What… your telling me it’s December??!!

Holy Heavens! I knew today was coming, but gosh I can’t get over the fact that we are in DECEMBER! Seriously y’all, where has the year gone? My sweet mom was so sweet & sent Joshua & I two boxes of Christmas decorations, I’m not sure when they will be here, but until then, Joshua & I will be going to look at more tomorrow. Eh, don’t you just love the holidays?

Speaking of holidays, many of you guessed the craft Joshua & I started working on. It is in fact, Tina @ Carrots n Cake 24 Days Of Togetherness. If you aren’t too familiar with the idea, just click HERE and check it out. It really is such a fun & cute idea for couples <3.

Up until yesterday, I hadn’t received my FPP package (which is why I had no FPP post), but wouldn’t you know it… it came in the mail. For some reason or another, the package ended up going to Afghanistan. Sometimes I wonder about the mail system. There was no mention of Afghanistan on the shipping address. Oh well, I’m just glad it made it & nothing was broke :).

This month I had the wonderful chance to be matched with a lady named, Tambra. Just through e-mails, I can tell Tambra is a sweet person. She asked what I enjoyed, and what I didn’t… which, her package nailed it to the T. I really do feel like she listened to my suggestions, and took time, and effort in my package.

c1Unfortunately, since I just received the package I haven’t been able to try everything out. Well with an exception to the sweet potato butter. I’m not quite sure the recipe Tambra uses, but this stuff was good! I’m really looking forward to being able to trench my toast in the morning with it to be quite honest :). (Thank you again, Tambra!!)

&& if you aren’t too familiar what exactly “Foodie Pen Pal” is, head over to Lindsay’s page to read all about it. I will say, it really is such a fun concept. I mean who doesn’t enjoy sending other packages, and receiving one as well. It’s a chance to not only try out new products, but a chance to meet other fabulous ladies.


&& now I’m off to devour a couple more of those egg muffins I made yesterday. I just can’t seem to keep my hands out of the fridge… #sorryimnotsorry.  Have a wonderful Saturday & weekend!

  • What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?
  • Have you completed your Christmas shopping yet?

47 thoughts on “What… your telling me it’s December??!!

  1. Wait! I’ll come over to bake with you, ‘d love that!! 🙂 My FPP did not arrive either 😦 will have to wait till next week I guess. My favorite way to eat eggs is an omelett with veggies on the side. I think this will be my lunch today!! 🙂 happy weekend beauty! xxx

  2. I love soft boiled dippy eggs! And I have not even started Christmas shopping or decorating. Even though I LOVE Christmas!!! Can you be a part of fpp and be abroad? I always wanted to sign up but figured it was US only. I’m excited to see if I can cause you’re in Kuwait! 🙂 hope you’re having an awesome weekend!

  3. I’m so excited for Christmas decorations!!! They’re so fun 🙂 I seriously need to sign up for FPP. All of these goodies I keep seeing is making me jealous 😉

    • I asked Joshua the same question last night. I honestly feel like this year has flown by! I mean just thinking that I’ve already lived in a brand new country for 7 months is so mind boggling to me!

  4. Holy Cow. I didn’t even realize it was December 1. I just went and checked the calendar because I didn’t believe it!

    I bet that sweet potato butter is fabulous. Definitely would be good on a frozen banana!

    I have not done any Christmas shopping yet, but this weekend I have to scavenge around my house for a White Elephant Christmas present. It has to be stupid… but cool. You know? I don’t want mine to be “stupid, stupid.” 😛

  5. Yay for foodie penpal boxes in Kuwait!! um sweet potato butter??? Caitlin wants now, please and thank you! And I’m totally looking into this 24 days thing….may not be able to do it all with the boy but can get some ideas to make the 14 days we do have together special 🙂

  6. Squee! I’m SO excited that it’s finally December. I have a tradition of waiting until the first of December to begin decorating for Christmas and it’s FINALLY HERE! I also have a tradition of waiting until at least the middle of December to even start my Christmas shopping so… no… no I haven’t finished yet 😛

  7. I can’t believe it’s December either! My roommate and I celebrated by doing a tiny bit of Christmas shopping and getting everything we need to put lights on our house! We have the wreath up now and it looks super festive and pretty already! 🙂

  8. I can’t believe it’s December already either. We’re getting old!! 😉
    I made pumpkin butter for my FPP last month, it’s what fabulous FPPs do of course. haha. Kidding. Seriously though, it looks like she really put a lot of thought into it!
    Hope you’re thoroughly enjoying your weekend, my dear!! xo

  9. OMG! I just realized I didn’t do my Foodie Pen Pal post! I have been so busy it slipped my mind. Glad you got yours! I think my favorite way to eat eggs is whites only, scrambled with goat cheese and zuccini. Lately though I’m enjoying my egg whites microwaved in a bowl then topped with avocado and goat cheese. Hope your Christmas decorations arrive soon!

  10. Sweet potato butter?! Shut the door! That sounds amazing! I’m going to Google a recipe for it as soon as I’m done here. I bet it would be delicious coupled with bananas and peanut butter, too!

    The 24 Days of Togetherness sounds like such a fun bonding challenge! Now I just need to find a man…Maybe next year I’ll be ready to go with this one? Hrm. 😉

    Favorite way to eat eggs: omelet or egg white puffs! Christmas shopping: Not even CLOSE to being done! Although I’m farther along than I usually am. 🙂 Happy weekend, beautiful! xoxo

    • I’ll have to give it a try with some bananas and peanut butter now that you mentioned it =) Let me know if you find a good recipe for it.

      Well girl, we have gotta find you a sexy, smart, and honest man! You are just way too beautiful to be alone!

  11. Ooo sweet potato butter?! How exciting. Love sweet potatos, I’m having them every day at the moment. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the rest of the goodies! Happy December Jessie ❤

  12. Sweet potato butter sounds AWESOME!

    Right now I’m all about hard boiled eggs (albeit not entirely by choice) with either ketchup or salt, but normally I loooove omelettes.

  13. That is awesome that your mom is sending you decorations!! She is too sweet! And it looks like you got some great stuff in you FPP package this month! That sweet potato butter sounds amazing!!

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