An Award & Recipe

First things first. I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful & sweet comments you’ve left on my vacation recaps. They truly meant the world to me, and had me constantly smiling.

Last week the beautiful Rebecca over @ Blueberry Smiles tagged me for the Inspiring Blog Award, which is an award that’s All About You. You simply post 7 interesting facts about yourself that followers may not know. Then tag 7 people, and inform them to link their post back to yours.

  • Some of you may think I have it all together, and am constantly positive but that’s not always the case. There are times where I feel overwhelmed, and just can’t help but shed a tear or two. I’m human, and I believe that having those breakdowns from time to time only make you that much stronger as a person
  • This is rather personal, but I’ve been wanting to share this with all of you for quite some time. A few of you know, but others do not. I lost my period back in May, and am currently in the process of getting tests done to see why, and what caused this to happen. On Monday I ended up in the ER, and found out that I have Hypothyroidism. It is a condition in which the Thyroid Gland does not make enough Thyroid Hormone. I want a family, and will do whatever it takes. If it involves cutting back exercise, or putting on weight, than so be it. I am young and have the rest of my life to get my body back to where I want it. Right now it’s about my health & my marriage to my wonderful husband.
  • I used to be terrified of bridges. I would hold my breath the whole way across.
  • I know some of you have those long-lasting friendships with girls and guys from High School, but I do not. I have one friend who I’ve remained close with since. You truly do realize who your true friends are once you move away.
  • Every morning for breakfast I have some sort of smoothie. I’ve tried eating something different, but it just never tastes as good. It’s like my body has adjusted to the cold & refreshing meal, and wont allow anything else.
  • Sticking with the food facts. I eat dessert every.single.night even if I’m not hungry. It almost always includes yogurt & fruit
  • When I was younger, I honestly thought I’d grow up to be an Orthopedic Surgeon. Obviously that dream has changed quite a bit. I don’t mind blood, but could never see myself doing surgeries day in and day out.

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Jess @ FitNJess

Tessa @ Amazingasset

Sarah @ IngredientsofaFit Chick

Lindsay @ ItzLinz

Theresa @ ASpoonfulofSunshine

Michelle @ EatMoveBalance

Now onto the recipe. The other day I was craving a Peanut Butter Cookie bad… like I didn’t think I’d be able to live without one. Thankfully I have a ridiculous amount of Peanut Butter & Peanut Flour to hold me over for quite sometime. I decided to incorporate Protein Plus Peanut Flour that the sweet Eva @ Committed2Nutrition had sent me.

Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Makes 25 bite-size cookies. Each cookie is 51 calories


  • 1 cup Peanut Flour
  • 1/2 cup Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
  • 1/4 cup Splenda
  • 1/2 cup Light Brown Sugar
  • 7 tablespoons of Ican’tBelieveIt’sNotButter, or 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 6 tablespoons of water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

*Feel free to throw in Chocolate Chips, Nuts, or Fruit. Whatever your little heart desires 🙂


  • Preheat oven to 375
  • Combine Peanut Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Baking Soda & Baking Powder in one bowl
  • In another bowl, combine remaining ingredients.
  • Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients & mix well.
  • Dough may seem very thick, and you may need to add an additional tablespoon or two of water.
  • Bake 10-13 minutes.

  • Do you prefer bite size cookies, or larger cookies?
  • What’s your favorite apple recipe?

62 thoughts on “An Award & Recipe

  1. Hi Jessie! Thanks for tagging me….yay! That will be a fun post to write!

    You have a great outlook on working towards better health and dealing with hypothyroidism. You can do this! And I have no doubt that things will turn around for you. 🙂

    Great recipe! I love peanut flour, so I’m always looking for new ways to use it!

  2. I was just recently told I might have borderline hyperthyroidism also. I have to get more tests done but it’s scary but as long as you stay positive, everything will work out! I’m getting peanut flour in the mail from iherb soon so I might have to make these cookies!!

  3. those cookies look SOOOO good 🙂 i prefer big cookies but i usually make them bite size because then i can eat a couple guilt free. also thanks for sharing your facts, especially about your health. it’s always inspiring for me to read bloggers being so honest and up front about their issues and it makes me feel braver about posting my own 🙂

    • It took me a while to actually share the little bit that I did. I do credit all of the other wonderful bloggers who have started revealing more & more about their health with all of us. It does help knowing that were all each others biggest support team.

      If you ever need to talk, feel free to e-mail me girl ❤

  4. I don’t even know where to begin girl!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for nominating me!! You are such a sweetheart! 🙂 As for the DC race, I will take a look at the course and see how hilly it really is! Then I will give you an answer for sure! Deal? 🙂 And I can’t believe you were in the ER!? Are you ok? What are your next steps?? (p.s – you are more than welcome to email me about this if you’d rather not splat it all over the blogging world!) I am concerned for you!!

    And I was also terrified of bridges as a kid (and still am)! I grab the steering wheel in a death grip! My knuckles turn white! haha And also being someone who has moved a million times I am in the same boat as you with friends. You learn who your true friends are…most don’t stick around!

    And those cookies are sooooo cute!!!!!!! And look so tasty! I need to make them for the bf!!

  5. Thanks girly! 🙂 🙂 I like smaller coookies because I can be just as satisfied… if I have a larger cookie I’ll eat the whole thing. I’ve got to try this recipe – you know me and peanut flour! 🙂 🙂

  6. Love reading new facts about you. Thanks for sharing about a personal struggle. I know it’s hard, but you seem to be in a good place with knowing what you want and figuring out how to make it happen. You can always vent here! We will listen 🙂
    also…you have just made me have a serious craving for my moms pb cookies!

  7. It was so interesting to read some random facts about you! I think that’s the best way to get to know someone. And regarding your second fact, I think it’s so awesome that you’re taking such a positive approach to your health. It can be so difficult to modify our lifestyles when our body has to heal, but it’s definitely something that will always benefit us in the long run. Being able to have a family and being healthy are way more important than how we look or how many miles we run. Stay strong and positive, hun 🙂

  8. Being positive all the time would suck, but seriously. we all have our downs so no need to feel ashamed about that. I am the same way with high school I only have one friend that I stay in touch with, i struggled in high school and honestly had a pretty rough time with friendships.

  9. Those are so cute! I’m so sorry your period hasn’t come back yet! If you need any advice or tips I’ve been through the missing period– both me and my sister– feel free to email me 🙂 I know how hard it can be

  10. Wishing you the best with hyperthyroidism! At least you know what it is, and can figure out what to do to get healthy!

    And I don’t have any long-term friends either, I talk to one person from high school maybe once a year, haha. I don’t think it’s that unusual–that’s a time of life when you’re really figuring out who you are, and a lot of change happens then and right after, so it seems natural that most of those friendships change or fade.

    Now I want a peanut butter cookie. But a giant one. Because I love giant cookies 🙂

    • Thanks girl!! I’m still waiting for more tests be done to see what other factors are involved. Oh how the waiting game can be so annoying @ times, ha!

      You are absolutely right in regards to the friendships changing & ending.

      Well girl, go treat yourself to one! I mean eating healthy is all about balance right?? 🙂

  11. I love reading all your things! It’s really true– you do learn who your real friends are when you move somewhere. That’s happened to me too….it’s a hard lesson, but worth it so you can find new, truer friends to fill their spot. I like bit size cookies– yours look great!

  12. I really hope that you figure things out with your thyroid! It sounds like your being positive and will do what you can to figure it out. And you’re right – family is so important. I don’t know what I would do without my kids. I love them more than life!

    And your cookies looks heavenly!

    • Thanks hunnie, me too. Right now I’m just hating this waiting game. I wish I could just snap my fingers & know everything there is to know on what’s going on!

      && I love reading about you and your family. Your children are beyond adorable ❤

  13. Best wishes for getting all of your issues under control. Sorry you’re having to go through that. Bite-sized cookies are great when I just want a little something sweet, but when I really want to splurge I love a big chewy cookie. 😉

  14. First, I LOVE reading more to get to know you! I can understand the period situation. glad you are working w/ drs to get it all sorted out. AND also, I can understand that people always think you are in such a good mood but you have your days..same here. I always get comments how I seem so positive, and I AM, but I have my “i hate everyone” days, haha! those pass, too.

    YAAY you used the peanut flour!! cookies look awesome and definitely a recipe I am not intimidated to try! thanks lady!

    • hahaha yeah I’ve had those ” i hate you, stay the F away from me unless you have a cookie to share” days a little bit more since this whole thyroid and waiting for results situation. Just gotta keep reminding myself that the answers will come soon!!

      Yess I did. I couldn’t wait to dig right into the bag when I got it! haha 🙂

  15. Love this and I absolutely love getting to know bloggers more. I’m obviously new to your blog but it’s always so interesting. I love peanut flour too!

    Anyways-I get that a lot too where people think I’m too positive but in reality. I’m suffering with everyone else. Like now with my injury! Have a great Thursday!

  16. I don’t have many “old” friends either. My best friend is from high school, but other than that I’m not close with old friends.

    I eat desert every night too. Life is short – why skip the best part?! Also, I want a cookie.

  17. You are so postive and such an amazing person! So sorry to hear about your health troubles but I have no doubt you will triumph over them! Stay strong!

    I am still terrified of bridges! I used to do the same when I was little and now freak out if we get stuck in traffic on them. Hate it!
    I love peanut butter cookies especially when they include chocolate chips 🙂 These sound delicious!

    • Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to leave this comment. It brought the biggest smile to my face!

      Well feel free to add chocolate chips as well. I’m sure they’d taste EVEN better ❤

  18. Aww, Jessie, I’m sending you a huge hug! Thank you for opening up your heart; your positive outlook is such an inspiration! I know that through faith and perseverance you WILL reclaim your health. Making lifestyle changes can be tough (I’ve been there), but it’s so worth it if it means regaining your period so that you can have a family! If you ever need anything, I’m here for you. ❤

    I eat dessert every single night too. In fact, I usually eat several desserts! After dinner, I'll have 1-2 pieces of chocolate (Lindt is my favorite), then a few hours later I might sneak a small bowl of ice cream before digging into my favorite protein fudge and peanut butter. 🙂

    These healthy peanut butter cookies look so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe! ❤ xoxo

    • Sara, you always have the kindest and most sincere words. Thank you for everything! I can hardly wait to meet you come March!

      Ha, well I’m glad that I’m not the only one who likes to sneak a snack or two (okay two usually) after dinner :).

  19. Those cookies look fantastic. I would kill for one. I also eat dessert like every night – and yep, it’s yoghurt and fruit! I definitely am not friends with my high school friends anymore – I talk to one of them still, and I hope I will always be her friend, but not the others.

    Also, thanks for being so honest about your struggle. I am so terribly sorry to hear about what has happenned to you. You are so beautiful Jessie and truly do not deserve any unhappiness. I hope that you are able to work through the problem and have a lovely family. I’m sure you will. Good thigns happen to good people. x

    • Bec, thank you so much for your kind words. I do believe the saying “Everything Happens For a Reason”, but honestly right now it’s just hard to fully understand and digest WHY it’s happening to me, and what did I do wrong or could’ve done to prevent this. I know it’ll all work out how it’s suppose to in the end, but girl it’s hard…

      Also, Yogurt & Fruit may be one of the greatest combinations ever!!

      Have a great weekend dear xo

  20. I am confident you will get your period back! Just keep eating and try to get in lots of fats, and once you start taking medicine for your thyroid things should start to get on track. I must admit that although I have a great group of girlfriends I feel awfully lonely because everyone lives elsewhere. Jeff is my only friend and as much as I love him and being with him I miss my girl time! I do enjoy having my blog friends who although we may have never met I at least know they are always there for me! I am always here for you girl 🙂

    • i know what you mean. joshua isn’t only my husband, but he’s my best friend & only friend here out here, and as blessed I am for that, it would be nice to have a girl to go out for lunch or do some shopping.. especially since he works 6 days a week all day! 😦

  21. Aw Thanks for the award girl! This post was great, I have been contemplating getting a little more personal on my blog, but it is SO hard to just put it all out there! Kudos to you for going out on a limb. I am sure that you will get your dream of your family one day 🙂 And those cookies look bomb!

    • Your welcome sweetheart! Thanks. It definitely took some courage just to write the little bit that I did. I’ve always been so hesitant about sharing things, but just knowing I have the blogging communities support really has helped in such a positive way. Just like the others, I hope to inspire people & let them know it’s okay to open up a bit more & share your struggles with others. No one is perfect.

  22. It’s funny, I only live about 30 minutes from my hometown, but I’ve only kept in touch with two friends on a somewhat regular basis since high school. It’s really hard to stay connected once you get to the age where everyone starts having families. Sometimes I swear I’m the only one out of my graduating class that’s not married or has any children!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems. I lost my period for about while about a year ago and had SO many tests done, but the doc could never really tell me what the problem was. She put me on birth control and I started having them again, but I’m pretty sure if I stopped taking it, it would be the same. :-/

    I love that you made cookies with the peanut flour! I think it’s safe to say you KNOW I’m obsessed with peanut flour, but I haven’t tried baking with it! I might just have to try my hand at some peanut butter cookies too! BIG ONES…bite-sized cookies just make me want more…like I can’t stop eating these more! 😉

    • I feel the same way, well being one of the few that has no children. I swear more than half my class has children… but half of them aren’t even with the baby daddy anymore anyways lol.

      Yeah I noticed mine went missing when I got off BC. I hope these tests I’m taking will show what’s going on. Right now I’m ready to start a family, and just want to figure out what I can do to help speed up the process. I’m just trying to remain positive that it’s nothing to extreme, but I’ll be honest.. it’s hard. :-X

      Well girl, you need to get your little bootay in the kitchen and make something using peanut flour!!

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