Thankful Thursday #7

Good Morning! I hope everyone’s been having a wonderful week so far. I mean how can you not, there’s only 12 days until Christmas (I can’t believe it)! If you’re not in the holiday spirit by now, you need to plant your butt in front of the television & watch a Christmas movie, bake cookies or singe & dance to music =).

Something else that I can’t believe… that were already on week 7 of Thankful Thursday. I feel like it was just yesterday I started the link-up. Crazy!! && for all of you wonderful ladies & gentlemen who has/have participated, THANK YOU! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading each & every Thankful Thursday post you’ve written.


I am Thankful For… Fears. For fears give me a goal to accomplish.

May you always do what you are afraid to do

I am Thankful For… Pain. Without pain I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Everyone will encounter pain within their lifetime, whether it be physical or mental. However, it’s how you handle it that determines the outcome. With pain, I’ve grown stronger as a person.


I am Thankful For… Tears. Tears can shed from happiness or disappointment, but the fact that they are there means I do have emotions and I’m grateful for the life I live.


I am Thankful For… Happiness. Happiness so I can share the wonderful & lovely moments in life with not only myself, but others around me.


&& those are what I’m Thankful for today.

There are so many simple things in life that I feel people look over on a daily basis. Sure we are thankful for our family, our friends & loved ones, but just know that without your legs, you wouldn’t be able to walk or without your sight, you wouldn’t be able to see the beauty in life ❤

  • So tell me, besides your friends & family, what are you Thankful for? 


81 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #7

  1. Awe, this was such a great post Jessie! I love these thankful posts, really makes us appreciate those little things that add up! I’m thankful for all the challenges I’ve faced, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today!

  2. So wonderful. Sometimes we overlook the bad things but really, they’re wonderful things that make us who we are. Good for you for recognizing that. You truly are one of the most positive people I’ve ever met and I love that about you! Have a wonderful day xoxo

  3. BEAUTIFUL post, my friend! This one touched me in a special way, and I had to share it with someone, so I re-read it out loud to my housemate (and best friend). Her words: “Wow!” 😀

    You’re so right—we have a zillion things to be thankful for every day–things we rarely think about because they seem so common and mainstream. Yet everything in our lives is a blessing–EVERYTHING! When we’re dealt a heavy hand, we’re also dealt an opportunity to grow and gain insight that we can use to help others. Pretty amazing!

    Love you, and thank you for sharing these posts each week. ❤ xoxoxo

    • Thank you, Sara!! I’m so glad you & your housemates enjoyed the post. I also want to say THANK YOU for continuing to read my blog each week. Reading your comments every week truly do put the biggest smile on my face ❤

  4. Awe girl, so beautiful!! That is such a wonderful approach to see all these fears and disappointments in a positive light. Thank you for being so inspirational and positive every day and sharing this with us!!

  5. It definitely looks like you’re looking on the world with new eyes, and that’s SUPER heart-warming. ❤ I hope you're taking care of yourself over there!! I can't wait until March when I finally get to give you the hug that's been accumulating all this time!! 😀

  6. Hey lady love…these are some beautiful things to be thankful for…and not the things you would typically expect anyone to say (except the happiness part 😉 ). You’re right, though…all of those things may not be what you usually think of, but without them, I don’t think you would appreciate life or beauty or the moments that take your breath away or anything else…not nearly as much anyway. Plus, it’s through the things on your list that you do so much of your growing…thank you for this reminder, love. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday 🙂

  7. i can’t believe it’s week 7 either! i only started linking up during week 2 but i can’t believe it’s been going on and i’ve been reading yours for that long! wow! i’m so glad that you made this link up because it makes me super happy every single week. i’m glad you found some positives to be thankful for in situations that are usually negative. way to go girlie!

  8. I’m thankful for my parents instilling healthy habits in my early years. I am helping my friend lose a lot of weight (100+ pounds) because he did not grow up living a healthy lifestyle.

  9. This is such a great post Jessie! We do always seem to overlook the simple things! Sad, but true! And seriously, it feels like Christmas is so much farther away! I need to get myself in gear! Wow!

  10. Great post as usual Jessie! You always make me think a little more about what I’m thankful for. Sometimes is easy just to say family, friends etc. but there is so much more to be thankful for!

  11. When you said 12 days until Christmas I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even realize that haha It’s truly inspirational that you are able to recognize things that people often don’t like (fear, pain) and appreciate them for what they give you.

  12. Such wise words! Pain has taught me so much, and given me a passion to work as a healer in some capacity: social work, health, fitness. And I’m thankful for my sweet 2 year old. 🙂

  13. ahhhhh I agree that tears are awesome. They can be so painful to watch when it’s rolling down someone else’s cheeks! But it means that we’re alive, we’re relieving our pain, and it can be tears of joy too! What a cool way to look at tears, as a blessing, huh?

  14. I love what you said about Fear- it’s so true, it really does make us work harder to accomplish goals and helps us enjoy them so much more. I’m thankful for just about everything right now….especially for my cozy bed because all I want to do is crawl into it and take a nap!

  15. I love that you are thankful for some things that might not feel good at the time, but turn out to make us better people. ANNDD I loveee that you ended with happiness! YAY!

  16. I totally didn’t realize Christmas is in 12 days!!! I’m SO excited! Best holiday ever. I’ve been slacking on the Thankful Thursday posts, but I will definitely do one when finals are over! I like to put a little more thought into them, so I need more time to write them. PS – I hope you received my email!

  17. I love this post. Your positivity is so inspiring! It’s so true that the tough things in life, while they do suck, make us stronger and appreciate the things we have!
    And I plan on watching as many Christmas movies as possible in the next 12 days 🙂

  18. I love thankful Thursday! I need to get organised and link up, I swear it feels like you started it 2 weeks ago. I’m thankful for injuries, I mean they suck BUT they make you realize what a privilege it is to be able bodied!!

  19. I am also thankful for happiness. If there’s something to be sad about, then there’s something to be happy about! I’m thankful to be able to focus on the positive! Have a great weekend, Jessie!

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