MIMM: Can’t Stop Smiling

Good Morning Y’all!! I have so many exciting things to write about, and figured “Hey it’s MIMM hosted by the beautiful Katie @ Healthy Diva Eats, why not share it all today”. 

Marvelous is the fact… that I woke up to it raining & completely overcast this morning. I had the most AMAZING walk this morning because of it. Who doesn’t love walking in the rain?? Okay, maybe I’m the only one, but I just find it to be so refreshing & exhilarating.

Marvelous is the fact… that Joshua got sent home from work this morning because of the weather. Not so marvelous is the fact that he scared the sh** out of me. Funny Story: I got home from my walk, started working on my morning smoothie and heard a noise as if something had dropped on the floor. I walked out to the living room, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Well all of a sudden I see Joshua jumping out of the bed in our spare bedroom to surprise me. Holy cow y’all, I don’t even know exactly how I was feeling. I mean I was scared, happy, surprised… I about broke down in tears. Ha Ha. 

Marvelous is the fact… that now we have the whole day together. We don’t see each other too much, so this is just marvelous. Not to sure what’s on the agenda for the day besides finally seeing “Flight” with Denzel Washington. We’ve been meaning to get to the theaters for the past week or so, but just never got there.

Marvelous is the fact… that I booked my flight to visit the states in March! I can hardly wait to see not only my family & friends, but I finally get to meet some awesome blogging ladies!! As excited as I am, I sure am going to miss Joshua & Roxy a lot!

&& Marvelous is… these quotes:

Well guys, I’m heading to relax & enjoy this day with my wonderful husband. Just so you know, there’s about a 95% change I won’t be doing any blog reading today. I’m sorry, but hubby time is much more important to me 🙂

Have a GREAT day!! 





93 thoughts on “MIMM: Can’t Stop Smiling

  1. Enjoy your hubby- reading schmeading, hubby lovey! That’s awesome [minus the morning scare haha] 😀

    P.S. I am so. freaking. excited. that you’re coming here!!! And of course we have to make a meet-up work, no excuses wills suffice! It’s so bizarre and so cool at the same time how meeting and hanging with blends feels like a long lost friends reunion?!

  2. Have fun today. That is awesome news!

    By the way, I love walking in the rain too. As long is it’s not cold.

    You definitely need to do a mini review on the movie Fight when you get the chance. It looks really good, but I always like to hear it from someone else before I go out and spend money. Haha 😀

    Happy Monday!

  3. Those quotes are absolutely wonderful! It sounds like you two are going to have a wonderful day together. Sometimes they’re better when they’re unplanned. I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME BACK AND MEET UP!!!! Have a wonderful day, xoxo

  4. Yay for hubby being home!! Enjoy it lady 🙂
    And just so you know, I heard Flight was pretty risque. Some sex scenes/lots of drug stuff. We had a friend who saw it and they were NOT too happy about that, so just wanted to give you a heads up in case that stuff bothered you!! 🙂

    • I’m not quite sure what your friend was talking about girl.. there really wasn’t any sex scenes at all, and as for drugs/alcohol, there was a reason behind it. I really enjoyed, heck I loved the movie & found it to be amazing. I’d definitely recommend it to you & anyone else 🙂

  5. I love walking/running in the rain!! You are right that it is so refreshing and then you get to take a hot shower after and feel so amazing. Yay for hubby day! Have fun 🙂 Also, where are you going in the States in March?!

    • Ha, well I didn’t take a hot shower after.. but I can see where your coming from how that would make it even more amazing 🙂

      I’ll be going to visit my family in PA, and also seeing some blogging friends in D.C

  6. You TOTALLY need to take the time for you and Josh!! Gah! The fact that you two have an unplanned day together is just TOO marvelous to bear!! I can feel your smile all the way from here!
    What a noob for scaring you like that though! I hate it when people do that. Seriously. I teeter precariously close to the edge of peeing my pants with fright every time they do.
    I LOVE that you got to walk in the rain!! Especially seeing as it seems to never, ever rain there! ❤ It makes my heart happy.
    And ahhhh!! Less than 250 days left! xoxoxoxo

  7. That’s great that you guys get to spend the whole day together — what a wonderful surprise! I would’ve about peed my pants if Brandon had surprised me like that, so I totally understand the response of nearly crying! 🙂 And enjoy the movie — we’re going to see it this weekend, and I hear it’s amazing. Denzel is the reason it’s so good, of course!

  8. It’s raining like crazy over in my area too!! I have the same reaction when someone scares me, only I usually do cry a little because I am so worked up HAH! Have a great day with the hubby!

  9. You’re hubby is adorable to surprise you like that!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don’t know what I would have done because things like that scare me half to death….I am so jumpy. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your day!

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