What I Ate Wednesday

Lets all give ourselves a round of applause. We made it half way through the week =) For all you ladies out there who have finals coming up, good luck & try not to let stress get the best of you! Soon you’ll be finished & on your way home for the holidays!

Since today’s Wednesday, let’s just jump right into What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday hosted by Jenn @ Peas and Crayons. 

wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidaysMeal #1: Pancakes made with Bisquick Mix, and then layered with apple, cinnamon & maple syrup. I have no shame admitting that I’ve eaten this same.exact.meal for the past week. So good =)


Meal #2: Smoothie mixed with frozen banana, pumpkin, cinnamon bun protein powder, almond milk, and cinnamon topped with crushed Barbara’s original puffin cereal

IMAG0944-1-1Meal #3: Of course a salad. I can’t remember the last day I didn’t have a salad for lunch. In the mix; lettuce, tomato, cucumber, brussel sprouts, sausage, salsa & mustard. On the side I enjoyed a banana, and 3 egg muffins (please don’t mind the ugly picture)

IMAG0945-1Meal #4: Yogurt with frozen grapes & peanut butter

IMAG0950-1-1Meal #5: Spaghetti. I actually forgot to take a photo, so here’s one I found on the web, Ha Ha

spaghettiMeal #6: Frozen Hot Chocolate. Again, I forgot to snap a photo. Isn’t that martini glass adorable though? =)

hot chocolate

**Also note that this isn’t everything I ate throughout the day**

And now I’m off to enjoy the same breakfast as pictured above  =) Have a GREAT day everyone!


  • Best thing you’ve eaten all week? 
  • If your still at school, how many finals do you have left?

97 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. My co-worker loves frozen grapes, and is always telling me to try them. I never thought of mixing them with yogurt though, I think I’ll have to try that.

  2. Spaghetti bolognaise is so good isn’t it? I hadn’t eaten it in ages and had a huge craving on Monday. Luckily I had the ingredients available to make it…. and it was every bit as satisfying as I though it’d be! 🙂
    Those pancakes look scrumptious too! I totally appreciate why you’d want to eat those every day 😉 xx

    • Isn’t it awesome whenever you have a huge craving for a certain food & you have the ingredients right there in your fridge or pantry?? Definitely beats having to run out to the store & get the necessities. =)

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