WIAW: I can approve

Good Morning Everyone! With another Tuesday behind us, that only means one thing… another What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday post.

When I was putting together my post for today, I noticed that I still do have some areas where I can approve on with my meals (calorie wise) to help with reaching my end goal. I’ll be completely honest with all of you, I felt disappointed within myself for not realizing these simple fixes before (#freEdom).

As I got to thinking though, why sit here and feel sorry for myself when I HAVE the control to do whatever I please. So for this What I Ate Wednesday, I’ll be showing each meal but also writing a few ideas that can increase the calorie intake.

Meal #1: Smoothie. In the mix: 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 1 cup milk, 1/2 scoop cinnamon bun protein powder, & cinnamon.

How I can Increase: 2 tbsp. peanut butter, or one full scoop of protein powder. 

Meal #2: Eggs. In the Mix: 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, orange peppers, tomato, slice of cheese & and apple on the side. 

How I can Increase: 1-2 tbsp. peanut butter for the apples. Jelly for eggs. 3 eggs, and one egg white. Anyone have any ideas?

Meal #3: Salad. In the mix: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Brussel Sprouts, Tuna, Salsa & Mustard. I also had popcorn on the side. 

How I can Increase: Add some sort of cheese on top of salad. Have another piece of fruit on the side. 

Meal #4: Yogurt Mess. In the mix: Yogurt (which I froze for an hour), 2 tbsp. chocolate pb2, and frozen grapes

How I can Increase: Use nut butter instead of pb2. Sprinkle un-sweetened coconut flakes or chocolate chips on top. 

Meal #5: Using leftover Thanksgiving ham. In the mix: Biscuits (cut in half and topped with a light coat of butter), ham & cheese melted on top. On the side we enjoyed steamed broccoli. 

To be honest, I’m pretty happy with this meal.

Meal #6: Un-pictured protein dessert. In the mix: 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder (all frozen for an hour), and pretzels for dipping. 

Again, I was very pleased with this meal as well.

Yup, so there’s my meals from Tuesday, November 27th. I may or may not of had a few cookies before bed as well :). I’d love to hear some other suggestions from you on increasing my meals if you’d like to share.

**Now don’t forget to head over to Jenn at Peas and Crayons to check out some fabulous meals by other bloggers.


101 thoughts on “WIAW: I can approve

  1. Good for you for making such an awesome effort to up your cals! Your meals all look soo tasty. Another idea to add some calories: oil! Sautee your broccoli in olive oil, maybe cook your eggs in a little coconut oil.. Yum!

  2. This is such a great idea. Not just for people wanting to up their calories, but for anyone trying to improve their health. Clean Eats did this for a WIAW too and I had completely forgot until now! I need to do this. Maybe it will help me identify some of my digestion issues.

    Suggestions (though I’m no expert), add a sliced or mashed avocado to your eggs and salad. Or drizzle some of your meals with oil (like canola, coconut or olive). Mix in some nuts or dried fruit with your popcorn. Or… Have your omelet as a sandwich or on top of a sweet potato for a change-up (StuftMama makes some awesome combinations).

  3. Love you for looking at how you can make some positive changes for your health! Have you ever tried adding some dry oatmeal to your smoothies? It makes them super thick. Or maybe some avocado into your salads? And you know I’m a huge fan of adding applesauce and cereal to yogurt messes 😀 You’re seriously doing so amazing though, hun. Just keep working on it and you’ll be back to good in no time ❤ ❤

  4. It’s great that you’re realizing there are so many easy ways to sneak things in! And it makes them more tasty at the same time 🙂 You’re going to be able to start having kids before you know it!!

  5. Everything looks delicious! In case you don’t already, what about cooking your eggs in olive oil? I love roasted almonds in my yogurt messes so that could be another way to amp up the calories of your snack! Like you, I would add more peanut butter to the smoothie for more cals but another potential way is to change the milk you are using. If you aren’t already, why not switch to full-fat or 2% milk!

    Good luck :D!

  6. Aaaah, everything looks so delicious!! I know you already eat a lot of eggs, but I usually just throw a hard boiled egg into every meal I eat. Also, I am not sure if you could increase the carbs a bit…I am not an expert, so it’s just an idea. Oats or granola in your smoothie, a sweet potato or quinoa with your salad or eggs….if I could, I’d give you bits of my metabolism!! It’s much slower…..
    Have a fab day love!

  7. These all look delicious, Jessie-Belle, but you don’t really have substantial carbs until the buscuits. Tossing your eggs into a sandwich, or having half a bagel on the side, or oatmeal in your smoothie, or cereal into your yogurt bowl would be fabulous (or all of the above? haha. Kidding. However, if your eyes went wide at that, think of your motivation behind that shock … because that’s what “normal” eating would be — two eggs and toast and not four egg components and no toast. Just some “food for thought”. haha. I’m so punny.
    Seriously though — the improvement on your meals from previous WIAWs is showing so much progress. I’m soooooooo far beyond proud of you my dear!! Keep up the good work, but keep pushing yourself farther! xoxo

    • I usually do have toast with my eggs in the morning, but yesterday was not one of those days Ha Ha. Thanks for all the recommendations though hunnie. Every word you wrote in this comment means the world to me ❤

  8. You have some great ideas! Here are a few more: add a piece of whole grain toast on the side with the omelette. Add some hummus or avocado to the salad. Add a bit of coconut butter to the protein dessert. 🙂 Just some thoughts. Keep at it! Happy Wednesday!

  9. i don’t have any other suggestions that people haven’t made, except for things you already noted. i would say except for baking maybe stop using pb2 and toss scoops of real pb in anywhere you can. nut butters are my absolute favorite way to up calories in anything because it’s so delicious! that being said – i’m so proud of you for the steps you’re obviously making! i know it must be so hard, but as long as you keep in mind that the end result is a happy, healthy BABY and a happier, healthier YOU than i know you can do it!

  10. I can already see such a difference in your meals from a couple months ago to now, so while progress may seem slow, you are doing it!! Plus, slow and steady is probably the way to go if you want it to last. You are doing great.
    For tips, add some cheese to the eggs, or top them with beans, cheese, sauteed onions, peppers or whatever veggies you want. Your salad actually looks pretty filling, although I like to roast a sweet potato and add some of that to the salad. And of course, cheese is always a good option because it gives you some protein, calcium, with a dash of fat. Try feta, blue or goat cheese crumbles, and hang in there because you really are doing an awesome job.

    • Thanks, Meghan! I actually substituted a slice of toast & apple slices today instead of the popcorn. It seems a bit more filling, so that’s good! Thank’s so much for your suggestions & your sweet comment ❤

  11. Not sure if this was posted but sub more egg whites to eggs and do you like guacamole? It’s pretty high in good fats and really good. I like it with my omelets. I know you have IBS but can you add cheese to your eggs?

  12. Look at you go lady!! I like what I see from the meals you ate (especially those last two 😉 ), but I also like how you are trying to step it up and keep yourself accountable by posting it here! Rockstar 🙂 Looking through the comments, I don’t have too much to add avocado or guac to eggs (one of my favorite toppings!), and I’m a hugeeeeeeeee fan of an extra cookie/chocolate throughout the day (mini desserts after each meal perse 😉 ) ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. Such great eat girls! You have done such an amazing job increasing your meals!! As for suggestions, I think your meal 1 increases you suggested are perfect! Meal 2 add some more veggies (black beans and salsa) to your eggs, maybe 1 more egg white? Meal 3 throw in a piece of fruit like an apple or an orange! Definitely share with us what you do! 🙂

  14. I started working with a dietitian to increase the nutrient density of my meals so that I can get pregnant too. Here are a few things you could do. Start having some 2% or whole milk with meals, dairy with fat increases fertility! I think it would be wise to replace the pb2 with real almond or peanut butter. It will help to get out of the diet mentality. Also, allow yourself some treats! You eat very healthy and get lots of nutrients but where are the fun foods? I’ve been enjoying ice cream (the good full fat stuff) and pie! Allow the hubby to go out for dessert with you and fully enjoy it!

  15. Your meals look great! I agree with what someone else said about oil. Cooking your eggs or veggies in olive or coconut oil can give you some extra healthy fats but won’t make you feel like you’re eating a ton more. Coconut flakes are great to sprinkle on everything as are sunflower seeds. Maybe throw in a couple handfuls of mixed nuts throughout the day too! Get rid of those egg whites too. The egg yolk has all the nutrients! Hope this helps! Always feel free to email me with more questions, I’m happy to help!

  16. You shouldn’t be disappointed with your meals, you’re proactively making positive changes to your health, the fact that your recognized that you can do more shows how seriously you are taking this and you shouldn’t be disappointed by that! Plus all of your meals look really tasty (: The only suggestion I have is maybe adding canned coconut milk to your smoothies instead of regular milk, it has more healthy fats than regular milk and would make your smoothies extra creamy!

  17. Everything looks great!! My favorite part of any meal is always the biscuits, but now adays I dont have many (since my dumb ED has convinced me they are horrible). I typically have 1, but what Im really craving is an entire plate full doused in gravy….yummm!

  18. I think you’re doing a great job increasing your calories and doing what you need to do, and it’s great that you want to improve even more! One idea and easy way to increase calories is what you cook with. Do you normally make your eggs with a no-calorie cooking spray? If you do, you could swap that for some olive oil or even coconut oil could be yummy. Just an idea!

  19. I see brussel sprouts made the cut! so yum. I think the changes you are incorporating are a perfect idea. i have to agree with a few comments about adding healthy fats. they are the easiest on the stomach when you are trying to increase and you won’t feel like it is bulking up your meals at all. Butter, olive oil, nuts all great options.

  20. I think you’re choices and added extras sound really good. I mean it’s easier for people to say “gaining weight is easy just eat chocolate”. But that’s not the point. How is that any healthy?? I think what you’re doing is great and all the food sound so yummy and nutritious! I guess just adding egg yolks to omelettes and full fat cheeses. I’d personally avoid bready things as that will fill you up and make you feel all lethargic but that’s just me!

  21. Whoa, those ham biscuits looks super good! It’s such a good feeling when you realize that you have the control over what you eat (whether it’s needing to up your calorie intake or decrease it). Way to go! 🙂

    • I get it off of Vitacost.. it’s called Myofusion Probiotic Cinnamon Bun Protein Powder. I think it’s about $25.00, for 2 lbs. Love it! It’s especially good mixed in overnight oats, or pancake mix!

  22. Don’t feel bad for not realizing how to up your calories before! It’s usually the simplest things sitting right in front of us that we’re unable to see. At least that’s what it’s like for me – not only food-related :).

    Seeing as you said you had trouble digesting full-fat dairy: What I do is stirring a tasty oil (macadamia for me) into low-fat dairy products. That way you’re getting the extra fat and calories (hopefully) without stomach woes.

  23. It’s so great to see that you’re working hard to get yourself better!! Like you already mentioned, I also like to resort to nut butters or other healthy fats when I haven’t eaten enough in a day. Such an easy way to sneak in some healthy calories!

  24. I’ve never tried it, but I hear that you can add pasteurized egg whites to smoothies… You can find them in a little milk carton type thing at the store! Maybe something to try 🙂

  25. Yum girl yum! Looks and sounds like you’re on the right track to your goal 🙂 I sneak in extra boosts/ calories by adding healthy toppings and fixings to my meals such as avocado, hummus, nuts, olives, and lately I’ve been loving flax seeds 😛 I have IBS too [think we shared that? too many similarities to count ha!] so full-fat dairy is a no go with me but I can handle low-fat/ part-skim cheeses, Greek yogurt, and hard cheeses like parm which I like on top of my eggs with salsa!

    • Thank you, Brittany! I used to add oats to my smoothie from time to time, but for some reason I kind of just stopped & had forgotten all about it. I’m glad so many of you reminded me about this extra calorie booster 🙂

  26. Do you like nuts at all? That is an excellent way to increase your calories and good fat throughout the day. Just add in a handful here and there. Also, adding avocado to your breakfast or lunch would be another easy way. I like carbs so I never have a hard time reaching my calorie counts!!

  27. This will probably sound gross (because that what I thought when I first heard of it), but adding black beans to eggs/omelets/scrambles is super super delicious (especially with spinach and feta cheese!) and it adds healthy fats, protein, some calories, and all kinds of good things! 🙂

  28. Great job getting in more eats! Are you a walnut fan? They are a great way to get in some healthy fats. Maybe add to your salad or on top of you broccoli. Or grated parmesan cheese on your broccoli. That’s the only way my hubby will eat it!

  29. You are doing a great job with getting in more calories! Nuts, avocado and cheese are great ways to add some healthy fats and calories to your meals. I love adding feta cheese to my eggs or egg whites, as well as topping them with slices of avocado!

  30. It’s good you are actively looking for ways to improve! It is hard to try and eat more to gain a little weight and still keep it healthy. It’s good that you are looking for healthy alternative to add to your diet instead of grabbing chips, candy, fast food or anything that is bad for your health, so you should definitely be proud of that! You could try adding chicken to your eggs, and use chicken instead of tuna. Per serving, chicken is a little more calories, but I think about the same on fat and protein. Chicken sounds weird in eggs, but I made shredded chicken with some eggs, spinach, basil, and Parmesan cheese and it tastes amazing! I have a recipe up for it on the blog if you want to check it out. As far as adding healthy fats, you could try throwing in avocado instead of loading more peanut butter, or adding Feta to your salads. I love love Feta, tastes great with everything! Oh, and black beans too! They are a little higher in carbs so they give more calories per serving than veggies. 🙂 Sorry my comment is so long! xoxo

  31. Hey girlie!
    You are doing great making improvements!!! So give yourself a pat on the back! To add some more calories, cook your eggs in a little smart balance butter! Even tossing your steamed brussel sprouts with some butter would be good. Adding a higher calorie salad dressing that is oil based could be a good idea and maybe adding more of a starch with the salad like some brown rice tossed in if you like that!
    Also, what percentage milk do you use? Instead of fat free try 1% and the same with your yogurt!

  32. “Add some PB” is ALWAYS the best suggestion ;D Oh wait, I may or may not be biased in my love of PB. Also, meal #2 probably would have been extra-delicious with some avocado in the egg mix (oo, or on top of that salad too!). Mixed nuts, not just nut butters, are great add-ins too, sprinkle on oats, cereal, salads–You get crunch and great nutrition!

    And as another note–Love this post! Life isn’t about doing everything right the first (second, or third…) time, it’s about seeing where and how you can improve and then making those changes! You rock 🙂

  33. Don’t forget chia seeds! Great to add to your smoothies, yogurt mess, oatmeal, really anything. Ground flaxseeds as well (our bodies cannot break down whole flaxseeds adequately enough to get nutrients from them, so they must be ground). Also, as you said yourself, using real nut butters rather than PB2. Tastes so much better too:) I’m an RD, and while I’m not a regular reader, I enjoy checking in here every now and then to see how you’re doing. I think it is SO wonderful and amazing to see such a huge improvement so quickly. Keep up the good work, and maybe see if there is an RD on base that you can talk with as well for more support and advice.

    • Alexis,

      Thank you so much for your suggestions. I TOTALLY forgot about Chia seeds, so thank you for reminding me about them 🙂 Even though we are out here for my husbands job, he’s actually not in the military any longer. He got out last September & accepted a Civilian Contracting job on the base here. Unfortunately though, I’m not even allowed on base. My support here has been my family/friends from back home, some bloggers & my husband. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great OBGYN, but it’s not always the easiest to talk to him since his English isn’t completely up to par, Ha Ha.

      Have a wonderful day,

  34. You’ve gotten a ton of great suggestions already (and have a great start on improving over a while ago), so I won’t repeat ones that have been mentioned, but two ideas that come to mind:

    1. When you butter something, the bread (or rice or potatoes or whatever) will absorb more if you put the butter on while the bread is hot. It’s probably only a little bit each time but it seems like a pretty easy way to add a bit more.
    2. Liquid calories! If you can drink juice or milk (or almond milk or whatever) or even something like hot chocolate, that can help a lot without making you feel too much more full. 🙂

    Good luck! I hope those help some — just some little ideas I’ve picked up from trying to make whatever I take in by mouth as calorie dense as possible.

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