How Many Challenges are you up for?

Good Morning!! How are you today? I’m not going to hide it, I feel amazing this morning. Joshua and I had a wonderful evening last night. Since it’s a bit too chilly outside to have a picnic, we decided to have one our living room floor. It was perfect. We had chicken deli wraps, clementines, broccoli (for me) & potato chips (for him). Our night ended with two episodes of “Scandal”. Do any of you guys watch this show? We just downloaded the first season on iTunes and can’t seem to turn the television off at night.

Most of you know I’m a team member with Tribesports (if you don’t, you can read about it here). As part of being a team member it’s my job to share awesome challenges with all of you. Well today is your lucky day, because I just happen to have a few for you guys to try out (you can thank me in pancakes =)).

100 Crunches a Day for 2 Weeks: 


  • 14 days have to be continuous – NO days off
  • You don’t have to do all 100 at one time. Feel free to take a break throughout the day
  • Any kind of crunches count!!

25 Squats a day for 7 days:


  • Directions are simple; 25 squats a day.
  • Feel free to use weights if you prefer

Run To The Moon:

This challenge began back in August when Astronaut Neil Amstrong passed away at a young age of 82. To celebrate the life of Neil, a man named Nick B put together this awesome challenge for everyone to complete as a team.



  • All kilometers count; Running, Walking, Cycling, Rowing
  • Let me know if you join the challenge.
  • …. we can be friends =)

So now that I just shared a few challenges with you, what are you waiting for? Get off my page & go tackle one, two, or ALL THREE… and of course have a GREAT weekend!



81 thoughts on “How Many Challenges are you up for?

  1. I haven’t heard of Scandal, but I’ll have to check it out. We are hooked on Mad Men and Revenge right now! Your picnic sounds fun! We usually do an Italian picnic (antipasto) every now and then for one of our “at home date nights,” but it never is the same sitting at our table. We’ll have to try your idea of sitting on the floor in our living room next time!

  2. Oh, Jessie, you made me feel bad about being a lazy ass and avoiding the gym for so long! Therefore I should be going to lift some heavy stuff!!!
    Have a fab friday, yourself!
    PS I love your idea about having a picnic indoors! I should have arrange one over here too!

  3. Awweee, can I come join you and Joshua on your living room floor picnics? I promise not to be an annoying third wheel. 😉 Seriously though, what a cute idea! ❤

    I might tackle the crunches challenge! I've become really lazy about working my core. Now's the time to jump back on board. 🙂

    Hope you're having a great week, my dear friend! ❤

  4. Your living room picnics sound so cute, what a great idea to cheer up a weekday evening :). I’m imagining you guys have a checked rug laid out and a food hamper – as well as some glasses of champers! I know it might not be that plush but it is still a wonderful thing to do. My old flat didn’t have a table so we ate every meal on the floor haha.

  5. Living room floor picnics are such a cute idea! Do you plan on having them regularly now :)?

    Thanks for sharing these challenges, Jessie! I think I’ll join at least one of them though they all sound great. Will have to look into this later today when I’m back home and not sitting in class :D.

  6. seriously girl – scandal is the best show ever. the fact that it’s on winter break until january 10th is absolutely killing me. if you like the first season just WAIT until you start the second season. it is INSANE how good it is. i want to discuss it with you because i love talking about the show but i have to wait until you’re all caught up – then we can get an email thread going with how crazy all the happenings are 🙂

    and i love these challenges – definitely doable which i think is the key with challenges. so many people start the new year and set themselves up for failure by trying to do the craziest challenges that there is no way they’ll stick with. i like that these are shorter in time or a little less strict because i think that sets people up for success!

    • We just finished Season 1 last night… now we MUST download the second season, bc um we are HOOKED!! I cannot wait until were done & we can talk about them together in an e-mail. I couldn’t believe how season 2 ended. Dying to find out who Quinn really is. Ah!!

  7. I’ve never heard of Scandal before but I liked the show Revenge, i wonder if it’s similar? That Run to the Moon is really cool concept!! Great way to keep motivated and track progress!

  8. Challenges are so fun–as long as they are kept fun! If they end up with too many rules and regulations, I don’t like doing them. Then it just becomes stressful. I’m currently doing the “Smoothie-a-day” challenge, and Bob and I are having fun with it. I like the squat challenge you mentioned–I should give it a try!

  9. I love these challenges! I’m definitely going to try and do the crunches one. I need to get that strong core back!

  10. I think I might do the 100 crunches challenge. I have been slacking on core!! What channel is Scandal on? Is it in its first season? I know I’ve seen previews for it and wanted to watch but I keep forgetting!!

  11. Ha! We did almost the same post today 🙂 I’m doing the moon challenge as well, but I think I am going to login and sign up for the squat and crunch ones. I like those!

  12. Oh fun!! I want to do these challenges too!! Thanks for sharing, love 🙂 And yay for a great night with Joshua…I love having indoor picnics, which is how we usually have meals at home these days since my kitchen table is covered with things I have no room for haha

  13. I read about the run to the moon yesterday, it sounds awesome! I’d love to see how “far” I can run… I’ll have to keep this in mind at the end of the year, I doubt I’ll make it to the moon but maybe California?! A few friends have recommended Scandal but I haven’t watched it yet… I’ve loved FNL, Nashville, and New Girl lately 😀

  14. I love the challenges! I am going to do the crunch and squat challenge. I was going to wait and start on Monday but I may as well start today. 🙂 No need to wait until the beginning of the week!

  15. The living room picnic idea is such a cute one Jessie! I don’t have a special dude in my life for that, so maybe errr my cat will join me? hehhh kidding 😉
    These challenges look great too, I am going to tell my Mum about it, she would like something like this

  16. Yayyyy I can definitely do the squats! No problem even with the pregnancy, but I def. have to opt out of the crunches. I miss crazy ab work, haha! And I love how you always seem to have a sweet time with Joshua~it’s refreshing to see a couple that seems to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 🙂

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