Marvelous In My Monday :: Weekend

Good Morning & Happy Marvelous In My Monday ❤


Breakfast: Caramel Pancakes with apple, cinnamon, unsweetened coconut & syrup. The added caramel to the batter & coconut made these pancakes taste like pure heaven!!

heavenMost of you know, Joshua only has Sunday’s off. Since he works six days a week and between 10-12 hours each day, our weekends are usually very low-key. From time to time we’ll adventure to Kuwait City, but for the most part, Joshua needs need’s his relaxation.  Even though this weekend was the same as usual, it was just perfect.  I thought I’d share some things we did together with all of you. Who says you need to spend a certain amount of $$$ to have fun?? J

  • Made homemade dog biscuits for Roxy


  • Started reading “The Meaning of Marriage”. Brittany mentioned and recommended this book on her blog. We’re only a chapter in, but so far I can’t say enough good things. 


  • Watched three awesome movies; Here Comes the Boom, Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty (Anyone else out there think Jamie Fox is amazing eye candy??? :)).


  • Decided we are going to start learning German. Wish us luck!

&& all of that + walks with Roxy sums up our weekend. We thought about eating lunch at a nearby park yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately it was very overcast. Oh well, maybe next weekend :).


  • Best Movie you’ve seen lately? 
  • Have you ever made homemade dog treats? 



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