Seeing the Positive

Hi guys! It’s Tuesday, and I’m ready to tackle this day head on and make it wonderful. Life is way too short to be anything but happy (Am I right?!!). For today’s post, I thought I’d share a few scenarios, and give you an idea on how to turn the negative into a positive.


  • You wake up in the morning to work on schoolwork, and realize the owner of your villas you’re living in never paid the internet subscription. Sure, you could freak out & say every cuss word in the book, but really… where’s that going to get you? The internet won’t magically start working again. Instead, take a deep breath & remind yourself that there are so many places that offer WIFI these days (If you haven’t guessed already, this is exactly what happened to me this morning).
  • You just had one of the worst runs you’ve had in quite some time. If you are going to be a runner, you need to know that not every run will be perfect. Some will be great and others not so stellar. Have I ever experienced a bad run and got down on myself? Absolutely! We as runners need to tell ourselves though that tomorrow is a new day, and about 80% of the time, a bad run is followed with an amazing one. And if that didn’t work, either try looking up a motivational quote or thinking of others who don’t even have the opportunity to run.


  • You ordered a certain drink at the barista, and got the complete opposite. It happens, orders get messed up. There isn’t one person out there who has never made a mistake at work, or at home.  No need to be rude to the employee, simply ask for your order to be corrected. It may take an extra few minutes, but such is life. If you’re lucky and ask with a smile on your face, they may even give you a larger size or throw in a treat.


  • You just woke up and realized you slept throw your alarm clock. Now you’ll be late for work/school. This situation has happened to many people, including myself. First things first, do not freak out. Call your work and let them know you’ll be running a few minutes behind. If they ask what happened, tell them the truth. It’s never good to lie to anyone; it’ll only come back and bite you in the butt later on down the road. Next, get yourself ready for the day, grab a quick meal for breakfast & head out the door.


  • The holidays have ended; you step on the scale & see the number has gone up. Why freak out? You obviously enjoyed yourself, maybe just a little or a bit too much. Now is the time to grab your sneakers and go out for a 20 minute walk, or head to the grocery store for clean foods. There is absolutely NO reason to get down though. You had fun & at the time it’s EXACTLY what you wanted to do. It’s all part of life. I can guarantee that once you get back into your everyday schedule, the number will start dropping again.


Situations happen in life, but YOU determine the outcome. YOU determine rather or not you’ll make the most of your day. We as humans seem to think negative a lot, and it’s not good. It’s like we have something in our brain that triggers bad thoughts first. What we can do though, is always try to see the good. ❤

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  • How do you turn a negative into a positive?
  • …. Have an amazing day! 



83 thoughts on “Seeing the Positive

  1. Oh I LOVE that!!! Girl, you are such a positive inspiration, I just always look so much forward to your posts. This one is so perfect. I had a few stress-moments this morning and already cursed several times 🙂 but in the end I smiled cause everything turned out just well. I always try to think about that ‘negative’ situation as a fact that is not as a big deal as it seems. Mostly we get angry about something that is just a bagatelle but treat it as something really serious. In that moment I feel that I, MYSELF, need a break – since freaking out about a simple mistake from someone can’t be right. Happy Tuesday love, email coming today!!

  2. YES! I especially love the one about the barista making the wrong drink. I HATE when people get so rude with this sort of thing! No one is perfect, and more than likely it was a MISTAKE! Ah this makes me so mad. Just be nice, people!! I try and tell myself that “everything always happens for a reason” in negative situations. I think sometimes itz hard to realize that, but eventually things usually work out.

  3. Love this girl! I’m always trying to get myself to a place of more positive thinking so I will definitely keep this post in mind!

  4. Absolutely LOVED this post. I tend to get hung up on the negative when I screw up, even just a little, so I’m going to think of your post next time I’m being hard on myself (or others!)

  5. Couldn’t agree more with this post! It’s definitely easy to fall in the negative trap, but it’s so pointless half the time especially when it’s over something so minor like a wrong coffee order. People in the Boston area can be extremelyyy impatient sometimes, and I usually just laugh it off. Relax buddy, it’s just a red light.

  6. Great post & a good way to look at the positives! I HATE when the internet is down when I need to do schoolwork. That’s the worst! Great job dealing with it & finding some Wifi though! Hope your day gets better! 🙂

  7. You’re always so positive! I love how you can turn some pretty sucky situations into a great light. There’s no use freaking out and getting mad about things. It’s going to be okay and it will be a lot easier to handle if you just relax! Great post, as always 🙂

  8. Exactly, you have to be an optimist in this world otherwise things will just keep getting you down. My one main stressor is commuting to work. But I’ve learnt to accept it: traffic will happen. Just leave enough time and put a great radio station on 🙂
    I like your point about running. A bad run doesn’t mean a bad runner. It just means one bad run. Tomorrow’s run is bound to be better!

  9. LOVE this post. Youre right – there are just some situations that you simply can’t control so why get upset over them? It won’t get you anywhere…
    I’ve come to find that when you have a really awful run one day, the next one is a bajillion times better

  10. Jessie, you’re incredible! There is no point of freaking out over certain situations. If freaking out won’t help, why do it? It’s easier said than done, but still, it’s a great thing to remember.

  11. I loveeee this. I really try to do the same thing and when something negative happens I take a deep breath and try to spin it in a positive direction. Love this girlie!

  12. awww great advice Jesse! It’s so important to stay positive in certain stressful situations. Stress definitely just makes things worse lol I always try to take a step back and close my eyes for a minute before getting too crazy lol

  13. You really are inspiring me to be more positive (and I think it’s working!!!). I love the take a smile. And for me, I take a deep breathe and realize okay I can’t change the situation so let me learn how to handle it better. Normally I have an anxiety attack and its so bad. But I am learning 🙂

  14. I definitely am a very optimistic person, sometimes to a fault, but I’d rather be happy than sad and silly than mad 😛 I don’t think getting upset or angered over something does anyone any good- it doesn’t solve the problem and oftentimes makes the situation unnecessarily worse… Fabulous post girl!

  15. Love this, and love how you’re always radiating with positivity, girlie. Thank you for being so wonderful 😀 I’m a big fan of doing my best to see the good in situations, especially because the older I get, the more I realize that all those petty things are just not worth stressing about. It’s easier said than done, but unless I’m super tired or super hungry, I’d like to think I do a pretty good job at staying positive.

  16. Awesome reminder, hun! I think it’s so easy to let one little situation put us in a bad mood for the rest of the day and it’s not necessary! There is almost always a way to reframe it and let it go so everyone is happy in the end 🙂

  17. Nice work on the blogger spotlight! And, great post- love the scenarios- these happen so often to many of us that it’s hard to remember to just take a step back and breathe 🙂

  18. Well, now I know you cheated on your smoothie with a caribou coffee! Shame! haha Seriously though, you always bring such perspective to my life! I wish you could just sit on my shoulder and remind me of all these wonderful, positive things in the moment! 🙂

  19. Sing it sister. I’m with 100%. Life always throws curveballs at you so it’s really all in how deal with it.
    PS. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award, which you’ve already been nominated for like a trillion times (and wheel deserved might I add), but I wanted to let you know anyways.

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