Short & Sweet

Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Did this week seem to drag by for anyone else? I honestly didn’t think today would ever come. Since the hubs works 6 days a week, our weekend technically doesn’t start until tomorrow @ 5 pm :-X Bummer right?!!

Today’s post is gonna be short & sweet. I just got home from the grocery store, and really need to take Roxy for a walk & get some cleaning done.

I was recently nominated by the wonderful Giselle over at AHealthyHappyHome for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. I’ve been following Giselle’s blog for quite sometime now and can’t get enough of it. Between the love for her adorable munchkin and her fun family stories, it’s become one of my favorite blogs to read.

Here’s how it works: Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. Answer 5 questions, and nominate a dozen of bloggers. Simple enough right? 

Five Questions:

  • Cookie or Cake? Most definitely cookies
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? I have a love relationship with both of them
  • What is your favorite sweet treat? This one is always changing. Lately it’s a cross between apples with peanut butter protein goo, and pumpkin spice english muffins topped with peanut butter & banana
  • When do you crave sweet things the most? Always after dinner
  • If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? My husband only calls me babe, and I love that <3.

Blogger Nominations:

Also, I’ve already done the “Sunshine Award” questions, but I wanted to say Thank You to KatalystHealth and CaloricAndCrazy for both nominating me as well.

Before I end this post, I thought it’d be fun to share some fun facts about certain Halloween Candy 🙂

Babe Ruth: Many people associate this candy bar with legendary baseball player Babe Ruth (the candy’s web site does feature a baseball stadium), but it was actually named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, who was often called “Baby Ruth.”

Peeps: The technological wizards at Peeps have cut the manufacturing time down to six minutes to make one marshmallow chick, down from 27 hours in 1953. Their wings were “clipped” in the 1950s to give them a “sleek, modern look.”

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Hershey’s makes enough of this favorite in one year to give one cup to every single person in the USA, Japan, Europe, China, Africa, and India.

Butterfinger: The term “butterfinger” dates from the 1920s and ’30s when sportscasters used it to describe athletes who couldn’t hold on to a baseball or football.

Candy Corn: According to the National Confections Association, more than 35 million pounds of candy corn will be produced this year. That’s 9 billion pieces (63 billion calories), enough to circle the moon almost 21 times

KitKat: Although a Nestle product in most of the world, Kit Kat is licensed under Hershey in the U.S. The name is believed to come from the 18th century “Kit Kat” literary club in London.



  • Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?
  • Do you hand out candy to all the little ones? 




75 thoughts on “Short & Sweet

    • Bummer! When my husband & I lived in VA beach before moving out here, we lived in a pretty popular apartment complex. We went out & bought all this candy, and didn’t get ONE tricker treater. It was pretty sad lol

  1. Happy Friday, and congrats on your nominations! That’s awesome, and I’m guessing it’s a fabulous way to end your long week. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, even though it’ll be half hub-less (my husband works long hours too, so I know that motif well)!

  2. awww thanks for the nomination! i love that it’s five simple questions – sometimes i get so overwhelmed by long surveys!

    those candy facts are awesome – i feel like i was watching an episode of unwrapped on the food network 🙂 although i’m not going to lie – the orange kit kats kind of weird me out. i feel like chocolate should stay brown, but maybe that makes me a candy purist.

  3. PEANUT BUTTER CUPS ARE MY DOWNFALL!! Ahhhh…….my favorite candy of all time..frozen! Mmmmm!! Thank you for the nomination sweetie! 🙂 I also got a nomination from Giselle, so I guess I have some work to do! 🙂 Have a great day!

  4. Halloween is my least favorite thing. I just don’t get it! haha I get scared super easily and don’t like all the creepiness that goes along with the “holiday” (is it even considered a holiday?)
    I do, however, like all the treats that go along with it 🙂

  5. I love Halloween 🙂 me and my sister are having our friends over, will prob make popcorn or something– we’re pretty boring haha don’t really go out and dress up. I live in a town house and last year I was constantly at the door.. we get SOOOO many kids. It’s cute, but sad when we start running out of candy lol! Then I start handing out just 1 piece haha

  6. I. Love. Peeps. I can’t get enough of them! My mom buys them for me for all of the holidays 🙂
    Can’t wait to hand out candy to the little ones in my neighborhood this year… I’ve been deprived of that fun for a few years living in dorms so it’s a welcome change! Plus, I get to eat the leftover candy which is never a bad thing

  7. I love these candy facts! How fun! I knew the Baby Ruth one but that was it!

    I don’t think me and TJ will dress up, but I think the kids will be a Bumble Bee and Captain America. And since we’ll be with the kids trick or treating, we won’t be handing out candy. Sorry kiddos!

  8. Awwr thanks for the shout out, love! Definitely brought a smile to my face on an otherwise draaaaaaagging Friday afternoon.

    That’s some pretty crazy info about the candy… but I can definitely believe some of the mass production ones because really, who doesn’t love Halloween candy? I’ll definitely be handing some out this year, but the sad thing is that we don’t even seem to get that many kids anymore! I have no idea where they all went…

    • girl don’t be sad about the tricker treaters being non existant. My husband & I went out last year and bought all this candy.. and you know what happened. We didn’t get ONE kid. It was so sad 😦

  9. Me and some friends from nursing school are being the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April, and Splinter 🙂 I did the candy thing last year, but it’s a pain in the butt running up and down the stairs. I think until we get a house, we’re going to leave the candy passing to the other people in the neighborhood!

  10. Awww thank you for the kind words! I love reading your blog daily as well 🙂 Since the Love Nugget goes to bed at 7:00 we are being kind of bah humbug this year for Halloween. I think we might go to dinner then rent a movie and turn out the lights to avoid trick or treaters. I know, so bad! Our neighborhood has really gone downhill so it’s usually just teenagers who come to the door with their pillowcases and normal clothes. Not a fan so this year we decided to skip it! Next year will be more fun since the Love Nugget will actually understand it and want to go out trick or treating 🙂

  11. I have never been a fan of dressing up for Halloween. However, I’m a HUGE fan of Halloween candy! I always set candy out for trick-or-treaters with a sign. If I let them ring the bell, it would be a nightmare with my dog!

  12. Awww what a super cute award! The cupcake picture is just gorgeous! I am definitely a cookie over cake girl too. And after dinner is when the sweet cravings get really bad for me! I did not know any of those facts. I also didn’t know about half of that candy so that’s not really surprising haha 🙂 I hope your weekend is lovely, even if it is just one day! x

  13. I’m definitely a cookies girl too, although if I had to choose between cookies and Reece’s peanut butter cups? Now that’s a *completely* different ball game. 😉 Reece’s peanut butter cups for the win every time! I actually only buy them once a year (they’re for the trick-or-treaters, of course 😉 ) because when they’re in the house, I go to town.

    I loved reading all of these fun candy facts! Now I know why Kit Kat packaging looks and tastes different in every other country. Peeps make me so happy, but I actually prefer the bunnies over the chicks. 🙂

    Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays because my birthday is the next day! This time of year was so exciting when I was little because I’d go out trick-or-treating, come home and eat candy, then wake up to birthday cake! A child’s dream, right? I still love dressing up, but I think my favorite part now is seeing the little kids in their costumes. They’re always so adorable! My neighborhood doesn’t get a lot of trick-or-treating traffic because it’s mostly filled with single 20-30-somethings, but I’m hoping the doorbell will ring a few times!

    Have a great weekend, beautiful! xoxo ❤

    • Ah, well I will have to remember your birthday!! You made out pretty awesome though w/ it following the day after. I could only imagine how full of energy you must’ve been that week. Your poor parents, haha just kidding 🙂

      && I totally agree with you.. pb cups > cookies! Nothing compares 🙂

  14. I had no idea all these seasonal candies existed! I’m not big on candy (shockingly, because I could literally eat cake or other desserts for every meal if I wasn’t concerned about health), but I would totally try all those.

  15. Aww! Thank you so much for the nomination, Jessie! What a nice surprise 😀 This is such a cute post btw! I love all the fun candy facts. Believe it or not, I’ve never tasted a Baby Ruth chocolate bar or Peeps. I know, right?!

    I have no plans to dress up this year but my little Taste Tester wants to be Darth Vader for Halloween. Funny, when I was a little girl, I was scared of Darth Vader lol. The breathing scared me most of all.

    Have a great weekend hun XO

  16. Just found your blog and love it! Will definitely be coming back often 🙂

    I actually don’t love Halloween as a holiday, but I LOVE the fall. I am a huge Christmas girl, but the fall season is my favorite time of year overall.

    • Hi Haley! I’m so glad you found my blog. Thank you so much for your comment. You are too sweet.

      I’m not a big fan of Halloween either. I don’t really even understand why it’s a holiday in the first place to be honest haha.

      I hope your having a wonderful weekend ❤

  17. No dressing up for Halloween this year. We are leaving Germany a few days after that and will be busy getting things ready. Ah well. Next year! However, I keep googling hilarious pictures of dog Halloween costumes.

  18. I believe I am dressing up for Halloween this year… I am working on finding somewhere to go that I would actually enjoy so yeah, hopefully it works out 🙂 I always put a costume together last minute, so I am not too worried about that issue. We occasionally have trick or treaters at our house, so that means we must buy candy and then I just “have” to enjoy the extras for myself 😉

  19. colored kit kats?! I never really was a fan of Kit Kat, but I did try Japanese kit kats once (banana smoothie abd blueberry flavors!!)

  20. I just moved, so I have no idea how much candy to buy for handing out – I love doing it but I’m afraid of buying a huge bag and getting like, 4 kids.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve already eaten more than my fair share of candy corn – love that stuff!

  21. Ahhh I love Halloween candy! We have a thing called “Trust Treat” on my campus where little kids come and trick-or-treat around the dorms and buildings on campus. So, we get to see all the little munchkins all dressed up! So cute! 🙂

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