Thankful Thursday : Good and Bad

Good Morning and Happy Thursday! Boy am I glad tomorrow is Friday… Pay day baby!! I can’t tell you how bad we are in need of some groceries right now. One downfall though… bills! If only they didn’t exist. I mean wouldn’t life be easier that way? (oh we can dream) Ha Ha!

Anyways, with it being Thursday that only means one thing: Thankful Thursday!


Today I am Thankful For… Memories; Good and Bad. All memories affect you in a different way. Some put the biggest smile on your face and give you a feeling of achievement, and happiness, where others may make you question why life is the way it is. No matter what though, these are the moments in life that you need to soak in and never forget. When you are going through a rough time, try to remind yourself that things will be okay; God will never let you fall, but he will test your strength from time to time. 



Knowing that you are married to your best friend

Celebrating Birthdays (3 yrs ago)

Celebrating Birthdays (3 yrs ago)

Meeting your best friend

Meeting your best friend

...& knowing that military friendships are never ending, no matter the distance and time apart

…& knowing that military friendships are never-ending, no matter the distance and time apart

  • All the wonderful memories you have growing up with your best friend aka your twin brother
  • Graduating school, Running marathons, Taking new adventures in life
  • Making your family proud



When your husband is deployed, and not knowing when exactly you’ll talk or see him next

  • Your dog passes away
  • Fights with your love ones
  • Your sport team loosing a game

So see, memories come in all different ways. You are the leader of your life. When a bad memory strikes, try to learn from it; grow from it; or just simply cry if you need too. Whoever said “crying shows weakness” is a liar.

  • Share one happy and one sad memory

103 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday : Good and Bad

  1. Sounds like you have some great people in your life! A great memory for me is meeting my boyfriend one random day and still being together 4.5 years later. A bad memory is ow badly I messed up my own body with screwed up eating and exercise habits, and how I’m still paying for it today.

  2. Oh my gosh you look so different girl! Those are some wonderful happy memories, but you have to have the bad ones to appreciate the good ones more, right? 🙂

  3. Crying doesn’t show weakness at all. It’s just something most of us need to do. Bad memory: losing my father when I was 16. Good memory: the day I decided to change my life for the better and become healthier. I remember it so clear.

  4. So, so true about God never giving us more than we can handle. Bad memory: how much I hurt myself and those around me because of my ED. Good memory: how much better of a person I’ve become by recovering from it. I’m definitely a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that even things that look like curses can turn out to be blessings in disguise.

  5. Such beautiful words, my friend. ❤ I firmly believe that all memories are treasures because God has placed every joy and hardship in our lives for a REASON. He has a perfect plan, and as you said, he'll never let us fall. (I'm all teary reading and writing this!)

    Bad memory: over-exercising for hours and hours at the gym for years and years.

    Happy memory: the moment a year ago when I realized that I am worth so much more than a number.

    Love you, Jessie! Happy Thursday! ❤ xoxo

  6. I love this post! Honestly speaking, I think that’s the only way I can ever stay at least somewhat optimistic~because God helps me to learn and grow from mistakes and difficult seasons in life. I’ve come to realize that as long as we stay teachable human beings, we can do and achieve anything worthwhile! And notice I give all credit to God though, because I know I can’t do anything good on my own! 😛 A bad memory: going through discrimination in many different aspects as a young child. How I grew from it? I have lots of empathy for people who are ‘outcasts’ or left out! Good memory: Marriage+pregnancy of course, and the day I met Jesus as a little girl. Sounds crazy but without Him I have no purpose in my life!

  7. Yup:” Whoever said “crying shows weakness” is a liar.” amen to that!
    Thank you for sharing all those precious moments (good and bad) with us. I always enjoy those Thankful Thursday post. They make me cherish life a little more!

  8. I love your thankful posts. Good memory: the Hubby getting accepted into pharmacy school in Erie, PA (is this close to you?) for the Fall 2013 semester and bad memory: the day the Hubby had brain surgery. But, if the bad hadn’t have happened, then the good never would have either.

    • Erie is a couple of hours from Harrisburg actually.

      Wow, I never knew your husband had brain surgery. What a scary thing for both of you to go through. I’m so glad that he’s healed perfectly & you two have been able to live your life to the fullest ❤

  9. I think that it is very poignant of you to highlight the importance of “bad” or “sad” memories, too. They may not be the most fun memories, but they are a part of our lives and journeys and have certainly made an impact on who we are today. What a great mindset to have :).

  10. Aw this is a sweet post. I love your thankful Thursdays. I feel like they force me to write more about more substantial things, instead of the trivial stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging about cookies I’ve made, but it’s nice to switch it up. I hope I get a chance to write something today after class and link up. If not, ya know I love your link ups! 😀

  11. Good memory: Getting to travel the world with my husband (and obviously the day I married him too). Bad memory: Being unkind to myself physically and mentally for a year in college.

    Thanks for another wonderful post. =)

  12. Excellent and necessary reminder, love. Sometimes it’s hard to look back but it definitely shows how far you/I have come which is sweet in its own way 🙂

  13. Happy memories – getting married to my best friend and then giving birth to his son 🙂 Sad – losing both my grandmothers to cancer. What that has taught me is to look more into the foods, substances and environmental factors that can be contributing to cancer and to stay active and healthy as best I can!

  14. I luuuuurve the pic of you giving your fur baby a birthday cake! That’s so flippin’ cute, and even though we can only see the back of Roxy’s head, I can totally imagine her happy/amused expression. 🙂

  15. With the good comes the bad. I know life is filled with ups and downs but I just wish I were more prepared for the ‘not so good’ moments; however, I heard something really convicting (yet comforting) the other day (I’ll summarize)… “God knows how much we can handle and will never gives us more than we can take. It’s when we pry for more details and more information that we go against God’s will for what we need to know and we, typically, end up becoming more disappointed or hurt regarding the once unknown circumstances.” Does this make sense? I know it doesn’t completely relate to the ‘bad’ you’re talking about in your post but I found it comforting nonetheless.

  16. Memories, both good and bad, are there to remind us of all walks we’ve taken in life!

    Happy: Graduating college and commissioning into the WI Army National Guard as a 2LT with my family, friends, and amazing boyfriend there with me.

    Bad: Going to a friend’s funeral 2 years ago after he commit suicide. Hardest thing I’ve ever done,

    Happy Thursday 🙂

  17. Where would any of us be without our good and bad memories?

    Happy memory: my engagement 🙂
    Sad memory: mom’s best friend’s son (like a bro to me, only a year older) passed away from overdose in May. We spend new years with their family every year and this year was not nearly as enjoyable…

  18. What a great post, Jessie, and totally a great reminder to us all! Love the photo of you and Joshua on the beach, just beautiful. I have had so many amazing memories and obviously some bad ones, but I am convinced I would never appreciate the good if I never went through the bad. Truly going through the bad has been 100000% worth it to get where I am today. I’ve never learned so much or grown so much! great post 🙂

  19. Seriously love the post. It has such a good feeling about life. I have had so many good memories going on lately. My bad memory tends to just be constant in regards to I have psoriatic arthritis at a young age, but I use my good memories to lead my life into better places!

  20. It looks like you have some pretty amazing memories! I love that you made a cake for Roxy, too cute!
    Happy memory: Me and my boyfriends first date, oh to be 14 again.
    Bad memory: Losing one of my cats, that sounds a little lame after typing it out, but she had kidney failure and it hurts so bad to see someone suffer like that, human or not.

  21. Happy memory for me is when I first got my widdle baby kitty! I love him to the moon. Sad memory for me is losing a close friend. I still think about them at times, but have to realize things happen for a reason!

      • Yes, last time my phone decided to have a brain fart and the touch screen wasn’t working, it didn’t have a keypad either, and my husband had called and I would hit the answer button and it didn’t work. He called three times it worked none of the times. Needless to say I got a new phone the next day but had to wait almost a week for another call. It broke my heart.

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  23. What a sweet post. Any of my good memories would involve fun times with my friends, family, and/or puppy. My worst memory (as of late) is of when we learned my aunt was diagnosed with lymphoma.

    And yeah, I hate that “crying is weakness” thing. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

  24. awww this is so sweet. That must have been so hard when he was deployed.. I can’t even imagine it. Hmmm… a happy memory for me would probably be a recent one with the blind date turning out well lol sad memory is kinda depressing but it’s when my childhood cat died. She was 23 years old and basically grew up with me, so that was so hard and I felt like my childhood was over at that point — that sounds sooo depressing now that I write it out lol

  25. Married to your best friend photo …. so pretty!

    Happy: Being there and seeing the birth of my first granddaughter. What a beautiful moment for my daughter to share with me.

    Sad: The death of my grandma. I could always count on her to lift me up and protect me.

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