Inspiring Blogger Award

Happy Friday Y’all! Today’s post is going to be relatively short. I have a huge to do list (okay maybe not too big) and want to get started on it.

On Tuesday, Giselle (isn’t her name just beautiful) over @ AHealthyHappyHome nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award. She has been a huge motivator and inspiration to me that I couldn’t help but smile & feel honored (Thank’s girl <3).

Here’s the details:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • State 6 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

I’ve actually only been nominated for this award, so this time I thought it’d be fun to state 7 things about me from my childhood.

1. Favorite Meal: Grilled Cheese. Whenever my family and I would go out to dinner, the first thing I’d ask the waitress/waiter was what type of cheese they used. You see, I’d only order grilled cheese if it was made with White American Cheese.

2. Favorite Halloween Moment: My best friend at the time and I dressed up as Siamese twins. In theory it was the perfect costume. That remained the case until we dripped over a water sprinkler, couldn’t get up & people stole some of our candy.

3. Favorite Job: Working at Bruster’s Ice Cream. Who wouldn’t love access to ridiculously good ice cream flavors & all the toppings you could think of? I swear, it was like heaven every day walking into the store.

4. Favorite Weekend Memory: One favorite of mine are the Saturday’s when my mom would have yard sales. It may or may not of had to do with the fact that I knew there’d be orange juice & doughnuts waiting for me in the morning.

5. Favorite Childhood Television Show: Every morning before school, Justin & I would watch Saved By The Bell & Boy Meets World. Talking about Boy Meets World, have you heard about the Boy Meets World Sequel?? 🙂 🙂

6. Favorite Band: Backstreet Boys. I worshiped them. I even thought Brian & I would get married one day **Were you more of a Backstreet Boy or Nysnc fan?


  • As for the nominations, I choose ALL OF YOU! Tell me some things from your childhood. What were your favorite foods, favorite bands, favorite classes… ANYTHING 🙂

86 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. I’m still laughing at your Halloween story. I can’t stop. My abs were a little sore from my run and now they’re on FIRE!!! No need to do #plankaday today — Jessie’s post took care of my core work!!
    BSB4Life, baby!! I didn’t even knew who Nsync were until their Pop album (I caught up after that, but BSB will always hold #1 in my <3).
    Sooo excited about BMW!!! My friend and I already have our 90s themed party in honour of the premier all planned!!
    (Yes. Still laughing!! haha. I love you SO much!! I can't stop. Every time I try, I just start laughing harder!!)

  2. you worked at brustersssss?! that is awesome! I love boy meets world too and grilled cheeses are the best! your halloween story is hilarious! haha i’m glad you guys were okay and i hope you beat up those kids that stole your candy! (: I was a NSYNC fan though all the way over BSB! (:

  3. Super good idea! I may just have to include this my friday post tomorrow!

    Yard sales were always so much fun to have. Both to make money and also get some cool stuff for cheap! 🙂

    I loved Saved by the Bell too, and as you know from my WIAW post, Boy Meets World also holds a special place in my heart 🙂 Is it weird that I automatically started humming the theme song when I saw that picture?

    I liked both Backstreet Boys and NSYNC equally. I had both of them on my Hit Clips!

  4. Man… grilled cheese and doughnuts- you lived the good life 🙂 I used to watch Boy Meets World and I can’t wait until the sequel comes out… my roommate and I are super psyched about it! I think I might use this as part of my “friday favorites” post! I’ve worked at an ice cream place before but I can’t say my memories were as fond as yours. Have a great Friday!

  5. I was a grilled cheese fiend as a kid! I think 90% of my diet was bread and cheese until I was 15!
    My brothers were Siamese twins for Halloween one year too! It was mostly as a joke because they’re identical twins, and I think they got pretty sick of each other by the end of the night!
    I still watch Boy Meets World before class! It’s on ABC Family early in the morning and I always watch it while eating breakfast.

  6. Oh the memories of mom’s and weekends and good food 😀 My favorite weekend memory includes waking up on Saturday mornings and stumbling into the kitchen where mom would be making buttermilk pancakes or crepes. She’d always load up my plate and then sprinkle some powdered sugar on top… Then I’d take my breakfast and head off to watch all my favorite cartoons 😀

  7. This is so cute. Oh weekend memories from my childhood! So many good ones. Baking, pancake Sunday’s, movie nights. Ha ha, I loved those backstreet boys too. Funny how I thought they were such dream boats back then!

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  9. Such a cute survey!! Your Halloween moment made me laugh so much – I’m sorry, but I can just imagine how simultaneously cute and funny that would have been! Such a lovely idea! Also, was definitely a backstreet boys fan! I could probably still sing the lyrics to all of their songs haha

  10. oh i was an equal opportunity lover when it came to boy bands. i even liked the lesser beloved 98* and had all of their cds as well (in case you didn’t know – they had more than one). that grilled cheese is making me crave an oozy gooey cheese sandwich!

  11. We would have been childhood BFFs. Those were my 2 favorite shows (I had to sneak though, my mom didn’t want me to watch “high school shows” ha!) Backstreet Boys were my JAM ( I was an nsync snob) and orange juice and donuts were my favorite weekend breakfasts. My dad would surprise us every now and then with a box from Dunkin Donuts (chocote covered my sister, lemon or chocolate filled for me!) Love this!

  12. You know how sandwiches always taste better at someone else’s house? That’s the exact case with me and grilled cheeses… My BFF’s mom would always make us grilled cheese sandwiches using white American cheese and they made my heart melt, so much better than the yellow stuff my momma bought 😉 But my momma made a killer PB&J, another childhood classic!

  13. I have no great breakfast stories as my mum can’t cook anything! 😦 I was more of an NSync fan. I was in love with Justin (still am really). I love how all-American your answers are – donuts, American boybands, TV shows, grilled cheese sandwiches… hehe I love it 🙂

  14. Aaah congrats to the nomination!! I am not sure if I can say that out loud, but oh well, let’s just do it….I was a huge David Hasselhoff Fan. Yup. 😫😫 When the boygroup started to get famous I was already too old (I just realize that I am one of the older bloggers here 😄) . Oooh, Sunday morning memories! Mom used to bake Swiss-Butter-Bread (it’s heaven!) for my Dad, me and my brother and we all sat together at the table for hours with a huge Sundaymorningbreakfastbuffet, talking, eating and enjoymeach other.

  15. OMG- did you hear they are thinking of doing a Boy Meets World spin off where the kids are all parents now?!?!
    Also- love grilled cheese- still eat them all the time 🙂

  16. Congrats on the nomination! I used to love boy meets world too and couldn’t be more excited about the sequel 🙂

  17. Loved Boy Meets World so much!! But Backstreet Boys? I was more of an Nsync-er in my day….looks like we can’t be friends anymore! Ha, just kidding. Anyway what’s this about a Boy Meets World Sequel??? I’m looking into it!

  18. I was Nsync ALL THE WAY. Like room covered head to toe in Nsync posters, went to EVERY single concert and even had backstage passes to one! I was also in love with Lance Bass and thought we would get married someday (only to find out that he wasn’t exactly into girls 😉 ). As for my favorite Halloween costume, one time I dressed up as a baby and wore a nude leotard over a giant diaper. I looked like a complete freak, but it was awesome and it made everyone laugh.

    • Ha Ha Ha, that’s so funny that you were in love with Lance.. and yeah girl, i’m sorry to agree but you just aren’t his type :).

      LOVE the costume. Who cares if you looked like a freak. I think it’s creative & awesome!

  19. I think I was more of an Nsync fan, although I loved BSB too. For me though, it was really about the Spice Girls and Britney. Ooooh yeah 😉 And I loveeee Bruster’s! My favorite flavor had graham cracker pieces in it and it was amazingg (I think called Graham Central or something? so good!)

  20. haha that’s hysterical with your Halloween costume lol! You guys must have been cracking up– not cool they took your candy though 😉

    I JUST heard about Girl Meets World!! I’m so excited for that haha I still watch Boy Meets World today haha

  21. I did hear about the sequel to boy meets world!! I love that show, I hope they air it and I hope the orinigal corey and topanga are in it haha, I am such a dork!

  22. Your ice cream store mention reminds me of my first job, at a bagel store. SO many bagel/cream cheese flavor combos to try! I ate a ton of bagels then, man oh man.
    I never really ate grilled cheese until I got to college and discovered its glory in the dining hall. They literally used a paintbrush to paint butter on the bread! Now I can appreciate a grilled cheese on a hearty toasty wheat bread with a flavorful unique cheese like brie or goat cheese.
    Yayyy Boy Meets World! I’m so excited about the idea of a reunion show!

  23. OK Girl! I am totally craving a smoothie bowl tonight and came straight to your page! Since you are the smoothie bowl queen! I have a suggestion for you…..maybe you can create a page with all your amazing recipes on it so we can find them quick?! I know I have seen a whole handful I’d love! Just a though!? Plus you could add all your awesome new baking recipes too!! 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend! Thinking of you! xo

  24. OMG so I was more of an NSYNC girl but Brian was my favorite backstreet boy!! hehe I worked at a Rita’s in HS 🙂 so delicious so i know what you mean about Brusters! and boy meets world was THE best show and of course I watched Saved by the Bell in the mornings before school! classic!

  25. no. WAY. there is a boy meets world sequel.

    and even more no way are they old enough to have a teenaged daughter… right…? that’s too much for me.

    but agreed that i loved watching it nonstop. i bought a couple of seasons on dvd this year while i’m without cable.

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