Oia, Greece

Happy Tuesday! This will be the last recap of places we visited, but there will be one more recap of miscellaneous pictures :).

Oia, Greece

No words can fully describe just how beautiful and breathtaking Oia truly is. Between the blue domed churches, the hills filled with extraordinary homes, and the unreal sunset, Oia truly is a must see city that you’d never forget.



  • What’s your favorite destination you’ve traveled too?
  • When vacationing, would you rather lay out on the beach/by the pool or explore? 

65 thoughts on “Oia, Greece

  1. Greece has lovely landscapes! 🙂 I would like to visit this country.

    Without doubt, my favourite was my Japan trip. I love it! I’d like to come back!
    I’m a very active girl, and go to the beach is very passive for me… I prefer to explore and learn a lot!! 🙂

    • Oh I know!! Lucky! I learned though that a lot of the people who work there are from other parts of Greece, mostly Athens. They come over for 6 months to work when it’s tourist season, and then go back afterwards. Supposely the island is dead during the winter months.

    • Glad you two are the same. The hubs & I were talking on vacation how sad it is whenever you see a person by their self eating or exploring. We couldn’t help but think their significant other wasn’t interested in the same things.

    • Thanks Sarah 🙂 She actually got in on Saturday around midnight!!! It’s been so great having her back w/ us. She’s still adjusting that’s for sure. She’s not too sure about the whole peeing on sand instead of grass lol.

      • That’s funny! She will catch on quick! I bet your elated to have her there finally!! Makes it feel a little more like home! 🙂

  2. I really haven’t been anywhere extremely exciting. Sad, I know. I guess I would say the Bahamas has been the prettiest place I have visited but San Francisco has been my most favorite city.

    I cannot wait until the day(when my kids are older) that I have the chance to travel. So many places I want to see and Greece is right at the top of that list!

  3. Your photos look like they’re straight out of a movie! Amazing! Oia is truly beautiful; I’d love to visit someday! For now, I’ll be happy living vicariously through you. 🙂 Jessie, you and the hubby look so so happy–what a gorgeous couple! I’m so happy you had such a wonderful time! ❤

    I think my favorite travel destinations have been South Africa and the Swiss Alps! As for laying on the beach or exploring…preferably a bit of both! 😀

    • Your comment made me think of faceinahole. Have you ever heard of that site? If not, you upload a picture and can put your face in place of someone elses. It’s too funny. I used to have so much fun with while the hubs was away. I’d take a really fat person & replace Joshua’s face for his. ((as you can see I didn’t have the biggest life when he was away haha)).

      Swiss Alps. I can’t even imagine how beautiful that must’ve been!!

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