Just dropping in…

Good Morning. I’m not always one to post on the weekends, but I thought I’d drop in real quick & share a workout with y’all!

As most of you know, I’m a team member of TribesportsWell on Friday I received an e-mail alerting me of the new Challenge for the week.

The challenge is called British Military Fitness Red Workout


Here are the Rules

  • Perform 1 push up, 1 tuck jump, 1 super crunch
  • Perform 2 push up, 2 tuck jump, 2 super crunch
  • Perform 3 push up, 3 tuck jump, 3 super creasing
  • Increasing up to 10 of each exercise
  • Once you’ve completed 10 reps, work back down to 1
  • At the end, you’ll of completed 100 reps of each exercise

**I haven’t actually tried THIS challenge, but I’ve done a workout similar before, so just trust me when I say it’s tough & you are sure to break a sweat**

&& like I said in the beginning, this was going to be a short post. Time to go cuddle up with the husband & enjoy our day together. Have a fabulous weekend ❤ ❤


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