Marvelous and Not so marvelous


Because I know your reading this Joshua, I just wanted to remind you that you mean the complete world to me. It breaks my heart everyday to see you under the weather. Knowing I can’t do anything besides give you love & try to nourish you with the vitamins your body needs, is such a horrible feeling. I love you sweetie, forever & ever I promise ❤


Why hello everyone. Good morning & Happy Marvelous In My Monday [hosted by the beautiful Katie @ Healthy Diva LIfe


Marvelous: Afternoon walks with Roxy

Not so marvelous: Running into a brick (yes, I’m oblivious to my surroundings), and slicing my toe yesterday


Marvelous: Having a Reese’s peanut butter heart before bed every night

Not so marvelous: Only having a few left in the bag


Marvelous: Visiting the states in 15 days

Not so marvelous: Being away from Joshua and Roxy

stock-photo-united-states-map-words-cloud-of-major-cities-with-a-white-background-104965325Marvelous: Cuddling with your significant other & falling asleep in bed

Not so marvelous: Your significant other snoring causing you to sleep on the couch. Then to make matters worse, your neighbors above you feeling the need to yell & bang.

Marvelous: A good breakfast; wrap with 2 eggs, tomato, peppers & ketchup + iced “hot” chocolate

Not so marvelous: The feeling you encounter when your taking the last bite


…and that’s all I have for you today. I wish I had more to share with you, but unfortunately things have been pretty uneventful around here lately. Lots of schoolwork, studying, and taking care of Joshua.

  • What’s something Marvelous that has happened to you this weekend or today?
  • If you have a significant other, do they snore? 

80 thoughts on “Marvelous and Not so marvelous

  1. Haha that last bite. We’ve talked about this before 🙂 but iced hot chocolate? Are you talking about the blended kind because if so, that is my absolute FAVORITE! I drink it every day in the summer. Anyways, I’ve run into bricks before. You are certainly not alone in that one. I’m not sure you want to be grouped in my category of genius but you are on this one unfortunately. 15 days is SO SOON!

  2. Aw, sorry Joshua still isn’t feeling better! At least he has you around to take care of him:)
    Mmm, those Reese PB chocolate are my favorite chocolate of ALL time!! So delicious.
    I think the last bite is the worst thing about breakfast, or lunch;)

  3. Oh God, running into bricks is awful and believe me it happens to me more than I would like to admit!! I am so sorry that Joshua is still under the weather I am sending my best wishes!! I am having pancakes at this moment and will have the screaming face in a short moment when they’re finished 🙂 I hope you have still a marvelous day, email coming soon!!! xxxx

  4. Ha! You put ketchup on your eggs?!?! Maybe it’s a Pennsylvania thing (my parents are from there, and that’s where I was born)? I grew up doing the same thing, and people always gave me the strangest looks whenever I added it to my eggs when I got older. 🙂

    I hope Joshua is feeling better soon! When my husband snores, I wear earplugs to bed. It works like a charm!!! And we both are able to sleep with annoying one another (because otherwise, I constantly nudge him to get him to stop).

  5. Sending well wishes to Joshua – I hate seeing anyone in my family sick [or injured]… It makes me feel helpless! But do all that you can and know that that’s more than enough 🙂 I’m sure Roxy is a great “helper” too – Charlie tries to be haha!

    P.S. Super cute pic of y’all!

  6. Love this post! Ouch for your poor toe too. Hope it’s feeling better! How exciting you’re leaving for the states soon! Poor Josh too, hope he gets better soon 🙂 Happy Monday to you both!

  7. OK, as soon as I opened your site up I saw the picture pf the two of you and it just pulled on my heart strings! Such an AMAZING picture! It doesn’t get any cuter and more romantic than that! I hope Joshua is feeling better….and so is your toe!! I 100% agree that the last bite of breakfast is never marvelous…today WILL be! Have an awesome day girl! 🙂 xo

  8. A Reese’s before bed every night, mmm! Definitely top 3 favorite candy of mine. I used to date someone who snored, it was awful! I couldn’t sleep at all and would often elbow him in the middle of the night lol

  9. You are adorable and I love reading your posts! I am so sorry you sliced your toe! That has to hurt, like lots! Hopefully Joshua is feeling better with everything you are doing for him! Are you coming to the states just to see your family? or for another reason? (I feel like I read this but just can’t remember!) I LOVE the picture at the top of your post! So cute! Andddd unfortunately, my fiance snores. It is the worst. I don’t know what I will do when we are married!

    • Thanks love. I as originally coming to the states to run the dc rock n roll full marathon but since I’m cut from running right now ill be visiting family, friends, and meeting up with some other bloggers…. When your married you’ll start hitting him during the night, nicely of course lol, and telling him to quiet it 🙂

  10. Sorry your hubby is sick 😦 Sometimes that’s worse than having a sick toddler! Men can be such babies! I wish I was going to be on the East Coast when you were in the states. If you ever feel like coming to Cali let me know 🙂

  11. First, I am so sorry to hear that your hubby is sick! I of course hope he gets better asap 🙂 Sending him major healing vibes! Hahaha I couldn’t help but to literally lol at the last bite of froyo reaction, spot on!

  12. Marvelous is that adorable picture of you and Joshua! ❤ So sweet. And I'm sorry that you ran into a brick. That sounds like something I would do.

    Feel better, Joshua!

  13. Love the post!!
    And I love my man, but the one who snores is ME!! And baby, it’s LOUD! I sometimes wake up from myself!! I don’t know how he puts up with that?.. 😀 😀 😀

  14. Awwr! Sorry to hear that Joshua isn’t feeling the best! Hope he gets better soon. And I couldn’t help but laugh at the not so marvelous feeling that comes with taking the last bite of a good meal.That happens to me pretty much every time I eat… which is why I often have to go back for a little more 😉

    Happy Monday, love!

  15. Brandon doesn’t snore (THANK EFFING GOD), but the guy I dated before Brandon snored like a freight train. I bought ear plugs, and they made a world of difference. 🙂 Hope Joshua feels better soon!

  16. Awwww I just love that picture of you guys! I’m being honest here, Jessie~it looks like it could be in a magazine or something. 😀 And may Joshua get better by today!

  17. Sorry the man is sick! It’s going around. My boyfriend, Tyler, had a persistent cold for months and I FINALLY caught it. Needless to say I feel like death and wanna curl up in bed now.

    Tyler snores so bad. And sometimes he yells in his sleep too. It’s rather humorous 🙂

  18. only when they’re veryyyyyyy drunk and force me to sleep on the couch by sprawling all over the bed…someone has some serious make up work to do after such evenings 😉 Sending you both a big hug and mental vitamins to get rid of that bug! Can’t wait to be able to do it in person 😀

  19. omg you’re coming here so soonn!! That really came fast! Tell Joshua to have lots of fluids and rest 🙂 I don’t have a spouse but all my boyfriends snored– I did this thing where I’d pinch their nose though and they’d wake up all startled and I’d pretend to be sleeping haha def not a fan of the snorers

  20. I hate taking the last bite of food. Recently, I have tried to eat as slowly as possible to prolong the deliciousness of my food but the last bite still comes to soon 😉 Haha. Hope Joshua feels better soon. He has a great nurse 😉

  21. Sorry to hear Joshua is under the weather, but I’m sure he’s well taken care of with you as his nurse. I love Reese hearts; they have so much more peanut butter. Yum; great bedtime snack, and your breakfast wrap sounds fabulous, although those last bites of something really good are always are bitter sweet.

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