Marvelous In My Monday: VLOG

Good Morning Y’all!! How are you this morning? I’ve been so excited to write this post since Sunday. It won’t be long, but I hope you enjoy it 🙂

As you already know, today’s Monday which means Marvelous In My Monday hosted by Katie over @ Healthy Diva Eats. I definitely recommend clicking over to her page and checking out other bloggers post. It’s such a fun way to not only hear Marvelous things happening in others lives, but to also meet new bloggers. Alright, let’s get started shall we?

Marvelous is… Joshua and I donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund. It may of only been $10.00, but to me that’s one of the best $10.00 I’ve ever spent. My heart aches for all of those who have been affected. To the lady who watched her two sons float away right from her arms is something that no parent should experience. I continue to pray day in & day out for the victims, and every one who is apart of the rescue team.

Marvelous is… The dinner date with Joshua last night. Surprisingly, we haven’t been on a date since Greece! I know I know, forever ago right?? We ended up walking down the street to Applebees. It was the most marvelous night we’ve had in a while. We laughed, we smiled, we joked around, & most importantly; we had fun. I love the fact that after all of the years together, our love has never lessened but has grown deeper day after day. Were not only husband & wife, were each others best friend ❤

Marvelous is… My very first VLOG! I’ve been seeing this Accent VLOG floating around other bloggers pages, and figured I’d get to it when I got to it. However, when Sloane over @ Strength In Freedom challenged me to participate in it this weekend I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer :).

Here’s the Rules: 

Tag me in your post

Mention where your from in the video

Here is a list of words you should pronounce:
Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

And the list of questions you should answer:
1. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
2. What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
3. What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
4. What do you call gym shoes?
5. What do you say to address a group of people?
6. What do you call the kind of spider (or spider-like creature) that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
7. What do you call your grandparents?
8. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
9. What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
10. What is the thing you change the TV channel with?


Fun right?? I think it’s such a neat way to hear how each others sound. I mean I know I’m completely intrigued by other people’s voices. Is that weird? Ha.

Well there you have it. Another week of Marvelous In My Monday. Don’t forget to head over to Katie’s & Link up.


  • Have you ever made a VLOG before?
  • If you watch football, did your team win this weekend?

100 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday: VLOG

  1. You look so cute! I love your outfit! And that’s so great that you guys donated to the fund- it’s such a good cause. Also, your date at applebee’s- I hope to have that same connection with someone someday. It’s so special. Have a wonderful day girl ❤
    p.s- I couldn't watch your vlog because it says it is "private" so I'm not sure if you want it to be set like that?

  2. I agree with Sarah – love your outfit and you look gorgeous! I also couldn’t watch the vlog but will check back over later if it’s a technical problem that needs fixin 🙂

  3. 😯 It’s called pop! It is! Because the bubbles pop! But you’re seriously too adorable, and you looked gorgeous on your date night 🙂 That’s so sweet that you and Joshua are each other’s best friend… That’s definitely one of the most important things in a relationship, and it’s great to see you so happy hun. You deserve it!

  4. Hey! I love your blog. I got to hear you and C you :D. I am so proud of you and Josh.YOU guys look awesome together. I love you both very much!!! I have to agree with everything you say. By the way your English is PERfect….

  5. Hey Beauty, you look absolutely stunning! You two are an adorable couple. I totally love your Vlog. Your dog is too cute!! I think it would be to die for you if I did a Vlog. I would say everything in Swiss German and believe me, you would laugh out loud cause it sounds really weird for people who hear it the first time in their lifes! 🙂

    • Well thank you for the compliment, even though I have to disagree. I just woke up & think I look like a complete train wreck haha.

      Girl, DO IT!! I’d love to hear your voice. I’m sure it’s absolutely adorable!! Please Please Please 🙂

  6. Oh your accent is adorable! Not what I expected, not that I know what I expected, but still! And your shoes from your date night are awesome 🙂

  7. Oh.My.Goodness. OHMYGOODNESS!! You are adorable BEYOND BELIEF!!!! I love how you actually sound NOTHING like I thought you would. I love knowing how you actually sound! I love how much Roxy loves you. I’m so unbelievably happy you did this!! You’re an ocean away, but it makes me feel much closer to you. ❤
    I also love that you and Josh donated to the relief — and don't belittle your $10! We do what we can with what we have. If that's just praying or reaching out to others, that's perfect. If it's $10 to the relief of $2 for wearing your jeans in to work on a Friday (which we do in the lab), or only signing up to run races that support charity, then that's okay too. The definition of "philanthropy" is "the caring of man" — which is exactly what we're doing.
    I'm glad Sloane tagged us! I had fun … maybe I'll be vlogging more often from now on … but mostly because I love you sooooo much more now — something I didn't think was possible!! Take care of yourself, my dear!! Can't wait to hear back from you! xo

    • Awe Chel, thank you!! Ha Ha what did you think I sounded like? A man?? Oh goodness I surely hope not.

      I love you too girl!! & can I just tell you how ridiculously excited I am to see you in FIVE months! 🙂 🙂

      • Believe it or not — I thought your voice might be a bit higher and with an accent that was a bit stronger. That being said — I love it just the way it is (and you just the way you are!) and wouldn’t trade it (or you!) for anything!! ❤ Ps. Isn't it four months?? Beyond ridiculous excitement here!!!

  8. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! hahaha this is adorable! Oh my gosh seriously I’m so glad you gave this a try. We sound completely different and I love it. I didn’t know what the one about rain in the sunshine was either, but several people have told me they call it a sunshower? I think thats adorable. Also I’m obsessed with roxy. My Lulu does the same thing whenever I’m on the computer and not paying 100% full attention to her. Your date sounds so fun, and I’m so glad you and Joshua got to have a special night! (and your shoes were adorable!)

    You’re amazing for helping out with the Sandy relief. From what I’ve been seeing on the news they can use every little prayer and dollar.
    Love you girl and thanks for the shoutout xoxo

  9. you are so adorable and i cannot stand it. seriously, your vlog was so cute! i love your dog and want to come kidnap the both of you.

    your date night looked so wonderful. i cannot wait until this summer when tex and i will be no longer long distance (AHHHHHH!) so that we can go on date nights.

    • Molly, can you be any sweeter? I mean reallyy?? xoxo

      I can’t wait for you either girl. I’ll be honest though, sometimes you’ll miss those “first kisses & first hugs” you experience w/ the long distance relationship.

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  11. Love your video! But I have to go with pop too….sorry, I’m from the midwest! lol!

    My son, Jaden, was wathcing this video with me and he was cracking up over your dog!! Too cute!

  12. Hehe that vlog was so fun! I love how your dog wanted in on the action too. That would be my dog, too! And you definitely do not sound stupid, you are the cutest thing everrrrr. 😀

  13. from the comments I guess we made the same mistake. I did not imagine your voice like that but I really love it! I mean I just want to talk to you all day! I love this! no seriously, this made my day. just being able to hear the girl I email daily is amazing

  14. Yay for a date night! And yay for your first vlog! You are too cute!!! And is it weird to point out that you have the most perfect teeth?!? I know you used to be a dental hygienist, but holy cow–I wish I had teeth like that! 🙂

    Oh–and my parents both grew up around Harrisburg. My Mom is from Camp Hill, specifically. I remember seeing signed on the interstate for York!

  15. Yay for the donation. I have plans to donate hopefully $50 and that just means I’ll cut back on groceries for this month. I feel fortunate enough I can even buy groceries, so I might as well help provide for other families by giving up some of my expensive nut butter ha ha. I totally need to do this vlog maybe tomorrow? You are so adorable, and have such a kind heart! You definitely have a bit of an accent to me not much though, first vlogs are always so nerve wracking, I about died when I posted my first one;)

  16. You are adorable! Your voice is nice. I think you have just a little accent, but everyone probably does unless they’re from the same place as you!

    Yay for a date night with your best friend and husband!

  17. Jessie, I loved the vlog!!! It’s so CUTE! It had me smiling the whole time :D. You are super sweet and Roxy really steals the show ;). It’s so crazy because I actually posted my very first vlog post ever today, too. lol. How random is that!

    • Ha Ha thanks Ali!! She has to be the show of everything.. and the funny thing is, I don’t even think she realizes that she does it! 🙂 I’m heading over to your page now to take a look at it! Can’t wait!

  18. Love. love. love. You are the cutest dollface, Jessie! And the biggest sweetie pie EVER! I was smiling the entire time I watched this, thank you so much for sharing all your sweetness with us ❤
    After watching this, I HAD to do it too! You were the inspiration for my mimm today because without you, I wouldn't have even posted, but after I saw this, I posted…lol..and hearts ❤ xo

  19. You are absolutely PRECIOUS! Dates with the hubby are always fun and look back on your first few dates! Ryan and I were [and still are] total goof balls 😛 I have never done a VLOG but I totally agree that I wish I could hear everyone’s voice… And Roxy was a big help, she looks like she wanted to be on camera too!

  20. You are ADORABLE!! It is so neat to actually see and hear other bloggers! You have inspired me to vlog sooner than later! I have been nervous to do one as well:)

  21. Aww- you are so adorable. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do a vlog, but I will give it some thought 😉 You don’t really have an accent, but you definitely say some words in a funky way- haha.

  22. Omg, look at you!! You are the cutest thing ever…well, I already knew that, but I just LOVE that you did a vlog because now I can put a voice with that pretty little face of yours! It’s so cute that you say “SAL-mon” and “soda”…everything is coke to me! Lol I did this vlog last year and had so much fun with it. If you wanna see how much of a southern gal I am, you can check it out: 😀

    You and the hubby are so stinkin cute! Sounds like you had a marvelous time out…and holy HOT shoes girlie! Love em!

    • Heather, you are TOO sweet!! I mean really, you sure know how to make a girl blush :). But I’m kinda sad.. I went to view your vlog & it doesn’t load?? However, I was happy because now I have that awesome butternut squash parfait recipe to try out!

  23. You’re so cute and adorable, Jessie.

    And yes you do have an accent. Everyone does. It sounds like you say caught like “cot” to me and caramel like carmel. I saw this on Eating 4 Balance a couple of weeks ago and really want to do it but I’m full of cold at the moment so I won’t sound ground. But I want to do it so you guys can hear how my British accent sounds.

  24. I’ve never done a vlog before, but you sound just as adorable as I would have expected. I loved it, and I loved Roxy hanging on you while you were trying to do it, My little kitten, Oscar, does that to me whenever I’m trying to write my posts. Have a great day.

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