Marvelous In My Monday :: Enjoy your life

Good Morning & Happy Marvelous In My Monday

(hosted by the beautiful Katie, over at Healthy Diva Eats)


My Packers may of lost this weekend, but thankfully I was able to wipe away the tears, pick myself up & still enjoy a nice weekend with my husband.

Since Joshua works 6 days a week, and only has Sunday’s off, our weekends are usually always low-key. I mean by the time his day off comes around, he’s quite exhausted & just needs a day to do nothing but relax. Can you blame him though?!

A few highlights from our weekend though:

  • Beating Joshua in every single game we played Saturday night (yahtzee, cribbage & casino)
  • Catching the end of the Ravens vs. Broncos game, and watching the Packers game (even if the outcome wasn’t what I hoped for)
  • Venturing to a nearby city & purchasing a new comforter for our bed, AND food processor. I haven’t used the food processor yet. Any good recipe recommendations?? I’m dying to try it out
  • Our afternoon walk with Roxy
  • Finishing Amish Mafia on iTunes. (If you’ve seen Amish Mafia, what do you think.. real or fake?)

Our weekends may not be crazy or seem fun to some of you, but to me, anytime with my husband makes for an amazing day. I’ve always believed that it’s not what you do, it’s who you are with that makes for a great time.

&& since it’s Monday, I thought I’d share a few photos to start your day off on a positive note:


1 2 3

Have an amazing day! 


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