January isn’t over yet

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday. My husband wanted me to Thank all of you for your sweet comments on yesterday’s post. He was truly surprised and grateful for all of your Birthday wishes.

thank you

While most of you had the day off yesterday for MLK Day, Joshua unfortunately had to work. Since were in Kuwait, the only American holiday he has off work for is Christmas. It can be hard sometimes, like when bigger holidays roll around and I’m stuck a lone all day, but it’s just part of life & the journey we are on. We have so many years to look forward too, so if we miss a few now, what’s the big deal? 🙂

The poor guy actually ended up getting home from work about an hour later than usual. There was a mix up on base with their new vehicles, so they were practically stuck there until it was resolved. Once he came home, we got take out from a nearby restaurant, watched the newer episode of HIMYM, did birthday activities & of course ended the night with vanilla cupcakes.

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Being a team member of Tribesports, I feel it’s very important to acknowledge and share challenges with you. I found a bunch of “Do [set #] of [set exercise]” before January comes to an end. I found these Challenges to be very motivating. They give you a goal to focus on before February rolls around. When doing these challenges, do NOT forget to log your numbers; whether it’s on your laptop, a piece of paper or maybe a workout journal you keep.

Do one, two, three, or all of them. It’s up to you. Whatever you do though, do not overload yourself with so many Challenges that you aren’t sure about. You may be setting yourself up for failure in the beginning. Enjoy!


  • Have you ever put too much on your plate at once that you weren’t able to succeed?
  • Favorite flavor birthday cake? 


76 thoughts on “January isn’t over yet

  1. Ooooh vanilla birthday cake is the best! Did you make them?! If so, recipe please 😉
    It’s too bad you didn’t get to have the whole day together but I’m glad you made the best of it and enjoyed a relaxing evening at home together. Have a great day, girl!

  2. Vanilla cupcakes are a perfect way to end the night 🙂 And I love how you put a positive light on any situation – I can imagine it would be hard to sit alone on special days, but after this phase of your guys’ life passes, there will be plenty more special days to look forward to 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday to Joshua!! I’m so glad you were able to spend the evening together, despite his crazy work schedule. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with delicious vanilla cupcakes! That is, unless we’re talking about peanut butter pie or cheesecake–my two favorite desserts ever. (Ice cream is it’s own category). Favorite cake? Definitely ice cream cake!

    This push up challenge is calling to me. Push ups are my weakest body weight exercise by far, so a little motivation would be helpful! 😉 Happy Tuesday, dear friend! xoxo ❤

  4. So glad he had a good day in the end Jessie! And birthday cake is completely non-negotiable – I’m so glad you managed to enjoy some 🙂 Those challenges look a good way to get myself doing some strength. I am terrible at push ups so maybe that should be mine – learn how to do one with out falling on my face and then completeing the reps!

  5. That sounds like a wonderful birthday night. It’s about quality, not quantity right? I know how you feel since I see Sandro mostly only on the weekends.
    My Mom’s chocolate cake! To die for!
    ANd yes, I failed many times because I wanted too much in a way too short amount of time. Patience is the key here….

  6. Sounds like the perfect Birthday night! I love any kind of birthday cake! The frosting is always my favorite part though 🙂

  7. While I love carrot cake and anything chocolate, there is just nothing quite like Funfetti cake on your birthday! Maybe it reminds me of being a kid again, but let’s be honest…you can never be too old for sprinkles! 🙂

  8. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite bday cake flavor. Butttt, if you’re making me, I’d probably have to go with vanilla cake and chocolate frosting with tons of sprinkles. And maybe some Oreos mixed up inside. Mmmmm :).

  9. Sometimes a quiet night in just the two of you is perfect! We have them sometimes – we call them staycations where the entire night or weekend it’s just us inside- a candlelight picnic on the living room floor on a blanket, a movie, board games, etc.

    Either ice-cream, funfetti, or carrot cake!

  10. Um more than once…you’d think I’d have learned haha before now but better late than never! I’m glad that you guys had a nice celebration for the bday 🙂

  11. Before I went vegan, my favorite cake of ALL time..was the Costco vanilla cake with the creme cheese filling. OHH MY GOD. So good. I like vanilla and chocolate cake. I also like fancy flavors at times too!

  12. Love vanilla cupcakes. My favorite cake would have to be this one I’ve seen on Pinterest (and only tried as a cupcake) but it has cookie dough on the inside and pb frosting! Glad you guys had a good time even though he got off a lil’ late!

  13. I’m the queen of putting too much on plate. I always have to force myself to relax, but I’m so much better when I do. Favorite cake might be cassata or lemon or raspberry. So long as there is fruit in it, I’ll be in it.
    That’s a bummer about Joshua having to work. You do an amazing job adapting to his schedule.

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