Last Chance

Happy Friday & Good Morning Y’all! How excited are you that it’s finally Friday? Truth be told, it doesn’t quite seem like a Friday to me. I’m usually pretty energized, however that is not the case today. I went to bed around 11 last night, and have been up since 1:30. Yup, 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Let’s just say I’m about 90% certain there will be nap happening this afternoon :). However, even though I slept awful, I’ve been able to get so much accomplished (Does anyone else find this happens to you on minimal amount of sleep?):

  • Catched up on blogs/Sent & responded to comments
  • Cleaned the bathrooms, yes that includes the toilets
  • Swept & mopped the kitchen floors, and living room (next up: master bedroom)
  • Baked Sarah’s Peanut Flour Brownies with Chocolate Swirls (which are awesome, and if you haven’t already made them.. DO IT NOW!)
  • Took Roxy on a 20 minute walk. 

Moving on 🙂 It’s time for another survey! I mean, who doesn’t love surveys?? Yesterday I came across the “Last Chance” Survey on Chelsey’s page, who I believe got it from Ashley’spage.

  • Last food you ate? Strawberry Smoothie (In the mix: 1 ½ cup strawberries, 1 cup mango coconut water, yogurt, 2 tablespoons pb2, ½ scoop strawberries & cream protein powder, 1 tsp. vanilla extract & cinnamon)

  • Last beverage you drank? Besides my smoothie (which I actually ate with a spoon), I had water
  • Last workout? Just got home from my daily 20 minute walk

  • Last thing you pinned? This Gingerbread Man Smoothie (In the Mix: 1 scoop vanilla protein Powder, 1 graham cracker, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 12 ounce water, 4 Ice Cubes)

  • Last text message you sent? To Joshua: “It is baby. Just about to take Roxy for a walk. How’s yours?” In response to “Hope your morning is going good babe!”
  • Last blog you visited? Chelsey’s to find this survey
  • Last tweet you sent? “I’m entered to win two @AnchorBayEntFit dance workout DVDs from @CaitPlusAte#fitfluential 
  • Last place you visited? If this means vacation wise, then Santorini Island, Greece. Next month we’ll be in Bahrain for the weekend.

  • Last time you did ab work? Tuesday morning. Just did a quick circuit
  • Last show you watched? Does Sports Center count?
  • Last thing you baked? Like I just mentioned, Sarah’s Peanut Flour Brownies with Chocolate Swirls

  • What is the last thing you Instagrammed? I don’t instagram
  • Last item on your to-do list today? TAKE A NAP!!

Now it’s your turn. Pick two & answer below 🙂 🙂

**I also wanted to Thank You for making “Thankful Thursday” link up a success! I loved reading your posts. All of you are such beautiful & inspiring women. xo


67 thoughts on “Last Chance

  1. that photo from santorini is so beautiful. you two are just the cutest! i am sorry you didn’t sleep well last night but selfishly i’m glad because now that you’ve made those peanut flour brownies and led me to the link, i have some baking to do this weekend!

  2. Dang girl, you got so much done! I’m convinced we’d all be 100 times more productive if we didn’t sleep! But I guess sleep is important to our health or something silly like that (:
    And if you’re looking at gingerbread smoothies, Angela @ OhSheGlows has an awesome one! I didn’t think a smoothie could taste so much gingerbread!

    • Ha Ha yeah sleep is kinda sorta important, but I totally agree with being more productive 🙂

      Thanks for telling me. I just went over to her page, and wow I totally forgot how many awesome recipes she has!

  3. I actually always find I’m most productive on little sleep…probably not good! I’m planning on doing this survey next week, but I’ll answer a few!

    Last beverage you drank: Currently drinking my morning coffee with Pecan creamer. SO good!
    Last show you watched: I’m also currently watching the Today show!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I am mildly obsessed with instagram. You need to get into it 🙂
    Last place I visited was Italy. Next place will be… who knows? We are booking Vegas for New Years so that will probably be it.

    • Is it really worth it? I don’t think I take enough pictures throughout the day for it to really be something I’d keep up w/?

      Italy, ah so beautiful! VEGAS? oh girl, you are going to have such an awesome time!

  5. Wow I’m impressed you did all that on such little sleep! Last thing I baked was pumpkin cookies and last thing I ate was lunch – a mixed bean salad with two Baby Bell cheeses. Yum!

  6. Last item I instagrammed – a pic of my cat dressed up as a bunny on Halloween 🙂 Last thing I drank – tea I am drinking right now!
    Enjoy your weekend Jessie 🙂

  7. I’m always super productive when I can’t sleep too. Actually, I think one of the reasons my brain wakes me up so darned early every morning is because it wants to get more done. I love it, but yeah… naps are definitely a necessity at that point. Hope you get some rest today beautiful girl!

    • Mine too girl! My mom just sent me a pkg filled with amazing gingerbreadness. I’m ridiculously excited for the gingerbread oreos! I think topping this smoothie w/ one oreo would make it even better.

  8. Wow – it’s awesome that you’re able to be so productive while sleep-deprived! That’s seriously impressive (and props for the bathroom cleaning too). 🙂 I’ve had insomnia all week and I’m barely functional. (And what little functionality I do have is thanks entirely to Starbucks.) Enjoy that nap — you’ve earned it!

    • Ha Ha, I don’t know why but for some reason I’m always more productive on minimal sleep… however I become an emotional basket case haha. The hubs got home from dinner last night & I started crying because he wasn’t ready to eat dinner yet! Pitaful right? haha.

  9. All of this traveling you do makes me so jealous! I’m planning on using this survey in the next few days… I love surveys! Also, those peanut flour brownies look SO good! I might have to do some baking this weekend 🙂
    Hope you find a way to get some zzz’s in today!! Have an awesome weekend, girl ❤

    • Well this trip only has to be made because my visa only last 3 months, and after 3 months I have to leave the country overnight so it can be renewed. Definitely try those brownies out. They are delicious, and so easy to make I promise 🙂

  10. I love surveys – so much fun!!

    Last night, we watched Jersy Shore (I know, I know) and the last thing I baked was chocolate chip banana muffins for my niece!

    Have a great weekend, Jessie!

  11. Hopefully you were able to get your nap in today! I need to get in on the “thankful Thursday”! I’m definitely putting those peanut flour brownies on my “to bake” list….I saw your tweet on them last night. 🙂 I saw this survey a few days ago and I’m planning to join in this weekend. Have a great weekend!

    • Unfortunately, I never did get in a nap. Don’t think I didn’t try a million times, but no luck! Oh well what can ya do :). Yes, please join in on the Thankful Thursday!

      Have a wonderful weekend xo

  12. I’m right with you girlie — 2 1/2 hours sleep last night and an 8 hour shift today. And only 3 1/2 hours sleep the two previous nights. But seeing as I can blame it all on the boy, I’m not exactly upset about it!! Exhausted, but not upset. 😉
    I hope you got your nap, and (checking the clock!!) I hope you’re enjoying your sleep now!! Sending wishes of only the sweetest dreams for one of the sweetest girls (scratch that — THE sweetest girl) I’ve ever had the extreme pleasure of meeting!! xo

    • I never did get my nap 😦 I tried a million times, but for some reason I couldn’t fall asleep. I did however pass out around 9:30 though. Wish I could say I had a good nights rest though. Oh well, today is a new day :).

      You need to get yourself some rest as well girl. Oh & I’ll be e-mailing you back today!! Be on the look out.

      love you xo

  13. Super cute survey! I’m so with you, sometimes when I don’t get much sleep I get tons of work done! As for ab work….yesterday! Yay, that’s a relief to realize I actually did some haha. And the last show I watched would have to be Nashville. I love that show. Hope you have a super lovely weekend! 🙂 xx

    • I’ve heard Nashville was really good. It stinks with the time difference, it never comes on until 3 in the morning… and well by that time I’m sound asleep haha. Good job for getting in some ab work in girl 🙂

  14. I love the cat napping picture and this survey. I think I might have to do this one too.
    Dang girl, you got a ton accomplished on minimal sleep. I hope you did get your cat nap eventually.
    Last thing I ate was pizza since I haven’t restocked my fridge from the power outage yet, and the last thing I drank was a glass of wine and some water to go with my pizza. I needed to decompress after this past week.

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