What I Ate Wednesday

Good Morning Y’all! I wish I could say I’m happy, but I woke up to the 76ers loosing yet another game. Definitely do not see playoffs in their future this year. Such a shame :(.

Okay, now that I got that little vent out, i feel much better! Before I head into the kitchen to try out a new pancake recipe that I’ve come up with, I wanted to share my meals from yesterday. [As always, thank you Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday]

wiawloveyourveggiesmonthbutton2Meal #1: Lucie’s pancakesIn the mix: 2 tbsp. oat bran, 2 tbsp. Greek yogurt (I used honey flavor), 2 egg whites & cinnamon. All topped with more cinnamon, apple, honey and syrup. Like her recipe says, it makes 1 large pancake, or a couple smaller ones. I decided to double the recipe which is why you see more on my plate

Meal #1Meal #2: Cookies & Cream Thin Mint: In the mix: 1 cup milk, 1 scoop cookies & cream protein powder, 2 tsp. cocoa powder, 1 tbsp. coconut flour, 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum, 1 crushed thin mint cookie. Optional: top it off with another thin mint cookie

Meal #2Meal #3: One very satisfying salad. In the mix: Purple cabbage, yellow peppers, cucumber, tomato, 1/2 avocado, can of tuna, broccoli, and laughing cow cheese. On the side I had an apple with a tbsp. of hone

Meal #3Meal #4: Heather’s kick a$$ Peppers & PB Omelet that I’ve literally eaten 5 days in a row. In the mix: 1 egg, 1 egg white, yellow peppers, onion, pineapple salsa. Topped with all the vegetables that fell out & thinned out coconut peanut butter spread. (Mine don’t look nearly as amazing as hers :(.. It’s the attempt that counts right??) + On the side I had homemade caramel cinnamon latte.

Meal #4

Meal #5: Salad with tilapia, broccoli, asparagus, tomato, peppers, cucumber, and loads of BBQ sauce. [no photo… it just looked disgusting, so I thought I’d spare you, AND I don’t want to embarrass myself, Ha]

Meal #6: Thomas english muffin topped with honey flavored greek yogurt & peanut butter. I also munched on some Martin’s hand cooked potato chips


..and there you have it, another post of my meals.FYI: I’m not sure whether or not I’ll have a Thankful Thursday post tomorrow or not.

  • Best thing you’ve eaten all week?
  • Favorite moment of the week?

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