carbs.”
  • “It’s best to eat very low-fat.”
  • “Counting your calories is the only way to go.”
  • “Eating high protein will make you the healthiest you’ve ever been.”
  •  “Everyone should cut out dairy.”

Sound familiar? There’s plenty of more too, and it’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

Now, I do not believe in, “diets,” “fads,” or, “trends,”nor in the deprivation or elimination of a specific food group or nutrient.  I believe in fueling our bodies with natural, wholesome foods and eating a moderate, healthy diet.  I also believe in making it simple.  It’s a balancing act among three food groups: carbohydrates, protein, and fats.


When a meal or a snack combines lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs, the three groups work with each other to promote a greater sensation of satisfaction.  The balance keeps you full and satisfied.  When one skimps on one group like protein, one tends to compensate by overeating something else you do not need any more of, such as additional carbs or fat (and therefore additional calories).


To achieve a balanced combination of foods in your meal, concentrate on the quality of the foods (Get rid of the 100 calorie packs!), rather than stressing over the exact quantities. When you fill your plate or have a snack with a balanced medley of nutrient-rich foods, you physically and emotionally will feel more satisfied.


Your best choices will be to opt for complex carbs (quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits), lean proteins and legumes (almond butter, beans, edamame), and sources of healthy fats rich in omega- 3s (avocado, walnuts, olive oil).  You will find yourself naturally striking the right symmetry.


Give it a try to feel energized, full, and satisfied, and always remember…STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL. 🙂


Question of the Day: What is your favorite, balanced meal or snack?

Quote of the Day: “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions.  Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it.  Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.” – Albert Einstein



19 thoughts on “Balancing Act : Guest Post

  1. All the diet advice drives me crazy! It’s so hard to know what to eat! My favorite balanced meal is an egg white veggie omelet with whole wheat toast and some fruit. I’ll eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 🙂

  2. Love this post – I feel so much better after ditching ‘diet’ cereal bars and calorie controlled products. A mash of artificial junk.. or an avocado packed with vitamins and goodness? The answer might sound obvious but before I would have gone for the ‘diet’ bar as it had less calories etc. No way to eat and live!

    • Thank you so much! I completely agree, and it isn’t until you ditch the processed diet foods and stick to whole foods that you truly understand the difference in how your body feels and functions.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and beautiful food pictures! I’m really not good at balancing my meals, but I learn 😉
    Your post really inspires me to strive for better 😉

  4. Absolutely love that Einstein quote (and also what you said about throwing out those 100 calorie pack foods!) Balance is so, so important! Loved this post and can’t wait to check out your blog 🙂

  5. Welcome, Angela, and thanks for such a lovely guest post! I completely agree with your take on balancing nutrients and not heeding all the ridiculous diet “advice” that people like to spout out. You’re going to make a great Health Coach, and your clients will be lucky to have a coach who takes such a balanced, smart approach to health and food!

    • Thank you Lillian! It was an absolute pleasure posting for Jessie while she’s here in the states! The public is so often inundated with so many opinions and “studies,” without truly knowing who is conducting the studies and how reliable the findings are. I truly appreciate your kind words as well you taking the time to read and comment!

  6. I think balance is definitely key. I’m still learning how to put it into practice (I find myself binging on vegetables – yes, it is possible!) My favorite balanced meal is a giant salad for lunch. It usually includes a healthy fat (dressing), black beans, and tons of veggies!!

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