Happy New Year :: It’s 2013

new year

Happy New Year Everyone!! How was your evening? Ours was very low-key; played games, watched bowl games & tried my hardest to stay awake until midnight by snacking on Cinnamon Chex Cereal. I truly am the worst at staying awake until midnight [with an exception of last year]. I do have to say, Joshua was adorable! He pulled up the ball dropping in New York City from last year [since obviously it hadn’t happened in the states @ the time], just so we had a little countdown to bring in the New Year. I even woke up this morning to a New Year’s note. How did I ever get so lucky?? ❤

I’m not quite sure what today will bring, but I do know I need to get moving shortly and take the little one on a walk. Is it just me, or does today seem like it’s going to drag by, and be full of yawns? It’s only 7:30 in the morning and I’m already contemplating on taking a morning nap, Ha!

Since it’s a New Year’s Day & all, I think it’s only appropriate that I share my New Year Resolution and Goals for the year.


It actually took me a bit of time to think of a good one. No matter how many resolutions I’ve made, I’ve never been someone to stick with it. However, this year I’m not allowing that to happen. When it comes to organization, cleaning & planning, I’m quite OCD. To some it may be a good thing, but to me, it can get out of hand. There will be times where I’m lying in bed @ night, and just have to get up and clean a dish I forgot to wash, or fix a pillow. Honestly, they are such stupid & simple things that no one should really care about. I don’t want to say “learn”, but that’s the only word that I can think of right now. So yes, I want to learn to just slow down, take a deep breath & relax. Let myself know it’s okay if the house isn’t always perfect, my planner isn’t updated, or know what Joshua & I may do over the weekend. Life is too short to live life in a planned & scheduled way. It’s time to become spontaneous again. Time to let loose =).


Never did I think this year’s goals wouldn’t involve running. For the past couple years, I’ve told myself I would run a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon. Hey, that’s life though right? Things happen and change for a reason.

  • Continue putting on weight & straightening out my hormones. This goal is very important to me, as all of you may know. I’m at a point where weight is coming on, and for the most part, I’m feeling pretty good. Since I’m putting it on slowly and not all at once, I can hardly tell a difference most of the time. I wasn’t quite sure I was on the right track until I received a message from my twin brother, Justin yesterday. He wrote me telling me he can see such an improvement & that he’s very proud. It was a short & simple, but such an encouragement.
  • Continue saving money for our future. The main reason we are out in Kuwait is to save money, and if we aren’t doing that, than what are we doing out here you know. I will say, Joshua and I both are pretty good at not spending money on unnecessary items, but I do want to remain on the right track. Were at a place in our life where savings DOES matter. We’re not quite sure where we’ll be in a year or two from now, so knowing that we are financially secure just makes our life 10 times easier & less stressful.
  • Graduate from IIN. I officially start school in 2 weeks. I am beyond excited to take this next step in my life. I truly am looking forward for what this program will bring to me, and others around.
  • My marriage. What about my marriage? I want to remain the best wife I can be to Joshua. To always put a smile on his face. For our love to grow stronger and stronger. My husband means everything to me, and as long as he’s happy, that’s all I can ask for in life <3.


  • Did you make a New Year’s Resolution or Goals for 2013?
  • **Don’t forget to drink lots of water today… especially if a hangover is happening on your end =)**

78 thoughts on “Happy New Year :: It’s 2013

  1. Happy New Year Darling!! I am already up as well as we happened to stay home last night and I felt so crabby I went to bed at 10:30pm, whoops!! Your goals are great. I am so sure that you will stick with them, you are strong!!! I am joining you on the letting lose one, I need to practise that too – maybe not on the cleaning part but definitely on the workout-food-part. I am so excited about IIN! Can’t wait to hear how you experience it! Have a great new Years Day Love!

  2. Happy New Year Jessie! That sounds like a lovely evening and very sweet to wake up to a note too :). Those are brilliant resolutions and I’m sure you will make thm happen, you have shown such determination and strength in the past few months that Ive been reading your blog. Can’t wait to follow your progress as you smash those goals!

  3. I love the idea of having the ball drop on your own schedule! We should have thought of that. We were in bed at 10:00–and that’s okay because we’re both ready to go with hosting a Good Luck Dinner tonight for friends and family.

    Yay for beginning classes in 2 weeks!!! I hope you love it! I can’t believe I finish in February–the year flew by!

  4. Haha I’m completely e same, for the past few years I’ve fallen asleep before midnight, whoops! But this year we went out and I wasn’t in bed until 2am which is crazy for me! Your resolutions sound great, I love the one about being a good wife. I think I need to work on that a bit as I’ve found I can be a bit impatient and not sympathetic if Ben’s unwell…not good! Hope you had a great evening 🙂

  5. 1) Your positivity is an inspiration Jessie.
    2) I am OCD like that. Its’ ridiculous. I’m not so bad with cleaning, but other little things (straight towel, dinner plate not too close or too far from me, no crumbs around, etc).
    3) Your goal/resolution #1…me too 😦 But I don’t know how…gosh, I’m so so confused y’know?
    4) You signed up for IIN? I’ve been THINKING about that. but I cant’ afford 5000 😦 I wonder if they’ll have any BIG discounts on cause I think it would be so so good to go into (not as a full-time career, but as a learning experience + side “job”).

    • 1. Thank you so much. I try =)
      2. I’m the exact same way when it comes to things that your OCD about too. Ha Ha.
      3. If you ever need to talk, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me “jessiejoshua21@yahoo.com”
      4. I know they have payment plans. Maybe look into that?


      • Hey, I did email you actually…not sure if your recognize the email or not! Either you are busy or I scared you off….no biggie.

  6. Happy New Year Jessie! I am so glad you and Joshua were able to spend some time relaxing for the new year! And that was totally sweet of him to show the ball drop!! Such a lucky girl! I love your resolutions…..realistic and practical! I am so proud of you for all the work you have put in these last few months! You are a strong and inspirational soul! Here’s to an even better 2013! 🙂

    • I honestly do feel like such a lucky girl. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s so true. I couldn’t imagine being married to anyone but Joshua <3.

      Heres to an even better 2013 for BOTH of us ❤

  7. Happy New Year, love! Boy can I relate to struggling to make it to midnight. The past couple of years, I ended up going to sleep, waking up 5 minutes before midnight, and going to sleep 5 minutes after 😆 This year was completely different though – midnight seemed to come around before I knew it! I was meeting my boy’s family for the first time, so I guess the novelty of the situation is what kept me buzzed. Anywho, hope the next 365 days are amazing for you in every way ❤

  8. My NYE was incredibly low-key, too. I was in bed at 11:30!! Maybe next year I’ll make it until midnight! 😉

    I totally understand what you are saying about this being a day full of yawns. I woke up at 7:30 and hit the gym, followed by some grocery shopping. And now I keep finding myself yawning and feeling the urge to doze off while on my computer. I am at least going to try to make it until it is technically afternoon to take a nap ;).

    Happy 2013!!

  9. Happy New Year Jessie!!! Good luck on starting school. You’re going to do great! I actually haven’t set any goals for 2013. I’m not sure if I’m going to because I never stick with them either haha! I hope 2013 will be an amazing year for you girl 🙂

  10. Awesome goals!! I struggled to stay awake until midnight, but somehow made it with my little brother watching cartoons!! This year I want to run 4 half marathons!! YAHOO!

  11. I love how you want to learn to slow down…definitely part of my 2013 goal to focus on the present without worrying about anything else 🙂 And I think your goals are absolutely wonderful!! I think and hope that 2013 is your best year to date, darlin ❤ Anddddddd I can't wait to be friends in person in a little over 2 months!! EEEEEEEEEEE!

  12. Happy New Year sweetie! I hope your year is simply fabulous. I think your goals sound great! I’m no good at setting goals, so none for me this year;)

  13. LOL, love this post. Especially the notice to drink more water. I think that is adorable about having a low key New Years and enjoying yourself. I also love how much you love your husband. Simply fantastic!

  14. These are fantastic goals! That is so adorable that Joshua got the ball drop from last year up for you to watch. I love it! I just know you’re going to have an AMAZING year!!

  15. Those are some great goals! I think slowing down & relaxing about things a bit is always a good thing too. What kind of degree will you attain from IIN? I think it’s great you’re going to school soon! I am still slowly working my way through school too… looking forward to starting my next semester soon! 🙂

  16. A relaxing NYE is sometimes the BEST. I can’t get over how cute Joshua is with playing last year’s ball drop-So sweet!

    I also love how you wrote out your goals for the new year. I know that you will accomplish each one of them in 2013. 🙂

  17. Happy New Year, Jessie!
    I loved this post and your goals, but mostly I loved your attitude to embrace and enjoy whatever life brings. I wish your new year be filled with love, good health and excitement! You are the best, girl!

  18. Happy New Year my dear!! 😀 Such great and meaningful NY resolutions. I wish you much success and happiness in meeting these goals. May you have a happy, healthy, and transformative 2013! XOXO

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