First Thing

Good Morning. I had intentions of writing a different post this morning, but things change. I’ve come down with some sort of stomach bug, and to be honest; I’m really not in the mood to write anything. However, I thought I’d fill out this survey I saw over at After The Ivy League’s post on Friday. Short & Fun.

First Thing Survey

  • First thing you do when you wake up in the morning. I wake up twice; Once to wake Joshua up around 4:00, and then again at 6:00. At that time, I usually check my phone & send Joshua a Good Morning text.
  • First thing you reach for when you open the fridge. If I have leftover pancake batter, all I’ll need is syrup. However, if I need to make more I’ll grab 2 eggs & Almond Milk
  • First thing you do when you get to the gym. Sign in
  • First thing you do when you get home from work. Can’t answer since I have no job.
  • First car. 2000 Black Mercury Cougar


  • First car accident / traffic violation. First Car Accident: I’m not sure if it’s considered a car accident per-say, but I did run through our garage wall (thought I was in Reverse but really I wasn’t.. whoops). First Ticket: Speeding on the way to visit my brother @ Lock Haven University
  • First thing you wanted to be when you grew up. Orthopedic Surgeon. I had so many broken arms while growing up that I figured I was destined to be a surgeon


  • First beverage of choice. Water
  • First choice breakfast. PANCAKES!!


  • First choice dessert. Tough question. There are so many choices. I could saw cookies, or I could say cupcakes/cake, but when it comes down to it… I’ll choose yogurt (frozen) with peanut butter (frozen a little as well) with a crumbled cookie or cupcake on top 🙂 Oh & of course a dollop of whip cream.
  • First song that comes to mind. I don’t listen to music often, so honestly; nothing does
  • First major purchase. When Joshua & I bought our first car. 2007 Mazda S3
  • First job. Brusters Ice Cream. Yum!
  • First time you flew on a plane. No idea. All I know is I was very young. It may have been to Montana, or maybe it was to Iowa? I couldn’t tell you.

…. and now it’s time to pop in a chick-flick & get some rest. Tomorrow’s post will be What I Ate Wednesday and my Buddy Workout review ❤


  • Foods that help you with an upset stomach?
  • Pick one of the questions & Answer 🙂

76 thoughts on “First Thing

  1. Feel better girl! Chick flicks are the best for day with tummy aches! And yay for pancakes and froyo! They’re the best breakfast and dessert possible! Knew we were separated at birth 😉

  2. Ooooh pancakes and froyo? Now I know why we’re friends 🙂 I have pancakes/waffles every morning now and I love it. I bet cupcakes and cookies would taste pretty good on top of that froyo… I just came up with a new dessert plan I think haha
    I worked at an ice cream place too. Never again. Ever. It took me a full year to start eating that creamy deliciousness again.
    P.S- you are too sweet waking up Joshua for work every day ❤

  3. Aww, sweetie, I’m so sorry you’re under the weather! I hope resting and movie-watching (which chick flick did you go with?) were the remedy you needed to kick start a speedy recovery. When I have an upset stomach, I always reach for chicken broth/chicken noodle soup, saltines, and gatorade. Oh, and jello! Childhood sick food throwback, for sure. 😉

    Pancakes are one of my go-to breakfasts, too! If I’m in a sweet mood, I go that route; if I’m in a savory mood, I go for egg scrambles or omelets. I love that your first job was at an ice cream shop–just like me!

    You’re in my prayers! ❤ xoxo

  4. I’m so sorry you are not well, Jessie.
    Chicken or veggie broth has always helped me with any body issues 😉
    And I loved to know you more!
    First thing I wanted to be when I grew up – ballerina! And I wouldn’t sign for less 😀

  5. Oh sorry Hunn for not feeling well!! I hope the rest will do you good. I am totally with you on Pancakes for breakfast. THE.BEST. Dessert? Swiss Chocolate 🙂
    I like warm oatmeal porridge with mashed banana or a chicken broth when I feel sick. Sending you loads of hugs!!

  6. I hope you feel better! The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is snuggle with Keenan (since he usually wakes me up). I get him out of his crib, we cuddle and read books in my bed before “officially” getting up and heading downstairs to make breakfast!

  7. Oh dear feel better! Rice cakes and crackers help me with an upset tummy.

    I enjoyed this post!! First plane flight was to Australia when I was 14 months old. I was born in San Diego, but we moved here cause my dad is an Aussie.

  8. I love these surveys, and I’ll definitely be “borrowing” this one. I heart ice cream, but I don’t know if I could have worked at a place since I have no will power. Enjoy whatever chick flick you decide on (I love Thelma and Loise and Brad Pitt’s not bad to look at either), and good luck getting over the flu. Ginger is good for an upset stomach, and bland white carbs too (potatoes, bread, saltines, etc). Bananas will also help with digestion. Stay away from high fiber foods if possible (my favorites). Get well my friend.

  9. LOVE this post!!!
    My first job, other than an internship, was lululemon….seriously a great first job!!!!
    and your dessert choice sounds amazing.
    my roomie and i were actually talking about what our most favorite dessert of all time was, and I honestly couldn’t think of ANYTHING!
    frozen yogurt aside, I think that the only other dessert that I crave is my grandma’s trifle…so delicious!

  10. Aww feel better soon! It’s horrible to be ill. I find bland foods help with an upset stomach. Nothing too taxing for it. Try crackers or soup. Ginger is supposed to help with sickness as well if that helps!

  11. Awwr, hun, sorry to hear that you’re not feeling too great 😦 Whenever my stomach acts up, I crave carbs like crazy – mostly in the form of crackers, dry toast, and dry cereal. I find that those things always settle things for me. Oh! That and Ginger Ale, or even ginger tea I suppose. Fee better soon. Lots of hugs ❤

  12. When TJ was a Drill Instructor, he would have to get up around then, sometimes earlier depending on what part of the cycle they were in and I would wake up with him (and stay in bed) while he got ready. He’s a bit loud in the mornings and I’m not a heavy sleeper so it easier to stay awake until he left rather than fight the urge to go back to sleep. LOL!

    Anywho, hope you feel better soon!

  13. I used to love Brusters 🙂 There was one about a mile from my house (as a child) and we would go there all the time during the summer months. I remember I’d get cotton candy ice cream with the little candy eyes!

    Also – when I’m feeling sick, I always take an Alka Seltzer (ORANGE FLAVORED- the only one I can drink and it tastes like orange soda) and soup of some sorts.

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