A whole bunch is happening

Happy Friday Everyone! I’m not sure how your day has started off, but my day has been wonderful since I woke up at the ungodly hour of 2:30. I’m not sure what it is about Fridays, but 2:30 seems to be the time I wake up in the morning each week.

So what’s a girl to do at that hour. My husband would say any normal person would lay down & attempt to fall back asleep. Pshh, what does he know (just kidding hunnie, you know everything). Instead, I decided to bake the Indians he works with Gingerbread cookies to go along with their Christmas gifts, sweep/mop the kitchen floor, make Joshua a warm breakfast, and make delicious, and I’m talking like ridiculously delicious egg muffins, or some would call them “egg bites”.


I’m pretty addicted to them already. So far I’ve made three (12 servings each) batches:

  • shredded carrot, onion, yellow pepper, oregano & basil
  • broccoli, parmesan cheese, oregano and basil
  • tomatoes, oregano and basil.

After my baking feast this morning, I did actually lay down for a couple of hours watching television, and then made my way to the grocery store. Ah, can I just tell y’all I found the cutest bowls & plates. You better believe I bought a few… and I’m thinking, a few more will be bought this weekend :).


Once I got home from the grocery store, I made a new smoothie:

  • 1 cup coconut water, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 2 tbsp. chocolate pb2, and xanthun gum. 

I wish I would’ve remembered to take a picture, but just believe me when I say it was good. Anyways, where was I… Oh yes, while my smoothie was freezing, I took Roxy for our morning walk.

&& before I continue rambling on forever, which I’m sure none of you care to hear. I’ll just tell you that the rest of my day has consisted of wrapping more of the Indian’s Christmas presents & working on a craft that Joshua & I started last night.


I’m not sure what else is in store today besides returning e-mails, but I’m thinking the moment I start getting tired, I’m going to crash hard!

  • Tell me, what is one thing your looking forward to this holiday?
  • Can you guess what this craft idea Joshua & I are doing?

Thankful Thursday: Live The Dream

Today’s Thankful Thursday may seem a bit different than usual. Last night I had a major sweet tooth. Thankfully for my sake, I always keep frozen dove chocolate squares in the freezer. Call me crazy, but I look forward to reading the inspirational messages on the inside of the wrapper. Well, last nights message read:

For some reason, this message automatically got me thinking, What does “Live The Dream” mean to me? Am I living the dream, or am I currently chasing a dream? At first, I wasn’t quite sure. After thinking about it for a little bit, I was able to figure out what exactly that message meant to me.

To me, “Live The Dream” means doing and conquering what I love in life. It’s being happy with the people and things I do have, rather than to drown my sorrows in wants. Yes, I may of dreamt of a huge home, or a fancy car, but is that really needed? Sure it’d be lovely, but I’ve realized I’m 100% content with what I do have.

However, I also realized that I could be Chasing A Dream as well. I’ve always wanted to help others in a major way, and unfortunately that’s something I have yet to achieve. I’d love to be able to help the poor, the sick, the homeless, or the injured. Yes, I’ve donated clothes & goods to shelters, but that’s just not good enough for me. I would love to travel to a poor country, or a place that was hit hard by some sort of natural disaster. Just thinking of how I’d feel afterwards, leaves me with goosebumps… in a good way of course.

&& now your probably wondering why I decided to share this on “Thankful Thursday” huh? The answer is easy, I’m thankful that I read that message. Instead of running back to the couch & watching TV, it gave me a moment to just sit back & think. After realizing and understanding exactly what the message meant, I felt and still do feel quite incredible <3.

So, now that you know what “Live The Dream” means to me; what does it mean to you?

WIAW: I can approve

Good Morning Everyone! With another Tuesday behind us, that only means one thing… another What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday post.

When I was putting together my post for today, I noticed that I still do have some areas where I can approve on with my meals (calorie wise) to help with reaching my end goal. I’ll be completely honest with all of you, I felt disappointed within myself for not realizing these simple fixes before (#freEdom).

As I got to thinking though, why sit here and feel sorry for myself when I HAVE the control to do whatever I please. So for this What I Ate Wednesday, I’ll be showing each meal but also writing a few ideas that can increase the calorie intake.

Meal #1: Smoothie. In the mix: 1 frozen banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, 1 cup milk, 1/2 scoop cinnamon bun protein powder, & cinnamon.

How I can Increase: 2 tbsp. peanut butter, or one full scoop of protein powder. 

Meal #2: Eggs. In the Mix: 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, orange peppers, tomato, slice of cheese & and apple on the side. 

How I can Increase: 1-2 tbsp. peanut butter for the apples. Jelly for eggs. 3 eggs, and one egg white. Anyone have any ideas?

Meal #3: Salad. In the mix: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Brussel Sprouts, Tuna, Salsa & Mustard. I also had popcorn on the side. 

How I can Increase: Add some sort of cheese on top of salad. Have another piece of fruit on the side. 

Meal #4: Yogurt Mess. In the mix: Yogurt (which I froze for an hour), 2 tbsp. chocolate pb2, and frozen grapes

How I can Increase: Use nut butter instead of pb2. Sprinkle un-sweetened coconut flakes or chocolate chips on top. 

Meal #5: Using leftover Thanksgiving ham. In the mix: Biscuits (cut in half and topped with a light coat of butter), ham & cheese melted on top. On the side we enjoyed steamed broccoli. 

To be honest, I’m pretty happy with this meal.

Meal #6: Un-pictured protein dessert. In the mix: 1/4 cup pumpkin, 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder (all frozen for an hour), and pretzels for dipping. 

Again, I was very pleased with this meal as well.

Yup, so there’s my meals from Tuesday, November 27th. I may or may not of had a few cookies before bed as well :). I’d love to hear some other suggestions from you on increasing my meals if you’d like to share.

**Now don’t forget to head over to Jenn at Peas and Crayons to check out some fabulous meals by other bloggers.

Marvelous In My Monday

Good Morning Y’all! I’m not sure about you, but this morning I woke up wishing the weekend was one day longer. As most of you know Joshua’s only day off are Sundays, and well let’s just say I felt like I ruined his. I felt sick all day, and he ended up pampering to my every need. What a way to spend your day off, huh? :(. We did put up our Christmas tree though & watch Elf. It amazes me that no matter how many times I watch Elf, I laugh just as hard. So besides being sick, and the Packers getting killed, we had an amazing and low-key weekend.

&& since it’s Monday, you know what that means… Marvelous In My Monday hosted by Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats. Head over to Katie’s page & check out what is making other bloggers Monday marvelous.

For this Marvelous In My Monday post, I’m going to write my favorite foods that begin with each letter. Yup, it’s only 7:35 in the morning but all I can think about is food 🙂 Ha Ha.

M.. M&M’s. The peanut ones hold a special meaning to my heart. Okay, I may be going a bit over board, but hey they are good. While Joshua was deployed, my best friend Sandra, and I used to buy a bag almost every night to pig out too.

A.. Apples. I love how versatile apples are. Whether it be with eggs, pancakes, yogurt, peanut butter, pork chops, etc… && if the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctors away”. I should be good to go. I can’t recall the last day over the past couple months where I haven’t eaten at least one throughout the day. #addicting

R.. Hmm, tough one. For some reason nothing is coming to my mind besides raisins.. I do love raisins don’t get me wrong, but I barely eat them. Heck, it’s probably been years since I’ve had one to be honest.

V.. Okay, I lied, this may be the toughest one yet. I don’t even know food that beings with the letter V. I mean I may, but I can’t think of any @ the moment.

E.. Eggs. Funny thing, up until this past year I hardly ate eggs. I could make a cartoon of eggs last for quite sometime, now I’m lucky if I can make it a full week. I guess that’s what happens when your eating at least 4 a day. #sorryimnotsorry

L.. Lasagna. Oh man, am I ever going to miss my mom’s Lasagna come Christmas time. Seriously guys, this stuff tastes like heaven in your  mouth. I’ll use the same exact ingredients, but it just never turns out as delicious as hers. She must have that special touch.

O.. Okra. I’ve only tried Okra, but guys this rocks!! I received it in one of my Foodie Pen Pal packages a while back, and was hooked after the first bite. I’m hoping to be able to find it out here in Kuwait soon.

U.. Unsweetened Chocolate Chips. I have quite the sweet tooth, so these little chips are perfect come night-time when I wanna tear apart the cabinets.

S.. Salad. Many of you like “fancy” salads, but I’m just as happy if you throw some tomatoes, cucumber, brussel sprouts & tuna on top of lettuce. I’m surprisingly pleased with just the simplest ingredients. When it comes to salad dressing, I kind of despise it. Salsa & mustard are where it’s at for me :).

Well there you have it, my favorite foods starting with each letter. Before I end this post, I do have one Marvelous thing I’d like to share with all of you.

Marvelous… is the fact that I’ve been hungry every 2 hours. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I literally can’t go two hours without eating before my stomach starts screaming. Yup, so bring on all the extra food, the calories & the weight gain. I’m ready to start getting my period again & producing 🙂 🙂 :).


  • Do you ever have those days where all you do is eat?
  • Favorite memory from this past Thanksgiving?

Holiday Favorites Survey

Hi Everyone! To all my fellow Americans, how was your Thanksgiving? I hope y’all had an amazing day with family & loved ones… and of course enjoyed the delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I know I got a fair share myself :). Many of you asked if Joshua & I would be enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving meal since we’re now living in Kuwait. Well the answer is yes, of course! Thankfully they were selling butterball turkeys on base along with ham, so it all worked out perfectly :).

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to look forward to Christmas. I cannot get over the fact that it’s basically a month away. Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done yet, or are you one of those people who wait until the last week? Ha Ha!

Talking about Christmas, on Tuesday Meghan @ After The Ivy League nominated to participate in a fun Holiday Themed Christmas Survey. I was beyond excited. I mean 1. I love Christmas & 2. I love surveys 🙂

  • What’s your favorite Christmas song? I am so bad when it comes to music, and remembering the names of songs. Let’s think for a second (and google)… I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and White Christmas
  • Have you ever gone shopping on Black Friday? Yes. However, these days I’d rather just sit at home and find the same deals online… with no pushing & pulling from obnoxious shoppers.
  • What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Believe it or not, up until two years ago I had never seen The Christmas Story. Well it’s now a favorite, along with Elf. How can anyone not love Buddy?

  • Who’s your favorite person to shop for on your list? It’s a tie between Joshua & my mom. All Joshua ever asks for are things related to Penn State, Titans & Phillies. Can’t get much easier than that. My mom is the type of person that’ll love anything you give her.
  • Who’s your least favorite person to shop for? Definitely my dad & brother
  • What’s your most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Unlike my brother, I have the worst memory… like if it happened 3 years ago, I may have already forgotten. Oh well. However, I do remember one Christmas my parents had gotten Justin & me both cell phones. It was a complete surprise. They hid the phones throughout our home, called the phones & we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Also, another awesome gift was from my brother last year. I’ve never mentioned this before, but he’s quite the handy man when it comes to the workshop. He made Joshua & I a Car Key/Coat hanger out of wood. I wish I had a picture of it because it turned out beautiful. He engraved “Gipe” (my last name) & our anniversary date in it.
  • What’s your most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever given? Again, memory loss is happening. I’m sorry, and this sounds pitiful but I can’t think of anything at the moment.
  • Where’s your favorite place to go Christmas shopping? It all depends on who I’m shopping for. I am a big fan of online websites though.
  • What was one of your favorite Christmas memories? I definitely don’t have one favorite memory. I truly do believe that every Christmas is an amazing memory. I love our Christmas dinners where we sit down as a family and enjoy Lasagna. I love that we open one gift every Christmas Eve. I love that my dad will still hide our Christmas money outside (yup, we’ve had to climb parts of a tree before). I just love the whole day with my family.

  • Who’s your favorite Christmas shopping buddy? Whenever were visiting our family, it’s definitely my beautiful mother.
  • Do you decorate for the holidays and put up a tree? When do you normally do it? Joshua & I will be putting up our fake tree on Sunday! I cannot wait 🙂 Finding a tree & decorations was one thing I was worried about upon moving here. How in the world would we get a tree? Do they sell anything Christmas related? Well thankfully, a woman Joshua works with had a fake tree she didn’t need (she’ll be going back to the states), along with Christmas tree decorations. I guess it’s true, as long as you’re happy & hopeful… everything does work out.
  • And fine, just one food-related question, what’s your favorite Christmas dessert? No favorite. Oh wait, I just remembered I love Peanut Butter Blossoms.


… And now I’m off to watch “The Lion King”. Don’t act like you don’t love this movie too 🙂


  • What is one of your favorite Christmas memories?
  • What do you & your family eat for Christmas dinner?

Thankful Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day with your loved ones, and cherishing every moment.

Today is a day that I think so many people take for granted. They don’t celebrate the day for what the true meaning is. Instead, they look at it as a day off from work, and good food. However, that’s not the case whatsoever. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and feeling grateful for what you do & who you have in your life. There are many people in this world who are less fortunate, and I have found that those are the ones who celebrate Thanksgiving the correct way. They may not have a roof over their head, or turkey & pumpkin pie to eat, but they continue to smile & live their life the best way they can.

As well as it being Thanksgiving, it’s also another week of “Thankful Thursday”. I truly hope many of you will take time out of your day & write a post expressing what you are thankful for, whether  you link up to my post today or not.

When I was thinking of what to exactly write this morning, I had many ideas floating through my mind. I decided that today, I want to make this post more of a shout out to my loved ones. I want to express to them what they truly do mean to me.

  • Joshua: I am so thankful to have you as my husband. You have blessed my life in more ways than one. You bring me pure happiness, joy, laughter & love. Without you, life just wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t make sense. No matter the years that have past, you still give me those butterflies. You still have me falling deeper in love with you every single day. We have been through both good and bad times throughout our relationship & marriage, but I wouldn’t change the bad for anything. They’ve helped us learn more about each other, strengthened our marriage, and also have improved ourselves as individuals. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all that you do. You have provided us with such a wonderful life. You work hard every day so we can have a roof over our head, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Not only that, but your there to wipe away my tears, and cheer me up when all I want to do is cry. There isn’t one thing I’d change about you. Yes there may be times when you drive me crazy (ha ha), but to me you are perfect. You’re perfect for me. Knowing that for the rest of my life I’ll be waking up to your gorgeous face is such an amazing feeling. I love you hunnie xo.
  • Mom & Dad: The two of you mean the complete world to me. I know growing up we didn’t always see eye to eye, but honestly isn’t that how every parent/child relationship is from time to time? You were the type of parents who set such an amazing example of what it means to never give up, to fight for what you believe in. You pushed both Justin & I through the doubts and hard times. Your unconditional love and endless patience has always warmed my heart. Daddy, I know it was hard for you to work out of town so often while Justin & I were growing up, but every other week when I’d be able to jump in your arms at the airport made up for our time apart. When you squeezed me, I suddenly felt safe again. You never realize how quick life flashes by, how one minute we’ll be having lunch @ taco bell and the other we’ll be depending on phone conversations & e-mails. You may of “given me away” to Joshua at our wedding, but I will always be daddy’s little girl. You’ll always be the guy I look up too. Mommy, you are such a beautiful, confident and amazing woman. You have been my best friend for so many years. You were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, a person to shop with, or just for a good laugh. You brightened my day growing up, and continue to do so today. If there is one thing that I could have picked up from you, it was your love and thoughtfulness. You would do anything for your family, and to me that is such an amazing characteristic to have. With all this being said, Thank You Mommy & Daddy! I love and miss you both more than words can explain <3.
  • Justin: I’m blessed to not only have you as my brother, but as my twin brother. We were there for one another in more ways than one growing up. Yes we may of bumped heads, and became competitive with one another but isn’t that how sibling relationships work? I always knew that you’d have my back in any circumstance. Even though it drove me crazy how you’d be the “man of the house” while dad was away working, knowing that you’d never let anything happen to mom & I truly was a remarkable feeling to have. You weren’t just my brother; you were & are my best friend to this day. I hate that we’re so far apart, but that’s just how life works sometimes. You are one of the strongest, hardworking & motivated men that I know. You aren’t someone to ever give up until you achieve your goal 100%. I miss our laughs daily, and our long conversations we used to have. Please Justin, never stop being you. I love you. Oh & don’t forget, I’ll always be a minute older than you :).
  • In-laws: I cannot tell you all how grateful & blessed I am to have you apart of my life. Not only did you raise an amazing son & brother, but you have accepted me into your life with wide open arms, and have given me such a feeling of warmth and love. Just thinking of all of our fun & amazing memories we’ve made over the years has put the biggest smile on my face. All of you have been there for Joshua & I when we needed you, whether it was to help with a move or watch our little girl. I cannot tell you how much that means to both Joshua & I. We both love & miss you so much <3.

Sorry for how lengthy it may of gotten. I can only hope that all of you feel just as blessed with your life & the people in it. If any of you are going through a rough time right now, just know that you are in fact beautiful & mean the world to someone.

Tangent Tuesday

Good Morning! Even though I was only missing for a day from the “blogging world”, it’s wonderful to be back. I hope all y’all’s week started off on the right foot. If it wasn’t the greatest, just remind yourself that Thursday is Thanksgiving! 🙂 🙂

Tuesday’s have become a day when I write a post for Sloane over @ Strength In Freedom campaign called “Freedom From Perfection”, but because I was gone all yesterday I never got a chance to really sit down & think of what to say. So unfortunately, I won’t be participating this week, but please still head over to Sloane’s page & see what others are saying ❤ It really is a wonderful, motivational & inspiring campaign link to be apart of.

Okay, now let’s talk about yesterday for a little. Y’all are going to hate me, but I didn’t take a single picture. #sorryimnotsorry. I rarely take pictures as it is, and yesterday was just a day where I wanted our day to be strictly about us. That meant no cell phones, no cameras, no nothing. We had originally planned on seeing “Flight” @ 2:30, but because of traffic on the way there our plans had to change. Thankfully there was another showing at 5:00. Once we got to The Avenues (the mall), we decided to grab a quick-lunch at subway. Afterwards, we walked around looking for a good price on jeans. The hubs desperately needs some new pairs for work. We didn’t have the greatest of luck. The cheapest pair we could find anywhere were for $50.00. That’s a little higher than I like to spend (yup I can be cheap when it comes to buying clothes). So needless to say, the hubs only got one pair from American Eagle & were just going to order some online.

After a little more walking, and telling the husband I wanted everything in the Ikea store it was time for the movie. Let me just tell you, I absolutely loved it! Denzel Washington can do no wrong in my book. The movie kept your attention from beginning to end. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I’d definitely recommend you heading to the theaters soon & seeing it.

Once the movie was over, we decided to stay @ the mall and grab dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I’ve always been a big fan of Texas Roadhouse, however last night I was a little disappointed. I ordered a chicken salad with no bacon, well when my meal came there was bacon. I’m not usually one to complain or have them remake it, but there was so much bacon it would’ve taken me a while to pick through it all. I sent it back, and when they brought me a new salad it wasn’t even the one I ordered. Thankfully they were kind enough  to take my meal off the bill. So yup, my dinner ended up just being broccoli for the most part. It kinda worked out in the end though, because I had quite an upset stomach & just wasn’t feeling to hot by the end of the night. We got home around 9:30, and I pretty much crashed right away. #grandma status.

Now here I am, it’s 7:25 in the morning & I’m feeling much better :). It’s supposed to be another cold one on this side of the ocean today (77 degrees). I know some of you may think I’m crazy, but when you have been used to 90-100 degree temperatures for quite some time, anything under that means jeans & sweaters. Ah, I’m not sure how I’m going to survive when I visit the states in March. Someone help me! Ha Ha.

This weekend I saw a fun survey called “Looking Forward Survey” on Danielle @ Itsaharleylife’s page & thought it’d be fun to complete sometime this week :).

  • What are you looking forward to in the next couple hours? Trying a new-to-me smoothie I found on Katie @ HealthyDivaEat’s page (Caramel Pumpkin Protein Smoothie), but I’ll be adding 1/2 a banana to the mix as well.

You can’t tell me that doesn’t look delicious?!!

  • Who are you looking forward to seeing? Well since the only person I really see is my husband, I guess my husband. However, if you fast forward 249 days (not like I’m counting down or anything) to March, I’m excited to see my family, friends & blends ❤
  • Which meal you’re looking forward to eating? See #2, and once Thursday comes it’ll be Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Workout you’re looking forward to doing? My usual 20 minute walk with Roxy, and I’ll also be doing a quick core workout @ some point today as well.
  • What you’re looking forward to this weekend? Football, Football & Football. Man, I don’t know what I’m going to do once the season is over 😦
  • Show you’re looking forward to watching: Sons of Anarchy. Jax is the perfect eye candy… am I right?? Ha Ha
  • Recipe you’re looking forward to making? I received another package from my mom last week, and she had bought me some products from “Wildtree”. There was a product called “Smoked Mozzarella and Tomato blend” that I’m looking forward to trying out this evening for dinner. I found a recipe for these (picture below) that I’ll be following.. substituting the bacon with tuna.

  • What you’re looking forward to most for the holidays? Thanksgiving: Even though Joshua has to work all day, I’m blessed that we’ll be able to have a nice dinner that night and watch football. Christmas: Spending the whole day together, and then celebrating our 4 year marriage anniversary 2 days later at a fancy hotel ❤
  • Thanksgiving dish you’re looking forward to eating? Bring on the turkey baby!!
  • A goal you’re looking forward to achieving? I wouldn’t call it a goal, but being at a healthy weight where I regain my period & we can start trying for a baby. Also, graduating school next December.

Woah, this post was very long. Don’t worry though y’all, I’m all done writing for the day 🙂 :).

  • Answer some of the above questions. I’d love to hear your answers.
  • Are you doing anything fun for Thanksgiving?