Thankful Thursday : Foodie Penpal

Good Morning Y’all! For all of you whose day didn’t start out on the right foot, just remind yourself that your more than half way through the week and tomorrow is Friday! Feeling better already huh? 🙂

Since it’s Thursday, that brings us to another addition of “I am Thankful For…”. I was so happy to hear how many of you were planning to link up today. I truly do believe it’s important to take at least one day throughout the week to really gather your thoughts, and express who or what may have had some sort of impact on your life. With that being said, let’s get started shall we :).

I’m Thankful For… Everyone I know remaining safe while Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East Coast causing devastating damage. My heart breaks and bleeds for those beautiful people who were affected. No one deserves to lose their valuables, home, and especially their lives. My thoughts are prayers are continuously with the victims. (I also wanted to make it a point to thank all of those apart of the rescue time, firefighters & individuals who have donated their time during this chaos.)

I’m Thankful For… Being alive. Going off of my above “I’m Thankful For…”, you just never k now when your precious life could be taken from you. Moments like this is always a time I reflect on my life. A moment when I ask myself “Did you accomplish what you’ve wanted too in life so far? When was the last time you told your love ones that you loved them?”.

I’m Thankful For… (a happy one) My Breakfast. No it wasn’t a smoothie, eggs or even overnight oats. This morning I woke up with a strong craving for gnocchi. Random right? Well I cooked a serving of gnocchi with 1 teaspoon cinnamon & 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. After it was done cooking, I mashed the gnocchi with 1 frozen banana microwaved for 30 seconds & 2 tablespoons peanut butter. Talk about one delicious & filling meal 🙂

Oh, and of course I can’t forget to share my Foodie Penpal goodies. This month I was lucky enough to be matched with a woman named Erin. Although we didn’t get to know one another too much, I can tell you she is a sweetheart. Erin took time out of her day to read my blog. She sent me a bag of candy corn (did I really complain that much about it not being existent out here? haha) & other amazing treats.

Thank you so much Erin! I can hardly wait to make those Gingerbread Pancakes & of course the Olive Oil Dip :). 

  • Did you Link up today?? 
  • Did you dress up for Halloween last night??

94 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday : Foodie Penpal

  1. What a wonderful post, a necessary reminder to not take things for granted.

    That looks like a fab package! Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt is my most favourite chocolate EVER.

  2. This is a wonderful post! Thank you so much for the good thoughts; you’re always so genuinely positive ❤
    Love the foodie pen pal idea! I keep seeing everyone post about it and now I'm tempted to try it out myself. Thanks for setting this up girl! Have a great day 🙂

  3. I spy my favorite chocolate bar in the entire world!! I hope you enjoy it! I’m actually eating a few pieces as I type this. I’m also a huge fan of that almond butter and those seaweed snacks. 😉

    I love this post, Jessie, and I’m so grateful for the reminders interspersed throughout it. Taking time to thank God each and every day for our blessings in life—especially the family and friends who support and love us— is so important, yet so easy to forget. I think I’m going to make that a new goal of mine: taking more time to reflect about what I’m thankful for. ❤

    Your gnocchi breakfast sounds delicious! I can totally see how peanut butter and banana would mix pair perfectly with it! xoxo

    • Oh I did. I had never tried it before. Thank goodness I saw it at one of our grocery stores the other day too. I think this may be a good thing.. I mean its sure to help me put on some extra lbs right?? 🙂

      Reading how my post made you set a goal for yourself, is so rewarding. I too feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in your everyday life that you forget to actually step back for a second and be thankful. We take things for granted, and never think of others who aren’t so fortunate.

  4. Love those goodies! Candy corn = Such a wonderful halloween treat 🙂 I’m a fan of the pumpkins (although, too many can be deadly)

    I linked up to Jenn’s WIAW as well as the Foodie Exchange. I had a couple of costumes this weekend/week. Saturday, we went as the Village People (I was a construction worker) and today I was Robin 🙂 Full cape and everything.

  5. Thank you for hosting Thankful Thursday! And your post is great. That breakfast sounds delicious!! I have a similar ‘problem’ here in Switzerland with not getting all these products. I keep seeing and reading about all the great and yummy stuff they buy over in the U.S. without being able to taste it! Sometimes I order the stuff, it is just quite expensive. Have a wonderful Thursday!

    • Have you ever thought to order things off of vitacost? When I moved to Kuwait 6 months ago I wasn’t able to find so many of my daily healthy foods from the states. I found vitacost, and girl I’d be lost without this online food site. You really should check it out. It’s free shipping once you spend 49.00. Also I can give you a code to save $10.00 off your first purchase if you’d like 🙂

  6. Strangely, your gnocchi concoction sounds really good! I haven’t had gnocchi in years…..

    I did not dress up for Halloween, but enjoyed seeing all my students’ costumes. They are so creative!

    I loved all the quotes in this post! Have a great day!

    • I wasn’t quite sure how the concoction would be, but ah I’m so happy to report that it was mouth watering good. I could probably eat it a couple times throughout the day 🙂 You’ve gotta go get yourself some gnocchi girl!

  7. Email FINALLY sent!! ❤
    I did link and was EXTREMELY thankful this week, so I'm glad I got a place to express my happiness. Thank you for giving me that place. 🙂 xo
    I linked up with Foodie Pen Pals too — love it!!
    Your thankfuls this week were fabulous. I love the little lessons you tossed in there — loving the serious and the frivolous and everything between. ❤

  8. Ahhh I forgot again, and I have so much to be thankful for! Major failure on my part. I love this post though, watching a major hurricane tear through the east coast really does help you to step back and be thankful for the basic things in life. And my heart goes out to those who suffered from it.

    Your Foodie penpal loot looks great!

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      • YAY *happy dance*… 🙂 It’s actually kinda late here 1am, I’m ‘studying’ for exams (clearly) ok so I’m having a little break right now lalala (yes I am a big time procrastinator when it comes to studying) weeeeee… Hope you continue to have a fantastical day! 🙂

  10. !!! The other day I sprinkled my gnocchi with cinnamon and sugar and my parents thought I was a weirdo. HA! Now I’ve gotta tell them that I’m not the only one who can enjoy her pasta sweetened 😉 Love this and love you. I’ll be linking up later today ❤

  11. Beautiful gratitude reflections. I think gratitude’s contagious so I’m really glad you started Thankful Thursday! I can relate to every one of your reflections and it helps remind me of even more things I’m thankful for. 🙂 XO

  12. Wow, you got some cool stuff – have fun with it all! I keep meaning to give the pen pal thing a try but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. And there’s nothing wrong with some interesting new savory treats for breakfast, though I can’t say that I’ve ever had gnocchi!

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  14. What a beautiful post Jessie! Seriously, you write so wonderfully and I was really moved by what you wrote about Sandy. We’re very removed from it here in Australia and you have by far done the best job of making it seem real and important to people the world over.
    And…..your foodie pen pals bag looks AMAZING! 🙂

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