Marvelous In My Monday & THANK YOU!

Before we get into Marvelous In My Monday, I wanted to once again say Thank You!! The out-pour of comments and e-mails were so heartwarming. If I could fly to each & every one of you I would. All of you deserve the biggest hug in the world. I’ve never felt so loved, and so supported by such a large community. The positive feedback I received was a just another reminder on why I chose to start blogging. Also, please don’t be hurt if it takes me longer to respond back to each comment/email. I want to make sure to give my full attention to each one since they all are so deserving of it.

Okay, moving on to another Marvelous In My Monday hosted by the fabulous Katie @ HealthyDivaEats.

Marvelous is this Apple Smoothie. In the mix: 1 apple chopped, 1/4 cup oats, 1 cup milk, yogurt, 2 tablespoons pb2, cinnamon & ice

and this Strawberry Smoothie (I know my Tupperware is very classy :)). In the mix, 1 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 bottle ZICO coconut water, yogurt, 2 tbsp pb2, 1 scoop strawberries & cream protein powder, and ice. 

Marvelous is the Green Bay Packers winning last night. Not only did they win, but they beat the 5-0 Houston Texas.

Marvelous is hopefully regaining my period within the next 6 months. I had my appointment on Saturday to hear my lab results. No they weren’t good. I’m only allowed to walk 20 minutes a day. But we’ve finally started a treatment. I’ll take hormone pills for the next 4-6 months, and by than I should be good to go.

Marvelous is Vitacost. I’ve mentioned it on my blog before, but it’s such an awesome online health store. Not only do they sell awesome food products for a lower price than in the stores, but they sell nutrition supplements, protein powders, vitamins, body/hair products, pet items & so much more. You receive free shipping when you spend $49.00 or more, and if you use THIS code you’ll get another $10.00 off your first purchase.

Marvelous is all this pumpkin puree. They may not sell anything else pumpkin here, but this is all I need :).



  • What’s making your day Marvelous?
  • What’s your go to dessert @ the end of the day? 

67 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday & THANK YOU!

  1. My go to dessert is always ice cream. Love it way too much sometimes. Marvelous today was the beautiful weather and lots of outdoor time. Hope you get your health worries sorted out! Do what is best for your body. Xx

  2. Thats awesome that they sell libby’s there!!! That is the BEST pumpkin for sure! And with the 20 minutes of walking…try to look at that as a positive! You could be TOTALLY restricted from exercise so just take advantage of those 20 minutes! And remember this is only a short period of time in your life. You have decades of exercise ahead of you 🙂

  3. First off, that apple smoothie looks like apple pie. De-liishhh. And It sucks that you can’t work out how you want to, but things will only get better from here! Just keep that in mind when the lack-of-running-crabbiness kicks in! It’s all worth it.

  4. That smoothie looks absolutely fabulous!! Yum!
    Go to dessert lately is frozen banana and spinach blended to make fake froyo combined with a scoop of chocolate protein powder — so delicious!!
    Just so you know — you’re marvelous. Keep fighting the good fight!! It’ll be worth it!

  5. Hi cutie! Thanks for sharing all your marvelous-ness! Seriously – pumpkin puree is enough to make anything! It’s amazing what you can do with the stuff!

    I hope the hormone start working for you! I’m sure it’s frustrating to only be able to walk 20 min a day. Hang in there!

  6. That I am feeling a bit better! I never did comment on your last post, since we have talked a bit about it. But I glad you got a diagnosis and while the road to recovery is not easy it is possible and totally worth it. I am always here for you too 🙂 Hugs!

  7. Funny you should mention end of the day dessert because I had a slice of warm apple cake last night that absolutely rocked my socks off. Your apple smoothie actually reminds me of it and now I’m craving another slice… Glad to hear that you’re getting things figured out with your health, love!

  8. You are such a strong woman! I just read your post from Friday and am overwhelmed by how positive you stayed. Sorry to hear the results didn’t come back the way you hoped, but there is a blessing in disguise here and I think it is beyond incredible that you are able to see that!

  9. NOTHING wrong with some classy tupperware presentation ;D So glad you’ve taken hold of your health and are ready to make the changes you need to! And you’ve got a good goal in mind, 6 months is totally doable! Stay strong and positive, lovely lady!

    (And my go-to dessert has been protein powder whipped together with almond butter. To die for! I’ll save the pumpkin for dinner ;D )

  10. Jessie, you are absolutely amazing and just so strong to be taking this situation by the horns. I soo know how difficult it is, to give up so much that is important to you in order to achieve other important goals… I know I am having trouble truly internalizing that, but knowing you are working hard helps me out!
    On another note, that smoothie sounds delicious! I need to make it soon, before it gets too cold out… boo!

    • you really do, and if you do.. let me know how you like it 🙂

      .. Thanks Tessa. Please know if you EVER need anything, just message me!! I’m ALWAYS here to talk.. no matter what time of the day 🙂

  11. Yes! Your smoothies rock!!! Plus I LOVE that you eat them out of plastic containers….like I MIGHT happen to also do! 😉 You have such a great attitude girl! Stay strong, stay positive! Everyone is with you and 6 months isn’t too far away! And like I said, the hard work will make it all worth while! 🙂

  12. Good for you for embracing this change from running to walking (and just taking things slow and steady). I’m happy to hear you have a treatment plan in place and a goal in mind..good for you hun! You have lots to feel marvelous for! Your smoothies are looking quite amazing, I must admit 😀 Happy MIMM sweetie 🙂

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