Marvelous In My Monday

Good Morning Everyone! How was your weekend  Ours was nice. Watched football all Saturday night & than on Sunday we watched movies & Californication. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling too hot all day Sunday. I’ve been having some stomach trouble lately. Fingers crossed it’ll go away soon

Enough about me not feeling well, let’s get into Marvelous In My Monday hosted by Katie over @ HealthyDivaEats. Today’s post is going to be all over the place when it comes to what’s marvelous, so try to keep up :).

Marvelous is… that it finally rained Saturday. I haven’t felt rain since before I moved to Kuwait back in May. I have never been so thankful, even if it didn’t last long.

Marvelous is… I talked to my twin brother, Justin this weekend. Were close, however he’s been so busy lately that it’s been a good while since we’ve talked last. It was so marvelous to hear how well he’s doing, and how happy he is with his new girl.

Marvelous is… this protein shake I had for dessert last night. ((In the mix: 1/2 scoop cinnamon bun protein powder, 1 cup milk, yogurt (optional), 1 tbsp sugar-free vanilla pudding mix, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and ice. After I let it freeze up a bit more in the freezer, I added crumbled up coconut cookies)).. 

Marvelous is… gingerbread! I’ve been pinteresting anything and everything that involves gingerbread. Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin but I’m ready for another flavor in my life 🙂

Marvelous is… these lululemon clothes. Now if only I was rich & could afford it all. Don’t worry, you can always donate money to “Jessie’s Lululemon fund” 🙂


Not Marvelous… Hurricane Sandy! To all of you (and my family) who live on the East Coast, please be careful. My prayers are with all of you. I hope by now you are prepared, and all have all the major necessities in case your stranded for a couple of days without electricity.

  • Question: Have any of you tried Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein® protein powder? I was ordering my usual Myofusion Probiotic last night off of vitacost & saw a variety pack for Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein®. All the reviews seemed positive, but I just thought I’d see what y’all though :).

89 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday

  1. Iv tried cookies n cream , chocolate pb & chocolate spirutein protein powder.
    IMO they’re not the best tasting , but they’re not the worst either( I know, I’m real helpful, ha). I do like all the vitamins/nutrients in Spirutein , & the ingredients aren’t too bad. But Perfect Fit, Vega and Sunwarrior are my favourites, & better I think.

    We don’t have Lululemon in my part of the world, but I SERIOUSLY lust over their clothes!

  2. I haven’t bought a single thing from lululemon. Ever. Too expensive!

    No rain since May?! I’ll send some of Germany’s rain over your way. This morning it was a chilly 19 degrees here and it snowed over the weekend 😦

  3. My brothers and I all work REALLY weird schedules, so even though we all live in the same city, I can go months without talking to either of them. Sometimes I’ll be sitting and will just get this terrible pang of guilt for not calling them more. So I’m feeling you on the sisterly love, hun!! I’m super glad you finally got to chat with him. 🙂
    I used to work at Lulu, and while I was forced to donate a lot of my clothes from there when I entered recovery, I have enough pieces still (two hoodies and a pair of pants that are JUST work appropriate — because they’re comfy and baggy, not because they’re too tight!!) that I can manage to wear them daily in the winter/fall/sping and still often enough in the summer. My backpack is from there as well and I LOVELOVELOVE IT. I’d say that a few key pieces might be necessary, but filling out a full wardrobe with it … maybe not so much. That being said, I would gladly contribute to your fund if I could (but I think I might want to fill mine first 😉 ). Ps. They update the sales on their website on Thursdays — sizes run out quickly, but if you check on Thursday, you might just be able to snag the smaller sizes!

    • you used to work there? ah girl that is so awesome. wow i’m completely jealous. I don’t think i’d ever be able to save my pay checks though haha!

      I’m sorry to hear about you & your brother not being able to talk/see each other much due to conflicting schedules, but girl definitely just take a few minutes each week to reach out to him ❤

  4. It’s great that you got to talk with your brother! I miss mine terribly sometimes and I can’t wait to see him soon – we don’t get to talk a lot. That protein shake sounds amazing – anything with extra coconut is fine by me 😉

  5. You can always check out Oiselle with your new coupon coming to you!! 🙂 they have some extremely comfy things as well. We are all trying our best on the east coast here to stay safe. I’m home from work today and most likely tomorrow.

  6. I have yet to own a piece of Lululemon clothing. I know they are supposed to be the best out there but my goodness, I just cannot justify spending the $$ on it. Maybe that would be a great item to put on my Christmas list!!

  7. if you get a lot of donations to jessie’s lululemon fund can you pass some along to molly’s fund? i would love to own everything from lulu but instead i own nothing. don’t get me wrong, i seriously love my old navy workout gear, but i am always majorly envious of people who rock the lu.

  8. Wow this is a good one! 1) love lulu lemon, don’t love the price! 2) gingerbread. Yum. I always make a gingerbread house from scratch with my mom every year. It’s a big ordeal… I love making it (and eating it). Christmas is the best! 3) glad you got to talk to your twin….I can’t imagine how hard it is living so far away from your family. Hope you start to feel better and continue to have a marvelous Monday, far from hurricane sandy 🙂

  9. Sorry to hear about the stomach woes hun. I definitely know how much of a pain those can be, and I really hope that you start to feel better soon. Ginger tea with honey, a heating pad, and gentle stretching usually help me when my stomach starts acting up. Big hugs to you.

  10. Holy god do I love Lulu. I’m trying to get a job at the one here in Knoxville **fingers crossed! Sorry to hear about your tummy! I feel your pain. Have you tried kombucha? I mix it with ACV and some cinnamon and it usually calms my issues right down! You and your bro are ADORABLE!

  11. That dessert smoothie sounds delicious, and I am with you on the gingerbread! I wanted to make molasses or gingerbread cookies this weekend for the Halloween party, but didn’t end up having time. Oh well, there’s still plenty of the fall season left to enjoy those flavors!

    Oh, and I think it’s so cool that you have a twin brother! So great you got to catch up with him 🙂

  12. I didn’t know you had a twin! Glad all is well with him–and you (well, minus some stomach stuff). And I am WITH YOU on gingerbread! I don’t care if it’s still “early,” I am all over everything gingerbread. I need to make some of the real deal! And track down some gingerbread coffee while I’m at it…

  13. -That’s an insane amount of time to go without rain–so glad you finally had some, even if it was just a little bit! I love rain–it’s always so relaxing.
    -I associate ginger with Christmas and I’m fighting the urge practically daily now to not start decorating for Christmas or listening to holiday music! 🙂

  14. Glad you finally got some rain! The weath in CA has been way too hot for my taste- I need me some cold weather:)

    I have never tried that protein powder, but it sounds good! I need to expand my protein powder palate- all I drink is Shakeology.

    Have a great day, girl! I hope you’re feeling better!

  15. That smoothie recipe sounds delicious – I love the pudding idea, since it’s always hard to thicken up smoothies. 🙂 And oh, Lululemon! I live by one and walk by it at least once a week, and I practically break my neck trying to look at all the wonderful clothes as I pass by. It’s waaaay out of my price range, but oy, do I ever hope I can win the lottery and go buy some yoga pants. (Yes, I’d totally allocate a portion of my theoretical lottery winnings to Lululemon. I’m pretty sure I’d be addicted within minutes.)

  16. – That protein shake dessert sounds awesome! I’m thinking of making protein shakes my dessert every night a couple hours before bed. I’ve been wanting to drink more smoothies/protein shakes for a while now and I think that is the answer. I always end up binging on peanut butter or Puffin cereal right before bed and I always get frustrated with myself for doing so. Maybe if I start drinking protein shakes, I’ll be fuller longer and it will tide me over until morning 🙂 Hope you feel better by the way!!

  17. Aw, I hope you’re feeling better – stomach troubles are so discomforting. I usually snuggle up in bed with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea on those days.

    What a sweet picture of you and your brother! I’m happy to hear you were able to catch up with him again. Reminds me of trying to call my brother again soon, too.

  18. What a GREAT picture with your brother. I have to agree with everyone else that you guys are absolutely adorable. 🙂

    Lulu clothes: I have wanted to try them for forever! I have only heard raves about them and I must get to a store asap! The closest one is about 4 hours away though…probably a good thing for my wallet, hehe.

  19. Goly, so many things to comment on here, as usual lol

    Loooove Californication! Last year around this time, I watched the entire series from start to finish in a matter of no timeI Entourage too! lol Football? Not so much 😦 sorry, I just don’t get it.

    I love learning something new and I had no idea you had a twin brother?!! Very cool ! That’s such a nice photo of the two of you btw – you’re both glowing -looove it!

    Sweetgoodness! Your smoothie combintion sounds like a sweet birthday surprise..and very filling. yum! I looove Gingerbread and my little “Taste Tester” always agrees! He knows icing is involved lol

    Love Lulu (what girl doesn’t) ..and I actually have the exact same pants as the ones in the 4th picture. They’re my favorite right now.

    I really Hope you feel better hun! I read how Sloane suggested like a charm every time, I swear!

    • Ha Ha, it’s okay.. I’ll let it slide since you love californication 🙂

      Awe thanks so much girl. Yup, we’ve been twins since birth haha!

      Ha Ha, I bet your little taste tester can hardly wait to make some gingerbread houses huh?

      Uhmm & I’m completely jealous you have those pants!!

  20. See, Im kinda picky when it comes to gingerbread. I adore the flavor, but I typically hate how hard the cookies are!! Im a soft cookie kinda girl, so when I make homemade gingerbread I always undercook them just so they can stay soft 🙂

  21. Haha I am so with you on needing a new flavor. Gingerbread sounds like the perfect one – I’m going to have to go check out your Pinterest now and pin away ;).

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