Marvelous In My Monday

Good Morning & Happy Marvelous In My Monday

[hosted by the beautiful & glowing Katie @ Healthy Diva Life)


How has your weekend been so far (assuming most of you are still off for the holiday). Joshua and I had a wonderful weekend. When he got home from work on Saturday, I cooked up a BLT for him, and a veggie wrap for myself. After dinner we busted out yahtzee & watched a Madea movie… well we attempted too. I’m pretty sure we were both passed out around 9:15, ha!

Sunday came quick, thanks to obnoxious neighbors above us who wanted to pound on the ceiling around 1:30 in the morning. So you know, I did what any normal crazy person would do… sweep the floors, do the dishes, laundry, bake gluten-free coconut flour bread (Thank you Madison, it rocked!), and even cleaned the bathroom/kitchen/living room. For some reason I’m always the most productive when I first wake up… usually not at 1:30 in the morning though.

The rest of the day consisted of:

  • Breakfast: made a smoothie for myself, and eggs with bacon & toast for Joshua
  • Took Roxy for a walk
  • Walked to a nearby park around lunch time & had a picnic
  • Went for a walk together
  • Watched The Impossible (I cried)
  • Starting reading chapter three of “The Meaning of Marriage”
  • Lots of lounging and cuddling as the day went on

… okay, and now that we got the weekend covered, it’s time to show you some GREAT new finds & foods I tried this weekend.


I’m not sure if these exist in the states, but if so… GET SOME! I’ve never been a fan of packaged oatmeal… until these amazing things came along.


  • Reeses Peanut Butter Hearts. I cannot even tell you how happy (I may have jumped up and down for a second), when I came across these @ our grocery store. They may of cost me a leg & arm (since they are considered “international food” here in Kuwait), but they are worth every $$$
  • Greatest wraps to ever exist. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but they are good.
  • Carrot Cake Super Cookies. I’m a girl who loves anything carrot cake, so when I saw these on Vitacost you bet your balls they were going right in the “cart”. The taste is awesome, they go perfect in a smoothie or oatmeal, and for 150 calories you can eat devour 20 of them
  • Am I on tropical getaway?!!. With alcohol being illegal out here, this is about  as close as I’m getting to a coconut rum & pineapple drink, Ha! Being the smoothie queen I am, of course I had to incorporate it into a smoothie; 1 banana, 1 cup mango coconut water, and 2 tbsp. of this peanut butter… oh my word, HEAVEN!

… and that right there ladies (and gentlemen), is the reason why today is so marvelous :).


  • Any good finds lately? 
  • Do any baking over the long weekend? 

43 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you liked the bread.

    The Impossible looks like such a good movie. I saw a television special where they interviewed the woman who the film was based on. I cried just watching the previews. Lol.

    Lots of good food finds!

  2. Oh what a wonderful weekend!! I think we had about the same except the productive phase on Sunday morning 🙂 🙂
    And all these finds?? Reese’s hearts….I’d danced for an hour if we had them here 🙂 Happy monday love, I am off to carneval 🙂

  3. Sounds like a super fun weekend my dear! That coconut flour bread sounds absolutely wonderful! Yum.
    Oh my gosh, reese’s are my favorite chocolate ever. Heart shaped makes them that much better too;)

  4. The Reeses hearts are the best! Sounds like you and Joshua had some great time together 😦 I unfortunately do not have Monday off work…I actually nanny from 8am-5pm and work at the gym 530pm-930pm. Quite a day. Way to be productive in the middle of the night! I would have probably freaked out and yelled at the neighbors :p

  5. I definitely need to try the caramel oatmeal packages. It sounds like you had a great weekend girl, although I have NO IDEA how you can wake up at 1:30am and be ready to go for the day! most of the time I’m just falling asleep by then!

  6. Yay! I’m so happy you found Reese’s hearts! They’re priceless–totally worth that pretty penny you spent. 😉 Would it be cheaper for me to send them to you in Kuwait? Or how about some Reese’s eggs, since Easter candy has officially taken over store shelves? I’ll send you a stash ANY time, so let me know, love! I completely understand the addiction. 😉

    Happy Monday, Jessie! ❤ xoxoxo

  7. I’m always the most productive in the mornings too, but some days I don’t even go to sleep by 1:30, let alone clean my kitchen. Hope you get some more rest tonight! ANd it’s been a while since I’ve found something new in stores, but I DID try my hand at baking something new this weekend. I made cinnamon rolls, and they were omigosh wonderful :mrgreen:

  8. Yum coconut and peanut, that sounds amazing. The 1.30am wake up does not, however. Still, you achieved so much – so like you to turn a negative into a positive! I’d have gone up and shouted a lot 😉 Happy Monday Jessie!

  9. Ahhh! Those go raw snacks are awesome!! I have every flavor! I just introduced my sister to them! Yummy! I am so happy you and Joshua had a relaxing weekend!! I will continue to say it, but the both of you weren’t meant to be bff’s with us!! 🙂 Happy Monday sweetie! xo

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! You’re the second person to rave about those peanut butter hearts! Now I want to try them 😉 Happy Monday girl!

  11. What a lovely weekend 🙂 Sounds really relaxing and perfect. But being woken up at 1.30am is so rude! Carrot cake super cookies sound amazing as well, I might see if they’re available here.
    I think our good find was our chocolate haul when we went skiing – we still have so much left over it’s brilliant. Loads of chocolate covered nuts and candied nuts. Yum!

  12. I REALLY want to see The Impossible! It never came to theaters here and I haven’t found it to rent yet, or watch from Netflix. I can’t wait to see it!
    I did a little baking yesterday and made Apple Cider Donuts. They were amazing.

  13. Carrot cake cookies look delicious! I’m also the most productive in the morning, sometimes the urge just hits me and I transform into a cleaning machine haha. I’m always so happy after when my house is spotless!

  14. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I have been eying that coconut peanut butter for awhile now and think I just need to cave in and get it! The Carrot Cake cookies sound yummy! I had the pizza flavored ones and they were pretty good! Even the hubby liked them!

  15. Jealous of the carrot cake cookies! I’ve tried the “Go Raw” ginger-snaps & they are AMAZING! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I baked both cookies AND brownies this weekend & ate quite a fair amount as well 😉

  16. what a relaxing way to spend time with your husband. I will have to look into that carrot cake cookies and devour them ASAP. My weekend was pretty relaxing too, was little under the weather so slept a lot. Since I dont get long weekend, I am working and theres really no baking 😦

  17. I need to get some coconut flour, it sounds like it makes some pretty delicious baked goods! The Reese’s, carrot cake cookies, and coconut/peanut butter sound amazing! Those Reese’s hearts are looking especially delicious right now!

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