Marvelous In My Monday

The weekend is over, and another Marvelous In My Monday is upon is. I don’t know about y’all, but we had a nice relaxing weekend over here. I may or may not of eaten a bit unhealthy too :-X Hey a slice of pizza + chips & salsa won’t kill me right???

Marvelous… that I found these gems @ the grocery store yesterday. This ONE bag may of cost me $9.00, but after all my complaining about the lack of pumpkin anything over here how could I pass them up? You better believe I broke the bag open the second we stepped out of the store. My honest thought: I was kind of disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but not something I can eat a lot of at once (I guess that could be a good thing??).

Marvelous… even though both the Auburn Tigers & Green Bay Packers lost this weekend, at least Penn State won!! After all these players have been through in regards to the whole Sandusky trial, they deserve everything they’ve worked for and every winning game.

Marvelous… We are now all caught up on Sons of Anarchy. Since the show isn’t televised until so late (darn time difference), we hadn’t been able to catch any episode so far this season. Thank gosh for iTunes though! I already wish it were Tuesday!! For all you watchers out there, don’t you hate how after every episode it leaves you wanting more??

Marvelous… I finally remembered to stretch after my 9 mile run this morning. This may sound stupid to some, but lately I’ve been slacking. My legs felt it all weekend & had no problem showing me their disappointment. I felt bad, at one point the hubs wanted to go out for a little walk and I had to turn him down. I know that sounds so mean, but ugh my legs just wanted to relax!!

Marvelous… The Zucchini Banana Cookies I made on Friday! Sorry for teasing y’all with the pictures all weekend,  but like I promised you.. here’s the recipe:

Zucchini Banana Cookies


  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed
  • 1 egg, 1 egg white
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup splenda granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 medium zucchini, grated


  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and lightly grease.
  • In one bowl, beat together the eggs, syrup, banana, sugars, and vanilla.
  • In another both, mix flour, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon.
  • Mix dry ingredients into the wet mixture until combined.
  • Dump by tablespoons on baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Marvelous… All the support and prayers I’ve received from you in regards to my OBGYN appointment on Friday. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much to share with y’all. The husband and I had misunderstood the doctor and went back 5 days too early (darn accents). The hardest thing about the visit though was hearing that I’m most likely not producing eggs. Yes I may have realized that, but just hearing it… it was hard to digest. We’ll go back on Thursday and hopefully find out more. Fingers crossed 🙂

Marvelous… this respond from my mom on facebook:

Me: Just wanted to tell you thanks for your support through this whole health situation. love you mommy

My Mom:’s so funny I was up during the night and I was thinking about this too….this will all work out. I am glad you are finding out all of this now while you are still so young. The medical field is amazing these days and they find new answers to things every minute. You will see… will have the answers you need in no time and will be cuddling with your twins…triplets…lol, in no time! I love you honey!


  • What was one marvelous thing about your weekend?
  • Have you ever baked with zucchini? 

101 thoughts on “Marvelous In My Monday

  1. Wow 9 dollars is the rage. I’d go buy a bunch of something else and make them myself ha.

    Sorry to hear about your unfornate with the doctor and I hope everything gets better or at least having answers. Not having answers is always worse then not knowing what is going on.

  2. I’m never very impressed with the hershey flavors either. Your stores need to get some REAL pumpkin treats in!! At least the canned stuff, goodness!! Sad weekend in football for many! Boo!

    • Girl I live in Kuwait. They do not celebrate Thanksgiving.. so no pumpkin treats ill be around 😦 Thank goodness my mom and best friend have both sent me packages filled with some yummy fall treats!! (( we do have pumpkin in the can though 🙂 ))

      It was a crazy weekend in football. I’m so happy Penn State won. Penn State winning means happy hubby haha.

  3. Pizza and chips definitely won’t kill you… I’m completely convinced that they’re all part of a healthy diet 😀 and this weekend was marvelous for me because it’s Thanksgiving up here, so there was lots of good ford and family time… two things that I love most.

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  4. aww that’s so sweet what you mom said! They always make things better 🙂 Sucks that the kisses weren’t the greatest! I would think pumpkin anything would be delicious– haven’t seen them around here yet though lol

  5. I have been waiting all weekend for these cookies! They look delicious! I am definitely going to have to try them out, but need to strategize to remove the whole wheat flour since wheat hasn’t been working for me lately! And I can’t believe you paid $9.00 for hershey kisses girl!! Holy cow! I think it would be cheaper for me to mail you something pumpkin! 😉

  6. Your mom sounds adorable!! But really Jessie everything works out in the end, and doctors are absolutely amazing right now! STAY STRONG, you are in my prayers 🙂 By the way, I NEED to try those pumpkin spice kisses.

  7. I really wanted to have some zucchini on hand to bake with this week…but they looked pathetic at the grocery store 😦 Summer is officially over…

    And I had no idea that Kiss flavor existed, now I’m intrigued…

    • Boo!! I’m sorry girl. Hopefully they’ll have some good looking ones this week 🙂

      I was very intrigued too, however I had my expectations up too high and they turned out to just be decent for me lol

  8. OMG, $9 for the Hershey kisses?!? I paid about $3 for a bag this past weekend and was kinda put off by it, lol!! Didn’t know how lucky I was 😉

    And yeah, I could only eat 3-4 at one time. Definitely super sweet.

  9. Yay! I’m so excited you posted the cookie recipe! I actually woke up this morning hoping that you would because they looked so good!

    No, I don’t think pizza or chips and salsa are going to kill you. In fact, they might even be good for you!

    I’m glad you had a marvelous weekend! I will keep praying for your health problems to be resolved. I know how hard and scary it is, but I know you will get through it!

    My weekend was marvelous because I got to meet up with some new friends from church for a picnic.

    I baked with zucchini for the first time this summer. I made a zucchini, apple, banana, carob and spelt bread that was really good.

  10. I had no idea there were pumpkin spice kisses…awesome!! but boo to $9! loving your cookie recipe, too. That is good you are at the gyno and all that jazz, despite going 5 days too soon, ha.. at least you are on top of things. I have faith you will get it all figured out, pretty girl 🙂 Happy Monday!

  11. Those cookies look amazing! I’m so sorry about the appointment mixup and the news. Hopefully all goes better this Thursday! You deserve nice things x

  12. I don’t even want think THINK about football. Apparently the state of Georgia no longer has college teams.

    Those cookie are amazing! I make zucchini everything… can’t believe I never thought about cookies. You’re brilliant!!

  13. oh my goodness 9 dollars for a bag of hershey kisses! now that is crazy I could’ve bought some and shipped them to you for less than that! (: Sorry for the disappointment I’ve had a couple of them… and I agree they aren’t that good! Your cookie recipe though on the other hand looks delicious!

    • Awe, that’s okay girl! But thank you 🙂 I”m sorry to hear you’ve had disappoints as well, they are never any fun! If only life could be filled with pure happiness haha!

  14. Love you sweetie! Sorry ab the doctor’s appt mix up–I’m continually praying for you! I have some zucchini right now that needs to be used up–those cookies sound like a perfect excuse to get baking! I’ve used zucchini in brownies before and it was awesome! Can’t wait to try!
    glad you got to relax this weekend xoxo

  15. Loooove me some zucchini too..recipe sounds great! My little guy loooves cookies and this would be a great way to add zucchini without him even realizing what’s inside 😛 I really Hope everything works out at the next visit with the Doc. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some answers and go from there. Thinking of you 🙂 Happy MIMM! Enjoy the rest of your week xo

  16. My heart is with you my dear!! Your Mom was totally right with her Mommy-message though. Everything absolutely happens for a reason, and this will work out for the best in the end — whichever way that may be. Keep the faith! As long as you have faith, hope, and love, you can’t lose. ❤

  17. Hang in there! I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason and while what your going through now is very hard, everything will work out in the end 🙂 I am so horrible at stretching after running too! Especially when I take the Love Nugget becuase its hard to stretch with him climbing all over me! If I do stretch, I do it too quickly so I created a Gymboss Tabata timer setting for stretching each muscle group for at least 30 seconds. It’s helped a lot!

    • You are exactly right, things do happen for a reason. I know that what I’m going through will only make me stronger in the end :).

      What an awesome idea for stretching. I’ll have to try it out!

  18. Aww your mom is the best!! What a lovely and encouraging message she wrote to you 🙂 I am sorry that you still don’t have answers, gosh that is just the worst, especially with this kind of situation! I am absolutely crossing my fingers for you and wishing you the very best Jessie

  19. I feel like i have so much i need to comment on in regards to this post…

    1. i’m way behind in my reading people’s posts/commenting…thinking about you and your eggs…i know how tough that is girl. i couldn’t imagine going through this so far away.
    2. i love the zucchini cookies! yes yes yes!
    3. i had pumpkin spice kisses last year and i felt the same way. I WAS SO EXCITED and they were sorta a disappointment.
    4. and ya nittany lions!

  20. $9 for a bag of hershey kisses?! I guess it makes sense but I would end up blowing every last penny just out of necessity 😉 Those cookies sound so good as well, love anything with zucchini in it (well and in the sweet variety…)!

  21. So glad you finally got some pumpkin back in your life! 🙂 Keep looking at the positive side of things 🙂 I hope you figure out what is going on with your body and you hear good news soon!!

    • Thanks Carol! I’ll definitely keep y’all updated on the appt. once Thursday comes!

      && yes moms are by far the greatest. What would we do w/o em?

  22. We must be sisters with our love of football. I have been so sad about the Packers situation this year (you can almost feel Rodgers frustration), but on the plus side Penn State has been on TV every weekend (#WINNING).
    I cannot believe the kisses cost $9, holy smokes! At least you got to give them a try, but sorry you weren’t more impressed.

    Your mother sounds wonderful indeed (about as good as those cookies look). I am hopeful for your OB appointments and in the end something will work out. Medicine these days do seem to perform miracles 🙂

    Prayers for you and your husbad.

    • Ha Ha Rachel, yes we must. Oh I know you really can see the frustration, and it breaks my heart! They all need to get their act together that’s for sure.

      ….as for Penn State. I couldn’t be more proud of the team this year. they are kicking a$$!!!

      Yes, you are completely correct that medicine has come a long way. All I know, is if I have to be put on medicine, it better work a miracle haha!

  23. Whoa….if I am paying $9.00 for candy, it has better be Godiva!!! Sorry they weren’t as great as you were hoping.

    As for Penn State, I am super glad they won, too!! One of my dearest friends husbands is the special teams coach so I am always rooting for them!!

    • Ha Ha sometimes ya gotta pay for a craving.. and i wasn’t getting them from the states so when I saw.. had to take advantage. I’m sure I can put them in good use with baking. Maybe banana bread with some in the middle?? 🙂

      Oh wow, that’s so awesome! What a lucky friend you have haha. Have you been to a game?

  24. I have been wanting to try those Hershey Kisses – I’m disappointed that they aren’t great but, I think you’re right, it may be best that they are only enjoyable in small doses 🙂 Good luck on Thursday. My thoughts are with you and your husband.

    • Thank you so much girl. Like I said on your post.. I love your recaps! You and your husband are adorable in every way possible xo

  25. Ya Penn State! We ARE! hahaha! I also enjoyed pizza this weekend and delcious popcorn at the movie theater butter and all! gotta live a little and enjoy!! Those pumpkin spice hershey kisses look amazing, I didn’t know they made them!!!! I want them now!!

    • haha lovee the ‘WE ARE!!” your too cute :).

      Mmmm pizza and popcorn. Girl you did it right this week on meals (all about moderation!!)

  26. If only those Kisses were in single-serve packs, I’d love to try them.The banana zucchini cookies sound good, and look good. I hope things work out for you at the OBGYN, take care. 🙂

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