It’s a repeat nomination

Happy Friday Y’all!! How has your morning been? For some reason around 5:30 my stomach woke me up growling. I try not to eat my first meal until around 7, so to distract myself I baked. I’m aware some of you may be scratching your head & asking yourself ” if you are hungry, why bake? Won’t that tempt you more?” Well, thankfully I’m not big into eating much of the cookie batter. Call me crazy, but as much as I love cookie dough I’d rather there be enough for the final outcome.

The Indians my husband works with on base love baked goods. I decided to make sugar cookies with candy corn on top, and later today I’ll be making either banana chocolate chip muffins or bread. I just haven’t decided yet :).

Well enough about baking and before I get into an award I was nominated for, I have a quick question. Do you use xanthan gum for your smoothies? Holy Moly, I finally decided to get some & wow!!! I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes. My smoothies are usually always creamy, but this stuff just took it to a whole new level! If you don’t use it.. START! 

Anyways, last week Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I know I was already nominated, and shared facts with you, but who doesn’t enjoy learning more about others?

I just started reading Fit ‘N’ Well Mommy’s blog not too long ago, and its quickly become a favorite of mine. Not only does she share amazing recipes, but she has a cute little boy named Keenan. Between her sweetness & Keenan’s cuteness, they could brighten your day in a second.

Here is how the award works:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  •  List 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them.

7 Things About Myself:

  • I have two favorite actors; Denzel Washington & Will Smith. I don’t think there has been one movie between those two that I haven’t loved.



  • ESPN is my favorite television channel. I prefer watching a sports game (football, baseball, hockey, basketball) over anything else.


  • I know many of you would prefer roasted vegetables, but I’d much rather just throw them in the microwave (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower).
  • I’ve never colored my hair. Sure there have been moments when I wanted to go all drastic & change it up.. but I’ve always been too big of a wuss.
  • I tell people I’m 5’2″, but really I’m 5’1″ and 3/4. Don’t act like you don’t round-up to make yourself seem taller 🙂

  • I only have one set of grandparents who are still a live. I admire and love the fact that even after 50 years together, they are still deeply in love & smitten with one another. I can only hope that Joshua & I will be the same ❤

  • As much as I love the beach, I’m terrified to go far out in the ocean. Yup, I’m one of those people who believe a shark is out to get me.. and only me. When I was younger, I swore up and down that they would be in the deep end of pools.

**And again, I nominate all of you**

  • What is one fear you have?
  • Any big plans for the weekend? 

65 thoughts on “It’s a repeat nomination

  1. Aww, yay! I’m excited that you discovered xanthan gum! I held out a long time too, but curiosity finally got the best of me, and I took the plunge. Holy smokes! It really DOES make a difference. I recommend trying it in protein “ice cream” as well. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 😀

    I love knowing that there are other crazy-for-football females out there! My weekends are spent watching both college and pro games. I love waking up to College Game Day every Saturday morning, and always go through withdrawals at the end of the season!

    Your grandparents are adorable. I have no doubt that you and Joshua will still me smooching at that age too!

    Happy Friday, darlin’! xoxo ❤

  2. Your grandparents are so cute. Mine were the same, they’ve been married for 65 years and had TEN children!!! Lucky Indians, getting your baked goods. My fear is when I do my run in the morning and it’s still dark I am terrified to be caught by a kidnapper. (Even if it’s already 6:30 am and people walking around going to work).

  3. i am a football loving girl too! nfl football games are my absolute favorite to watch live and on tv. are you a packers fan though? because that might come between us since i’m a bears fan 😉

    xanthan gum is the best! i never really made shakes and smoothies much before but once i started i couldn’t stop and the day i added xanthan gum was probably a defining moment in my life. no, i’m not exaggerating. so thick and creamy!

  4. You ARE crazy, cookie dough is amazing!! I don’t bake often (read: practically never), but when I do, I’m a total dough lover. You know me. I’ll never go overboard, but those fingerfuls are always amazing.
    As for the rest of your post — we’re totally twins!!
    I ❤ Denzel and Will more than any other actors too, I love that they're gorgeous, but they aren't type-cast because they're gorgeous. Amazing actors too — I never feel as interested or involved in another movie than I do when I'm watching one of theirs. (We'll have to pick some movies to watch when we're together!!)
    I am a microwave lover too. I try to do the oven thing, but I'm usually just as happy (if not more happy) with microwave steaming.
    And I totally round up my height too — I'm 5'2 3/4 but usually say I'm 5'3. I get away with it because I stand up straight, or so I try to tell myself at least!!
    Email coming your way today. For sure. No doubt about it. PROMISE!! Because today is FRIDAY and you know what that means!! 😉 ❤

    • Oh don’t get me wrong, I do love me some cookie dough. I mean sometimes I’ll actually undercook the cookies just so they taste more like cookies. Which I accidently did on the 2nd batch yesterday, so you better believe I enjoyed a couple :). I would just rather there be enough batter so there is enough for everyone.

      Oh I think they are pretty gorgeous too. I mean like 2 of the most gorgeous guys in hollywood. Yes, we’ll have a denzel and will smith marathon the night you get in.

      Ha Ha, well I never did get that e-mail from you 😦 😦

    • Awe girl! I so would’ve thought the same thing though. I’d be certain that it new the exact days I were coming & ready to attack the moment I stepped foot in the ocean!

      I’m so jealous you’ve gotten the chance to visit Hawaii. So cool.

  5. It’s a much deserved nomination numero dos missy! Sounds like you’ve been a baking fanatic which is fabulous and would be even better if you shared with me 😛 I could never turn down banana bread [with chocolate]! I’m currently chowing down on some sundae style pancakes topped with PB frosting + banana + cranberries + coconut + maple syrup and think I need to somehow turn this concoction into a muffin because I’m going to want it every day 😛

    I loveee going to games, especially baseball games- there’s nothing like a summer night out at the baseball stadium! Anddd your grandparents are absolutely PRECIOUS! I was really young when mine passed so I’ve never really been around old people [that sounds like a weird comment, ha] but I’m thankful that Ryan’s are still around and we get to spend time with them every now and then 🙂

    P.S. TGIF & TGFP [thank goodness for pancakes]- have a wonderful weekend girly!

    • I’m not sure if you would want the bread recipe. I made it quite unhealthy (the boys like the unhealthy stuff haha. && i LOVE you and your pancake creations. Seriously, if you open up your own pancake shop I promise I’ll come work for you. You can make pancakes, and I can make smoothies. I think that sounds like success too me $$$$$$.

      Love baseball games, and the hot dogs that come a long w/ them Ha Ha.

      Awe that doesn’t sound weird at all. My other set died when I was young as well. I don’t quite remember to much about them unfortunately. I’m glad you have Ryan’s family though 🙂

    • Oh he definitely cannot. I don’t think there has EVER been a movie of his that I couldn’t watch over & over again. && I also own the Fresh Prince DVD collection too 🙂

      Hope you have a great weekend Anna!

  6. Woohoo! Yay for well deserved repeat nominations! And for learning more about people through fun, random facts 🙂 I have a huge fear of snakes and spiders, and for some reason I’m always afraid that I’m going to wake up one day and find one or both in my bed. Completely illogical, I know, but there it is haha. And your grandparents are my heroes! I’ve never really had grandparents and always loved hearing stories about other peoples (even though I then want their grandparents to adopt me)…yours are awesome 🙂 What an amazing example for you guys to follow! And I love that pic of you, Joshua, and your grandparents…absolutely beautiful 🙂

    • Awe girl! You aren’t going to wake up to any, I promise! I am quite afraid of spiders though too. I think daddy long leggers are the worst. I know they are supposed to be “good”, but I just don’t believe it! Ha Ha.

      They are actually the only set I have left. My moms parents passed away when I was younger. Unfortunately I don’t remember too much about them :(. I’m sorry you don’t have any girl.. but i’ll let you share mine if you’d like?? 🙂

  7. Xanthum gum is THE BEST SMOOTHIE component EVER!! And I like being short! I am 5’2 1/2 and don’t mind it one bit! Us short girls need to stick together and be proud of our shortness 😉 Your grandparents are too adorable! It is so nice to see couples stay together and truly love each other! Are you a Giants fan?!

  8. I round my height DOWN haha! I’m 6’1 and 3/4…or more like 6’1 and 99/100 but I will never claim 6’2 haha. I have a friend who says she’s 5’13. So silly. And I love that you love ESPN! Me too! My friend Abbie hated coming to my apartment on Saturdays because I would make us watch college football all day and she HATES sports. I”m scared of sharks too! I love looking at the ocean and being at the beach but It takes a LOT of peer pressure for me to go out past knee height into the water.

    • Ha Ha Sloane you are so funny. I can’t believe you are 6’ONE though. You have legs like Cameron Diaz huh? Ha Ha.

      Ha Ha my best friend used to be the same way. I couldn’t imagine a saturday or sunday without the channel on football all day long. Because of the time difference, the games don’t come on until later in the evening so I’m quite bored throughout the days haha. 😦

      i’m the same exact way. I actually act like a little brat whenever Joshua tries to pull me out deep. Like i’ll kick my legs haha.

  9. ESPN is my channel too 🙂 ESPN first take is one of my favorite morning shows!
    As for fears, well planes are the big one! I hate everything about the airport. All the people, the lines, the crowds, all the security measurements. Its so much easier to just walk on to a train!

    • My husband isn’t a big fan of planes either. I’d much rather fly than take a train (yup, were the opposite.. i’m quite afraid of trains). I just feel like they are going to go off the track & crash. Ha Ha.

  10. You’re grandparents are so cute!
    My roommate is 4’11 3/4″ but people don’t let her round up, you can’t round up to a different foot! I’m 5’4″ which is pretty average, except that the next shortest person in my family is 5’10” so I look like a shrimp next to them.

  11. Awwr you’re so tiny and adorable! I’m kind of on the tall side (errr…. 5’9) and I always secretly wished that I was a bit shorter. Oh, and I have that same gray hoodie from VS 😀

    About the xanthan gum… I used it for a while and completely loved it, but it did a serious number on my stomach and I almost ended up in the hospital. Xanthan gum absorbs water and expands, so it can get stuck in your intestines if you go overboard. Sorry! Not trying to scare, but thought you should know ❤ ❤

  12. Denzel is a fox! have you seen “Flight”?! He was great in it as per usual but it made me realize he has def aged since Remember the Titans! Love the grandparent pic. My grandparents are that way too…so so sweet. I love when my grandpa puts his arm around my grandma. How cool that you’re such a sports fan! Your hubby must love that. And I love the beach too but I rarely touch the ocean. I’m more afraid of jellyfish!

    • Not yet, we’ve been wanting to see it but just haven’t gotten around to it yet! A lady I used to work with in the states was actually Denzel’s childrens god parents. Crazy right??!! Oh yeah, jellyfish can be such little bitches (pardon my language Ha Ha)

  13. Another great list!! I’m 5’6 and 3/4 but I like to tell people that I’m 5’7″ …It’s habit!
    I’m terrified of the ocean too! Ironic since I live on a boat in the middle of the ocean for 3 months of the year… but I’m literally so afraid of fish and sharks that I start screaming if I even think I see one!
    Have a wonderful weekend, girl ❤

      • Yes and no… I’ve been doing it since I graduated from high school a few years ago when I was pretty miserable in my town and decided to move to RI where my family keeps our boat. I ended up getting a lifeguarding job there and it feels like home to me now!

  14. I am sooososo scared of the deep ocean too. Especially when the water is dark and I can’t see what’s below me. BAH. I think everyone rounds up their height haha. I try to pull off a taller number too!

  15. I love Denzel and Will Smith too!!! And I am the opposite of you with height because I’m really tall for a girl I often tell people I’m 5’8 when I’m really close to 5’9. As I get older, I like my height but when I was younger I hated telling people how tall I was!

  16. Ha! I do the same thing when it comes to baking! It’s therapy, I swear – and it’s soooo cute that you bake for the men that your hubs works with btw. They must looooove you!! And I sure as heck don’t do cookie dough either 😛

    Xanthan gum in smoothies – WOWzers! I’ve learned something brand new from you today! Thanks for this – i actually have some in the cupboard atm and i’ve only used it once 😛

    You are unbelieveably cute in every single one of your pics – I especially love the first pic of you at the game – soooo in your glory!! And your grandparents!! I have a feeling you and Joshua will be the same – forever, always X He’d protect against any shark – no doubt! 😛

  17. It is funny sometimes how when we are hungry, our bodies do wake us up out of our sleep!!
    Your grandparents are soo adorable..and no shame in rounding up how tall you are! I am about 5′ 5.5 but many times just say I am 5’6!! I always wanted to be shorter though, so when I where heels I am a normal height rather than touring over everyone!!

    • Well girl, my belly has been waking me up every morning this morning. It’s been driving me crazayy!! Ha Ha.

      I used to always want to be around 5’5″ when I was younger. I’ve actually grown to love my height now.

  18. You are just the cutest thing;) I wish I was taller. I’m 5’5, so I guess that’s pretty normal but I still wish I had some more height on myself. That would be fun. I can’t believe you’ve never coloured your hair! Coming from the colour queen myself, that’s just such a surprise ha ha. I love xanthan gum, but sometimes it causes me some tummy trouble. If I use it about once or twice a week it seems to be fine though.

  19. I love Denzel Washington and Will Smith..Man on Fire is so.freaking.good. I cry every time! I love the ocean but get scared of going out too far too, even if it’s really clear water..I’m also pretty scared of waves. I’m such a big baby 🙂

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