Thankful Thursday #4

Hi y’all! Are you linking up to Thankful Thursday today? Thankful Thursday is a day where you can express the good happening in your life. It doesn’t have to be a huge achievement by any means. It can be as small as: I am Thankful For… My  husband not realizing the delicious cookies I made last night had Zucchini in them. Because of that, now I can continue tricking him :)… Simple enough right?

I am Thankful For… Diana @ Sneakers2Sandals. I received a package in the mail from her yesterday. She was kind enough to send me some delicious seasonal Iced Gingerbread Cliff Bars. *Don’t be fooled by the picture below. It may look like there’s three unopened bars, but the one on the right was already eaten 🙂  Thank you so much Diana! You are awesome!!

I am Thankful For… This opportunity to live in Kuwait. It may not the be the ideal country to reside in, but the experience a lone has been worth every day. Unless you have traveled outside of the United States, you’ll never truly understand how blessed you are. Yes Kuwait may be a rich country, but the culture here is much different from the states. Here the main language is Arabic, drivers drive recklessly (yup, much worse than the U.S.), young children aren’t as disciplined, food is much different, prices of food & clothing are expensive. But you know what, even with the differences, it’s been awesome. We’ve gotten the chance to not only vacation in Greece, but take a weekend trip to Dubai. We did things we’ve never done before (ride camels, dune bashing, romantic boat ride). I’m experiencing something that so many people could only dream of, and doing it with my best friend by my side. xo

I am Thankful For… Just waking up each morning, and realizing I was put on this Earth for a purpose. I may not have a job @ the moment, or a degree under my belt, but I’m a wife who takes care of my husband, the house, the bills, and the meals. I’m a daughter to two amazing parents who are supportive in every decision I’ve make. I’m a sister to one heck of a brother, I’m a friend to many people, and I’m someone who will always be there for anyone who needs support, motivation, or just some inspiration in their life. I may not have it all together every day, but that’s okay because no one is perfect.

  • What are you Thankful For today? 
  • Have you ever traveled outside of the United States?

**I also want to tell everyone sorry I haven’t  responded back to most comments. I’ve been busy, but I promise you I’ll get to them soon 🙂


55 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #4

  1. Oh my God, I LOVE the pic of you and the camel! That is fantastic! And the one with the two of you on the camel is so cute too! You are UNIQUE girl and such a huge inspiration for me! The way you spread positivity each day is adorable and I love you for that!! Have a wonderful Thursday!! xxx

  2. Jessie-Belle!!! I think it’s been about 5 hours since I last mentioned HOW MUCH I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU, GIRL!!!! I think this might be my favourite Thankful Thursday of yours yet … Lucie was right — it IS unique, you’re unique. You’re made unique through not only your experiences, but your outlook on the world. You’re not using rose-coloured glasses to make things sound amazing when they’re not and you’re not forcing yourself to be thankful for things that others might not be. You’re not using your day of thanks to justify any decisions, you’re just being you!!!
    And seeing as YOU are AMAZING, I shouldn’t be surprised that this post is as well. The day that I FINALLY get to give you a hug will be one of my most thankful days of my life because you’ve started shining a light on me that I don’t know if I would have known otherwise. xoxo ❤

  3. omg I’m in love with that picture of you and the camel lol! Your arms are jacked girl!!! :p That’s so awesome that you two are able to experience life in another country… that’s not something many people can do and it seems like such an amazing opportunity to learn different cultures 🙂 The only place I’ve been to is Canada when I was 7 haha

  4. I’m thankful for you. You are probably the sweetest, nicest, kindest person I’ve ever (not) met. Honestly, you are so genuine, and it’s refreshing. Since I’m petty sarcastic and dry, I normally don’t do a lot of sweet (well unless you count sugar candy), but for you, I’d sign up for sweet anytime. I think it’s amazing you are getting to experience an entirely different culture and for a long period of time, but I know I would miss home after a bit too. My sister and brother-in-law live in Belgium with my little nephew. They stay there during the school year and come back to the states for Christmas and the summer.

  5. Those are some beautiful things to be thankful for 🙂 I compiled my own list of things today thanks to YOU, but in short, I’m thankful for my body, my boyfriend, my family, my co-workers/cherubs/cherubs families, my health, the blog world (and you), and running. And I have traveled outside the U.S….Canada lots of times for skating camp, the Bahamas for Christmas one year, and France and Italy the summer after my freshman year at Pitt….I would love to actually live out the U.S. for a bit, though. I think the experience would be amazing 🙂

  6. Though it may not be ideal, at least you’ve had that chance to experience a different culture and experience different things. It’s easy to become insular and not see the bigger picture in terms of the world around you – I know I’ve been guilty of that often. I love that you find positives even in things that might be difficult or tricky! 🙂

  7. Great post, Jessie! I, for one, am so jealous of your opportunity to live in another country. You’ll gain so many experiences that a lot of us will never have. Love those Clif bars, by the way!

  8. You are so funny about tricking Joshua! haha And you are 100% right…even though you might not be living in an ideal place, you HAVE experienced so many things people only dream about! Thank you for being such a positive light to my day! You always make me take a step back and refocus myself! xo

  9. Love this weeks thankfulness post! I always think of you in Kuwait and how difficult it would be for me. I love your positive outlook on it! I’m not sure I would be able to do the same but you are right, looking at it as a blessing is the way to go! Love the travel pics! Riding a camel is one thing I’ve never done! Happy Thursday!

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  12. thanks for hosting again! I know I missed the past couple but I’m back at it this week 🙂
    Seriously girl, your positivity is so inspirational, AND contagious. love it!

  13. I’m one for grasping every opportunity to travel, no matter where in the world it is. =) I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, China/Hong Kong, Australia (5x – Hubs is an Aussie), England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Fiji, Bahamas. There are many more on my travel list. =)

    You’re right. You never realize how blessed you are as an American until you’ve been overseas. As a whole, we are very sheltered.

  14. you are so adorable and you definitely inspire me everyday. all it takes is a quick little visit to your blog to lift my spirits. thanks!!
    also- love the pic of you and the camel. haha

  15. You’re wonderful ❤ Seriously. So, so beautiful, inside and out 🙂 I love how you said that you're thankful for waking up every morning and just knowing that you have a purpose, despite not currently working or going to school or any of that other nonsense that society tries to brainwash us with. Our relationships with others are one of the most beautiful things in life, and working on those is definitely something to be proud of 😀

  16. Your positivity is amazing! It’s actually one of the reasons I love reading your blog, it’s infectious! And those gingerbread clif bars are SO dang good. I’m thinking clif needs to make those a year round thing (:

  17. I love that you can put a positive spin on literally anything and that you’re making the best of the situation you’re in! I won’t lie, a trip to Dubai would certainly be a nice treat 🙂
    Thanks for just being you, girl ❤

  18. What an amazing experience to live overseas. I do agree that traveling out of the US is so incredibly important. I love Thankful Thursdays – it’s so easy to lose sight of the important things in our lives. Inspiring.

  19. I love reading your thankful Thursday posts! It really puts me in a positive mood for the day thinking about all the things that I have been blessed with! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    That is so great that you are getting the chance to experience another country and culture. I have never traveled abroad, heck I don’t even have a passport! Hoping to make my first trip next year!

  20. Oh my gosh I would love to try one of those Clif Bars! I love gingerbread anything. And I think I could say that in these past couple weeks I’ve been extremely thankful for my blogging friends, including YOU! Your emails have seriously meant so much to me and the support and love in this community blows me away every day.

  21. Wowzers gingerbread Clif bars?! I’ve never had a clif bar but anything gingerbread wins in my book! Your camel picture made me chuckle – they are such funny looking creatures! Hope you’re having a great Thursday Jessie!

  22. wowww that’s one cool picture of you guys! You know what, I’d love to someday visit the middle east. And I love the outlook that you have on it. After all, you’re getting a taste of all parts of the world! 😀 hehe. BTW, how long ago did you guys move there?

  23. This is such a beautiful post Jessie! I am sooooo thankful to have someone so special like you in my life – always shining your loving light and accepting all. Your willingness to LOVE is HUGE during this special time. Thank you soooooo much my love ❤ xo

  24. I love your positivity! Living in another country would definitely be an experience of a lifetime- lucky you (even with the sometimes not-so-great differences). It’s something you two with share forever! 🙂

  25. I love the camel pictures! I also lived outside the US (I spent a year living in Jerusalem, Israel), and it was fantastic — best experience of my life, in fact! 🙂 As always, thanks for hosting this lovely round-up of gratitude!

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  27. Thanks for hosting the link-up again! It is so vital to take time and reflect on what we are thankful for! I am thankful for my family and my son making me smile everyday! I love traveling outside of the US, though I have to say it is nothing compared to your experience living in Kuwait!!

  28. haha love the camel picture as well! Those seasonal cliff bars look so good, I totally cave into the seasonal flavor thing. Tomorrow morning I will be getting my decaf coffee with 1/2 pump pepperment mocha from Dunkin Donuts without a doubt!
    I am very thankful right now that my family is about to have a big milestone/celebration soon 🙂

  29. The last thing you were thankful for made me smile so much! It helped me realize that I should still be thankful right now that I am so many things that are great even if I don’t always feel that way 🙂 Great post!

  30. It’s so great that you are able to embrace all the experiences that come with living in another country. I have never even traveled outside of the United States but I know that I would definitely have a hard time adjusting to a new culture. Btw, I’m a little jealous of your package. 🙂

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