Thankful Thursday :: Short and Sweet

Good Morning to all of my wonderful readers ❤ I don’t have too much time to write this post today ( LIE: I have all the time in the world, but that time needs to be devoted to school work), but it’s Thursday and we all know what that means… Thankful Thursday!! 


Due to the above reason, I’m going to have to keep this Thankful Thursday entry short & sweet. How am I going to do both you ask? Simple, less words & more pictures.

Today I am Thankful For… Walks with Roxy. Sure they aren’t all rainbows and butterflies, sometimes she has to be disciplined and may even miss out on a treat upon returning home, but for the most part, they are one of the major highlights of my day.


It’s nice to get out of the house for some fresh air and squeeze in a little exercise throughout the day. Sometimes we’ll play fetch along the walk, well if you call me throwing a stick and her running the wrong way fetch. Some days when I’m unable to find a stick, I can trick her by “throwing” AIR (have I ever told you she’s not the smartest dog when it comes to that sort of thing?).

Okay before I continue talking, here are some photos from our walk today


How cool is it that almost every fast food & restaurant delivers??!


3 4

and now it’s time to get back to school work. Smile, tomorrow is Friday!!!!

  • If you have a pet, how many times do you walk him/her per day?


71 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday :: Short and Sweet

  1. I have Zoey – a little 8 pound yorkie/maltese. I just walk her when the weather is nice… We have a fenced in backyard so she gets enough exercise that way. When itz nice though, I love taking her for walks!! A couple times a day is ideal if I have the time!!

  2. i LOVE that roxy girl! she’s so adorable. i am jealous of your walks with her. i don’t have the time or capability to have a dog right now but i am madly jealous of anyone who does have one. my brother just got a puppy and i am living vicariously through my neph-pup.

  3. You have such a pretty view on your walk! I love being in cities, not going to lie. And my dog isn’t the brightest either. She will totally fall for a fake stick.

  4. Roxy is beautiful!! I have a dog too, her name is Mya… I haven’t really been walking her lately since she has a sore leg/hip & it’s FREEZING cold & icy outside (can ya blame me?). As for being busy with school work… I completely understand! Good luck, hope it goes smoothly! 🙂

  5. Loved seeing some pics of where you live 🙂 I have a little mixie named Kaiah that I used to walk every day when the weather was nice, but since moving out and having to leave her with my parents, it’s gotten a little bit more difficult to take her for walks. Miss her 😦 But wouldn’t want to have her cooped up in an apartment when she can enjoy a nice big backyard.

  6. Roxy is so pretty. I’ve got two little furbabies..Drake and Kaia.. They don’t walk well together so it takes both of us to walk them. Then Kaia well she’s a fatty and gets tired after 20 minuets. I kid you not when I was prego we went walking and about 5 minuets from my house we passed an elementary school that had a large tree in front of it and she dropped to the ground and we had a nice mexican stand off for about 10 mins. There was no way I was going to carry her 60 pound self back to the house.. Maybe it’s a sign I should walk her more. hah

  7. Oh Roxy is adorable and I LOVE seeing pics from Kuwait!! Sometimes I wish I had a dog it would be so much more fun to go for walks. But I am definitely not home enough this poor thing would be on its own all day. Lucky Roxy!!

  8. Roxy is so cute! What kinda dog is she? You should bring her with you on your visit – Charlie is always up for a puppy play-date 😉 We love taking walks around the local lakes, although Charlie is absolutely terrified of water. Seriously, will not get close. He also is a big goober and insists on walking with a stick in his mouth wherever we go – most of the time, the sticks are twice his size 😛

    • if It wouldn’t cost me about 2 grand (one way), I totally would!! Boo 😦

      .. Ha Ha just picturing your little bundle of joy walking around w/ a stick in his mouth puts a smile on my face. Way to cute.

      p.s. I think Roxy knows I’m talking about her. She’s currently staring at me like “umm.. if your gonna talk about me, at least talk tell me what your saying homeesss”

      She’s a Boxer/Lab.

  9. Awww Roxy is such a darling! Having a dog must be exhausting at times, though worth it of course 🙂 That is pretty cool about the fast food delivery service.. or perhaps lazy? Haha not sure. Thanks for the lovely pictures Jessie!

  10. Walks are one of the ultimate comforting activities for me! Couple it with time with my puppy and I am super thankful too!

  11. I love how all the signs are in 2 languages! I bet that’s something else you are thankful for there! Man o man I’d be so clueless there! Gizmo likes walks as well although it’s too cold right now so he’s anxiously awaiting spring too! 🙂

  12. Aww walking my dog is one of my favourite times of the day as well. Though he drives me crazy when he sees a cat or a bird. Usually I’m half asleep walking him as it’s the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning but it’s nice to wake up with him.
    I love seeing pictures of where you live as I could never imagine what Kuwait is like. It’s a nice bit of context 🙂

  13. We actually dont walk our pups, because we are bad parents lol My hubby goes to the church every night to lock up (its his job) and he brings our puppy, so thats her walk. I usually bring my pup Opie along to walk her as well, but the whole thing takes about 15 minutes. We are trying to get better at it though!

  14. So jealous that Baskin Robbins delivers where you are! I have 5 cats (yep my family is a bunch of cat loving crazies) and they don’t walk. I tried putting one on a leash and taking it for a walk a couple years ago but he just plopped down on the ground and wouldn’t budge!

  15. Hi! I just found your blog through HealthfulMindBodyAndSoul ♥ I feel ya on the school work! I have a ton but just skipped out to the beach today for a little ‘mental health’ time 😉 Looking fwd to reading more of your blog!

  16. Love seeing those great pictures of where you live! I think just getting outside for some fresh air with Roxy is VERY relaxing and therapeutic…at least thats how I used to feel when I would walk my dog! Happy Thursday girl!

  17. Pets are the best! And Roxy is adorable. I love that you get the chance to walk with her everyday. I wish I could do that Lilly, but she’s hundreds of miles away 😦 Plus it’s 25 degrees and she (I) is (am) a wimp 😀 And yes, my dogs fall for the “air” trick every time.

  18. Roxy is adorable in her own special way. I have not one, not two, but three kitty cats so I’m officially a crazy cat lady, but I love them all.
    I’m going to go against the grain here, but I hate that crappy food is even more convenient (i.e. delivered) for people. I’d love to see them deliver real food and whole foods (not food like products)like fruit and veggies, and maybe even Chipolte instead of McD’s, BK and the like. Boo. Sorry.

  19. Roxy may not be the brightest pup, but she IS the biggest sweetheart! (And that’s what matters) ❤

    LOVED seeing photos from your walk! Who knew The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was in the Middle East? Not me! We don't even have stores on the east coast! I'm jealous! 😉

    Girl, I can't WAIT to see you in 20 days!! So so excited! Happy weekend! xoxoxo ❤

  20. Finally! Hehe, I was wondering when you’d post pictures of the city~I just love seeing different countries and how they live differently–of course, these are more westernized photos but I’ll take it 😉

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