Thankful Things : Guest Post

Hello all you Jessie Loves To Run fans out there. I’m sorry to say the lovely and über sweet Ms. Jessie is gone for today, which means you’re stuck with me instead. What you don’t know or realize yet, is today is your lucky day because you get to meet me. Jessie will vouch for me here. Right Jessie? Jessie… Jessie….

My name is Meghan, and I blog over at Clean Eats Fast Feets, where I share my kitchen antics, my workout antics, and sometimes my bedroom antics (let’s just say; it was a good weekend).


I also happen to have a bit of confidence problem, in that I have way too much. I’m impatient, I’m more snarky than sweet, I love to shake a tail feather, and sometimes I say the most inappropriate things. Basically, I’m a barrel of monkeys and a ball of laughs all rolled into one. So I think you should add me to your blog reader, sign up for me feed and like my Facebook page. You won’t regret it. Actually, I really can’t vouch for that last statement, but what have you got to lose.

I don’t bite…much.

In honor of Jessie, I’m going to do a post I know she’ll 100% approve of: Thankful Things Whatever Day I Damn Well Feel Like It. I might be off to a rocky start.


Despite my overall wise cracking ways, I actually love Jessie’s thankful posts because it’s all about getting grateful. There’s nothing wrong with trying to see the silver lining in your clouds, putting on a brave face or pushing for positivity. Nothing. Not a damn thing and even a sarcastic wise ass like me can’t argue that. Although if you let me, I will try to argue almost everything else.


Let’s get our thankful on:

  • I’m thankful for lists, which is the other great thing about these posts. I get to write in list form, and it makes me giddy. Totally, absolutely, positively (again with the good mojo) giddy. I’ve got a touch of the self-diagnosed OCD’s and as a result I like order in my world which comes in the form of pen, paper and lists. Don’t knock until you tried it. Alright knock it all you want, but I’m still going to write in list form, and I’m still going to thoroughly enjoy it.
  • I’m thankful for unicorns. They rock and maybe one day, if I play my cards just right, I can meet this mythical one horned creature.


  • I’m thankful for The Color Purple, not only the actual color, but the book as well. It’s a great read, and I highly recommend it.
  • I’m thankful for puzzles. I started one last weekend, and it’s making me ridiculously happy.
  • I’m thankful for French Toast covered in blueberries. Need I say more.

french toast

  • I’m thankful for long weekends. I work a rather arduous eight to five job, which often times spills over into my nights and weekends so three solid days off is pure bliss.
  • I’m thankful for Farmers Markets because I love grabbing fresh local produce whenever possible. I also really enjoy getting competitive with my fruits and veggies, and I’m sure that’s normal behavior.


  • I’m thankful for my kitties. I have a total of three felines which admittedly puts me in the crazy cat lady realm, but I love all three, equally I might add.
  • I’m thankful for sweat. I did a spinning class last week, and I got that beloved forearm sweat which only comes from a really good workout.
  • I’m thankful for food. I love to cook, to bake, to experiment and most of all to eat. Food makes me ridiculous happy, especially the good stuff, and I consider veggies to be the good stuff.


  • I’m thankful spring is right around the corner. My tulips and daffodils are just starting to come crawling out of the ground and in another few weeks, they will be in full bloom, and I’ll be able to spend my weekends digging in the dirt. This thrills me to no end.
  • Last, but most certainly not least, I’m thankful for wildly inappropriate ad campaigns because they make me laugh out loud.


Your turn. What are you thankful for? Name at least one thing.



24 thoughts on “Thankful Things : Guest Post

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Meghan!
    Three kitties!! Wow! There must be some cuteness going on in your house!! I’ve got two, so I can imagine!
    And on the unicorns – they do exist! I just know it! 😉

  2. Always choose unicorn. Love that, love lists, ergo, I love this post 🙂

    Okay, and because you insisted, I am thankful for… Weekends to reign in my sanity, and weekdays because, well, we all need to be a little insane sometimes 😉

  3. I adore Meghan and her blog. She cracks me uppppp!! I also adore her cat Max, that I have never met but hope one day I do! I am thankful for my mother, she has been extremely supportive of me the past few months going through ups and downs in life!

    • Thanks Britt!! I need to send you some Max videos one day. This morning he was so hangry at feeding time that he started snorting and huffing and puffing. Of course, the littlest one kept swiping at his paws every time he ran by, essentially trying to clothesline him. Meal time is always interesting here.

  4. God I love you woman! Every ounce of snarky, inappropriate word throwing, list making, veggie loving, cheese eating OUNCE! Like an “ounce” of cheese x ONE HUNDRED!

    Today, I am thankful for sunshine! And the fact that the man-friend, if only for a couple of hours, rescued me from my couch-banishment and whisked me away toooooo…SAMs Club! Oh yeah, he knows the way to this girl’s heart! 😉

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