Truthful Tuesday :: Fears and Worries

Hi guys! How was your holiday? I’m sure the thought of heading back to work today sounds grueling huh? Just try to remind yourself, only three more days until the weekend =)

When I went to write today’s post, I wasn’t exactly sure what to write about; a new recipe? No; a new workout? No; random thoughts? No.

After looking back at my posts from last week, I figured I’d do another week of Truthful Tuesday. I’m not sure if this will be an ongoing occurrence, but for now, I’m rolling with it.

  • I like to believe I am a very positive woman, but I do have days filled with negativity, and unhappiness. Take yesterday for instance; I felt uneasy and unpleasant with myself. Knowing there’s only a month and half until I revisit my OBGYN brought scared feelings to the surface. What if I’m told more horrible news, what if all the hard work I’ve been putting in doesn’t show in blood results? But you know if there’s one suggestion I can give you during these times it would be, lean on a supportive person you love. If you don’t have someone, treat yourself… your beautiful & deserve it.


  • I hate spending money. I’m not even sure if the word hate describes it best, maybe I should say I get scared. Sounds crazy right? It’s true though. I don’t mind spending here and there but that’s about it. I’m very cautious with our money, and feel it’s very important to put $$$ into our savings account whenever possible. With my husband’s job, civilian contractor, his job isn’t always guaranteed. Yes he may sign a contract, but if the company he works for needs to cut people, anyone can be released at any given time. Being that were in a complete different country, it can be quite nerve-racking.


  • I have one major fear in life. That fear is being kidnapped. Sure spiders freak me out, and being attacked by a shark is on the list, but nothing compares to my fear of kidnapping. Even as a young child, I would have nightmares of “bad guys” breaking into our home, killing my family & taking me with. Obviously today those dreams don’t exist, but the fear is still there. Surprisingly though, living in Kuwait has helped. I feel safer than I have in a while, which is strange because I was brought up in a nice neighborhood.Maybe it has to do with the fact that many people out here worship Americans, or maybe it’s because the area we live in doesn’t have much crime. Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to have that feeling.


But you know what… just like myself, and everyone who has fears and worries, nothing will hold me back from living a life filled with happiness, joy, and laughter. Sure some days will be better than others, but that’s the wonderful thing about life; you get knocked down, but you have the choice of getting up again. Take advantage of the wonderful gifts and people God has blessed you with <3. 



  • What is one fear or one worry you may have?
  • One last thing smile ❤ ❤

81 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday :: Fears and Worries

  1. Love those last two quote pics, girl! I’m with you on the spending money thing…as you well know after this weekend haha. Crazy Caitlin strikes again…thankfully she has logical Joe to keep her in check…and a fear of mine is losing someone I love/losing the love of the people in my life. Working on letting that go, but still there

  2. I totally get the whole spending money fear. It’s something we all have to worry about. You’re allowed to be scared. The good news is when you go to that doctor’s appointment next Month, you’ll be surrounded by the people who love you most and you will have their undying support, no matter what happens. Keep being honest, girl! It will take you much further than hiding it!

  3. It’s so wonderful that you are so open and honest Jessie. You are the best example that life can be a bumpy road but that we can still find a smile about a little thing every day. Thank you so much for this. I am always here if you are scared no matter what! My fear is to lose another loved person. I lost my Dad and I know it is part of life but it scares me so much. But as long as everyone is still here i am happy and hug them even closer!!

  4. Great post! 🙂 I worry that my foot might not get better and running might be a thing of the past…but then I slap myself right after feeling it. lol

    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. I love how positive you always are, even if you don’t always feel positive. Sounds weird, but it’s true. I’m scared of spiders and these crazy icky bugs which live in our basement. Google Silverfish, and you’ll see why. They totally freak me out.

  6. I love that you ended the post with a reminder to smile. 🙂 I have a fear of developing cancer. I know that probably sounds weird, but it seems so common in our society and I’ve had family members suffer through it…so it’s a fear now. But I’ll keep taking care of my health and a have a positive attitude!! 🙂

  7. I wouldn’t say that I get scared by spending money – but I definitely feel guilt if it’s not something necessary (like food). I’m slowly trying to break away from that though; I earned it, so I deserve to use it for ‘fun’ stuff once a while.

  8. I think we all have those funky days where we just can’t seem to get rid of that cloud of negativity that’s hanging over our head, but in times like those I think it’s important to remember that those moods pass and our positive self comes creeping back in. Don’t stress yourself over the ‘what-ifs’ because what if everything is going exactly as it should and all your hard work is paying off? I’m a big time worrier, but I’ve been trying to remind myself that there’s no use in stressing about things that haven’t happened, because 90% of the time, the things that we worry about don’t even come to be, and we spend all that time wasting happiness. Have faith, girlie… everything will be fine 🙂

    • Amanda, you always know exactly what to say to put a smile on my face. Thank you for sweet words day in & day out. You truly are such a wonderful person, and I feel so grateful to have “met” you through this crazy world of blogging.

    • That is one fear that i’m about 100% sure crosses everyones mind at least one.. but you just have to remind yourself how strong of a woman you are, and how YOU can make a difference in whatever you choose to do.

  9. My fear: not being happy. I’m scared to have a world where I don’t feel a point in life. I love this post! Love that first picture. I have trouble spending money too! I feel like I don’t really need it, but sometimes I do. Take care!

  10. When I am out and about alone on a walk or a run, I am always worried someone will attack me! Worst feeling ever! Don’t stress too much about the obgyn, stress leads to more issues as you know! Praying for you!

  11. Your fear is totally rational. I think about that a lot, too. I am scared of spending money as well. I feel like something will come up that will be a better way to spend it as soon as I make a big purchase. I fear about never finding my true purpose in life. I know that’s crazy because I’m only 21, but I do!

  12. My biggest fear is getting caught on fire or burnt with fire. I absolutely hate taking things out of the oven or being near someone when they are holding a match or lighter! I agree with you about the hating to spend money. I am so frugal and hate taking money out of savings to buy things

  13. Aww I do hope your appointment goes well. You’ve put so much effort into changing. Your whole mindset has changed so I’m sure you’ll have done your body good 🙂
    I don’t really have any crazy fears. I think one continuous one is not being good at my job. I want to be successful in what I do but it’s taking time and it frustrates me!

  14. Such great quotes! We all have our own fears….I know I have plenty of my own! But it’s nice to know that you have lots of people around you who care about you and you can turn to….hint hint 😉 xo Will be emailing you back tonight!

    • Welcome, Sarah! Everything is okay, I was diagnosed with HA a few months ago, and have just been working to get my hormones back in track & start producing again so my husband and I can have a family <3. Thank you so much for asking.

  15. I totally hate spending money too! Although I kind of go through phases when I stop caring and buy a ton of stuff I’ve been wanting. Then follow that with a time where I will only buy the bare minimum. I think it balances out right? haha

  16. I have a few fears that sometimes “take over” so to speak… It’s scary! I just try to move past them and do everything in my power to control them, but also accept that some things are going to happen whether I stress about them or not.

    Thanks for sharing all of these. Always remember that you’re surrounded by people you love you tons <3.

  17. I don’t like spending money either!! I have to keep a certain amount in our checking at ALL times, so it is safe to say I will never have to worry about bouncing a check. I actually get very anxious if our savings dips below a certain point(even though it is a pretty decent amount). I think it comes from growing up really poor and never wanting to be in those circumstances again.

    Another huge fear….tornadoes. I love Spring temps but I dread the awful storm weather. Our house was demolished my a tornado when I was two years old and it was an F4 tornado. I will be fearful of every tornado watch that pops up on the screen here in a few weeks. Sigh.

  18. That “bigger man” quote at the bottom was the perfect conclusion. I know where you are coming from with these fears and worries. You are doing great though, and I think your results at your next OBGYN appointment will show that. Even if everything isn’t 100% where it needs to be, you are definitely on the right track. I hate the word TIME, but really, that’s what you need. I’m confident that everything will work out the best for you.

    And as far money and kidnapping goes… I hate spending money too. It makes me anxious, like one little swipe of my debit card on books will empty my entire bank account. I’m constantly telling myself that I don’t “need” something… when it actuality it’s just spending money on things like food and school stuff. So ya, I do “need” to. 🙂

    My nightmares when I was younger were always about bad guys breaking into our house, or just weird things like that happening. Wake up and just can’t go back to sleep. Thankfully they’ve decreased in frequency as I’ve gotten older, but the occasional nightmare like that is enough to rock anyone’s socks.

  19. I don’t like spending money either….just cause you never know what the future will bring finace-wise. My fear is always around the death of people close to me…my grandparents both died suddenly when I was young so I always feel like you just never know what happens.

  20. we all have days of worrisome and fears which leads to so much stress. But being around blogger community, you meet like minded people who are honest about the situation and you dont feel alone 🙂 Lately, my boyfriend job situation has been very stressful for both of us but all you can do is hope it will get better. I hope things get better on your side dear 🙂

  21. I share similar heath fears as you girl – health – but have realized that I cannot live my life by the “what-if’s” because if I did, I’d be missing out on a lot of joyful moments… Things happen for a reason, good or bad, and it’s not always in our control. I hope that you hear the news that you’re hoping for from the doctor, but if you don’t, know that you will eventually, when the time is right…

    P.S. I never have had a fear of being kidnapped but I’d imagine that I’d be much more worried if I lived in a different country. That’s great that you feel so comfortable with your surroundings and those around you are all so kind!

  22. Oh my gosh, in case it isn’t obvious, I have such a money-spending phobia too! Hence the reason it took me NINE months to finally convince myself to buy a sofa, haha. But phobias, worries and all aside, you’re right, life’s fabulous, and you’ve just gotta smile through it all!

  23. My fear is a little silly, I’m scared of my teeth falling out. It’s a totally random fear, and isn’t even that big of a deal thanks to dental implants but the thought of it completely freaks me out, I’ve even had legit nightmares about it. And despite that crazy fear I’m still terrible at flossing (but at least I try!).

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