Thankful Thursday #7

Happy Thursday! How was everyone’s Wednesday? Did you link up with Jenn at Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday? No? Well you should definitely start, or at least head over to her page & see what others are eating. I always find myself being amazed with new ideas from other bloggers.

Since all I did was share my Tuesday’s meals with you, I thought I’d at least fill you in on what I did yesterday… which trust me, wasn’t too much. Woke up, had my morning pancakes, went to the gym to walk on the treadmill, got talk time for my husband (minutes on his cell phone), cleaned, and then waited for Joshua to get home. We had tuna melts for dinner & watched How I Met Your Mother. So as you can tell, it was a very low-key day. Tonight we’ll be heading out to dinner (part of our 24 Days of Togetherness). I’m pretty excited.. and maybe (can’t make any promises), I’ll take some pictures of our evening out <3.

&& on to today. Well y’all already know that it’s Thankful Thursday. I don’t think I have to really say too much more…

1Today I’m Thankful for… Food and Energy. Food enables the cells in our bodies to perform their necessary functions. It’s what produces energy. Without energy, you wouldn’t able to survive. There would be no more breathing or heart beats.


& when you think about it, you need energy to not only do day-to-day tasks, but you also need energy when you talk, or when you move.


You can relate food and energy to a toy and batteries. Just like the toy won’t operate without correct size batteries, our bodies won’t live without food.

So yes, this may be another bizarre Thankful Thursday post, but I’m simple, and I truly do believe that so many people take little but big things like this for granted.

&& now I’m off to enjoy the day with Joshua. He just surprised me! Rain out here usually means no work =)

  • Do you participate in any campaigns that other bloggers put on throughout the week? If so, which ones?
  • Favorite breakfast if you’ve eaten this week?

46 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #7

  1. You’re not simple, hun, you’re fabulous! I think that being thankful for the little everyday things is beautiful… We’re blessed with so much, and it’s important to focus on those things rather than whatever it is that we think we lack. I hope that you and Joshua have an amazing time at dinner tonight, and if you can’t capture any shots then don’t worry about it. Enjoying the moment is the most important thing ❤ ❤

  2. Love that! It’s so important to be thankful for the little things!! And i am excited for you to spend the day with Joshua, enjoy it!!! I do MiMM, WIAW and yours thankful Thursday, love em all!!

  3. Love this, Jessie! It truly IS the simple everyday things in life – like food, shelter, laughter, furry animals etc – that add up to make one complex and beautiful picture! Food and energy are our sustenance; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Yet they’re so easy to take for granted, especially when you’ve never had to fear being hungry. Each Thursday, your Thankful posts remind me to stop and take time to thank God for the blessings in my life. Thank YOU for these heartfelt reminders. ❤

    I hope you have a fabulous dinner out tonight with Joshua!! Love you! ❤

  4. Last time he surprised you when he came home early, didn’t he make you cry? Hope that didn’t happen this time!! 😉
    This week I’m thankful that I took all the obstacles that were thrown in my way in stide, asked for support from my friends, and am moving on with strength. I’m thankful for the strength to admit that I’m struggling and to acknowledge that a change needs to be made. I’m thankful for the extra time I’ve been given (my laundry, bathroom cleaning, and other chores were seriously suffering). And more than anything, I’m thankful for my friends.
    Have a great day with your love, my dear. ❤ xo

    • Ha Ha YES!! So funny that you remembered. This time I didn’t cry, but I was completely freaked out. He knocked on the door (which he has a key obviously), and I was so scared. I mean really, who would be knocking so early in the morning. I ran to get Roxy, yelled out “whose there”.. well no one answered, so I slowly opened the door & BAM THERE HE WAS! Such a little butt, Ha Ha!

  5. Sometimes I participate in campaigns like the Foodie Pen Pal, but I there are a ton I have NOT done!! Best breakfast….overnight oats with a little cinnamon PB and banana 🙂 Yum!!

  6. I have so much respect for the bloggers that can commit to the campaigns–and I love reading them! I just have trouble keeping up with all that during the school year when I’m teaching full days and trying to do so many different things. It’s just a big easier for me to keep it less structured. But I wish I could! 😉 Have a great day with Joshua!

  7. Love it, darlin 🙂 I think it’s so easy to overlook something like this, which is pretty darn amazing if you ask me…and I agree with Amanda…I don’t think you’re simple at all! I think this is something we all need to be more thankful and mindful of! As far as campaigns, I love yours and Sloane’s FreEDom, and WIAW. I do Foodie Pen Pals, too, although probably not signing up again till February, and I love reading the Marvelous Mondays. And my favorite breakfast is Allison’s cinnamon flax pancakes…so yummy and easy to make 🙂

  8. hmmmm, I think that pancakes are a favourite of mine for breakfast but i haven’t been motivated at all this week to make them – so this weeks favourite breakfast thus far would have to be a chocolate smoothie!
    And yes i participate in whatever i can that brings a bit of fun to my blog! lol

  9. Look at you, you’re so happy and amazing! I’m really happy for you and your 24 days of togetherness. It’s absolutely fabulous! I know you’re going to have an awesome dinner, how could it not be when you’re spending it with the person you love? Life doesn’t get much better than pancakes and movies 🙂 Have a wonderful day, girl ❤

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