Happy Anniversary Baby [a day late]

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, my best friend—my husband.

Four years ago today I became your wife. I never knew what LOVE was until you walked into my life years ago baby. Since then, my life has been flowing like a river. We have had uncountable moments of pure joy, happiness and laughter. I thank God every day for you Joshua. I thank you for being the man and husband you are. You are so caring, loving and supportive of me no matter the circumstance. You forgive me when I’ve done wrong, and have loved me when I felt alone. I love that no matter the argument were in, we never go to bed mad or upset. I love that we’ve grown together and have become the perfect team. You have and continue to bless my life in more ways than one. Every morning when I wake up to your face, and every night when I fall asleep in your arms, makes the whole day perfect. Joshua, you are my rock & that’ll never change.


Almost two years ago I made this video for you while you were deployed baby, and since then my love for you has only grown deeper & deeper. Let’s continue to live our life the way we want, and embrace all we can. I love you so much baby, forever & ever I promise ❤

**Please know that our anniversary was on December 27, 2008. For some reason or another, this post never went public**


101 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Baby [a day late]

  1. This is so sweet! I’m so glad you found someone you love so, so much Jessie! Have a wonderful day and I hope you are able to spend it together doing something you both enjoy ❤

  2. Happy Anniversary sweetie! You are both make the most amazing couple!! And of course I popped over to watch the video…..it made me cry! It was so beautiful! I wish you both another 100 years of happiness together! 🙂

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