Marvelous In My Monday

Good Morning Everyone & Happy Marvelous In My Monday

[hosted by the beautiful and glowing pregnant Katie @ Healthy Diva Life]


  • Marvelous is Joshua & I’s dinner date with some friends @ a new Mexican Restaurant called, En Mexico last night. I ordered fish tacos, which were fabulous, however the beans & rice were just… there! Ha!


  • Marvelous is only 29 days until my visit to the states. As much as I will miss Joshua and Roxy while I’m away, I am very much so looking forward to seeing family, friends & some of you wonderful ladies on here
  • Marvelous is facebook & e-mail conversations with THIS girl. 
  • Marvelous is Valentine’s Day on Thursday. Joshua has been adorable and secretive while planning this year’s evening together. I’m not a huge surprise person, however, I am excited to see what he has up his sleeve.
  • Marvelous are these Oatmeal Banana Butterscotch cookies. While Joshua was sleeping like a normal human being at 4:45 in the morning yesterday, I decided to do a little baking [1 cup oats, 2 mashed bananas and 2 tablespoons of butterscotch chips, baked for 15 minutes on 350 degrees].


…and with all that being said, I’m off to make a Blueberry Banana Smoothie and watch The Grammy’s. 

  • Did you do any baking over the weekend? If so, what?
  • Did you watch The Grammy’s last night? 

67 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday

  1. 29 more daysssssssssssssssssssssssss! (: yay! I’m so excited that you are coming back to the states for a little and that its so soon! Enjoy your valentines day this week! Eric has something small planned too! I’m not sure what it is though but I can’t wait! (:

  2. Aww I love your outfit! The pink scarf is the perfect accent 🙂 I totally have those flats, or some that are extremely similar. We must have similar taste haha I CANT WAIT! 29 days is so soon but it also feels so far away! I know it will fly by with emails though and pretty soon we’ll all be meeting for the first time 🙂

  3. Awww you just made my night! And yesterday was amazing 🙂 your date night looks awesome! Mexican is always a fun one…jojo loves fish tacos too…it’s what he always goes for at mad mex haha

  4. I love Fun., so the Grammy’s were such a pleasure to watch! 🙂 I’ve been seeing a few people making the bananas/oats cookies . . . I can’t believe that those two ingredients will produce “cookies”. I will just have to try this out for myself to see. Have a great Monday!

  5. I looove your scarf in that picture! Adorable!

    P.S. I’m going to reply to your latest email SOON! I’ve just been so busy and I want to give it my full attention ;). Happy Monday girl!

  6. No baking here but I whipped up some of my hubby’s favorite enchiladas made with homemade tortillas!! 😀 We are so living it up food wise before Lent starts! 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous Monday! ❤

  7. Awwr you and Joshua are just SO cute, and you’re just a little bit crazy for baking cookies at 4:45 in the morning 😛 No baking here this weekend because I was busy taking care of my mom. She seems to have come down with some sort of flu bug, so most of Sunday was spent fussing over her. And can you believe that I didn’t even know The Grammys were on tonight? I think Imay just live under a rock…

  8. Let the 29-day countdown begin!! I am SO SO excited to meet you, Jessie!! You may have already told me, but which days will you be in DC? I can’t remember, and I want to make sure I clear my calendar for you! Let’s grab dinner, coffee–whatever! You choose! ❤

    The fish tacos sound wonderful, and I can't wait to hear what Joshua has planned for you! Sending huge hugs! xoxo ❤

    • I’ll only be there on Saturday, March 16th until Sunday morning. I’d love to do some sight seeing if your up for it.. and then I know later on that night a couple of us are heading out to do some st. patty’s day drinking.. and of course I’d love for you to join 🙂

  9. I love your scarf!
    It compliments the whole look amazingly! And you are both such a pretty couple, Jessie.
    And no baking for me, hun! I guess I need a sugar detox after a week of birthday treats 😉

  10. I watched most of the Grammys last night, but got too tired and had to go to bed lol. I had to stay up to see Justin Timberlake! 😉 I actually made baked French toast yesterday, it was awesome! Have a good day girl

  11. How exciting you’ll be traveling to the states! I bet it will be so great to see your family! Happy Monday Jessie!

  12. 1) The chips and salsa look great 🙂 Date night at Mexican restaurant = one of my favorites! 2) Can’t wait to hear what Joshua is planning for Valentine’s Day! You’ll have to fill us in 🙂 3) Those Oatmeal Banana Butterscotch cookies look SOOO good. Three of my favorite things = greatness. They also look super easy. I’m going to make a batch when I get off of work tonight 🙂

    I did watch the beginning of the Grammy’s while I was at my parents house but left after Mumford and Sons. I wish we had a television because I really wanted to keep watching!!

  13. Mmmmm mexi restaurant chips, the best indeed! i agree rice is always just there for me and i usually ask for a tasty sauteed veggie instead! i love beans tho.
    those cookies look soooo hearty. my fave kind!

  14. Wow your trip is fast approaching. I bet you are super pumped! I can only imagine what you guys do for Valentines day since you already have such a great relationship. I’m pretty sure I have that pink scarf as well. Have a great day 🙂 (erg it’s probably night time where you are :-))

  15. Yay for a fun date night – I love Mexican food! My son’s birthday party was ove the weekend – so I tried making a lego cake. Tried being the key word!
    Where are you going when you come to the States?

  16. Mmmm… Mexican sounds really good right now. You guys look adorable together as always!
    And I feel like the best baking always takes place at weird hours. I think some of the best cookies come out of the oven at 2 in the morning 🙂

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