Guest Post #11 (Switch It up To Keep It Up)

Hi! I blog in Tampa, FL @ Sneakers2Sandals and I wanted to write to you about keeping things interesting to keep yourself motivated to stay in shape.

There are few things I love in life more than working out and staying active. Those things include my mom, dad, sister, husband, friends, my dog, food, and shelter…you know, the essentials J.  I wasn’t always like this. I used to despise it and not understand the appeal. I grew up in a household where both my father and my sister were amazing athletes (an Ironman and team swimmer respectively). I on the other hand got out of breath just running once around my neighborhood (it was a quarter of a mile). For so many years I just chalked it up to bad genetics.  I would think, ‘Oh, I’m not meant for that, they are just good at whatever they pick up and try to do’. It is partially true you know. They were instantly good at whatever they choose to do in the ‘athletic’ arena and I wasn’t.

I never developed a love for any one sport because I’m not that fantastic at any one sport. I had to work hard to become moderately good at a sport and I still do. You wanna know why I love blogging so much? It’s because it turns my little successes into huge successes and I realize I’m not the only one who has to train for months just to get a 10 min/mi pace down to 8:50 mi/mi pace.

Any who, I’m getting off track. The point is I’m not a lover of one sport. I recently tried to call myself a ‘runner’…I still think that I am partially a runner but I also don’t like putting myself into that square. I don’t train like a runner because I just LOVE to do so many other things such as lift weights or boot camp or paddleboard. I’ve come to embrace the fact that it takes me awhile to catch onto a new sport. The art of MIXING THINGS UP has become my beloved sport. There’s never a dull moment in my workout regime because I never let it get to that point. I never properly swam in my life but over the past three months I have been teaching myself to swim. I almost drowned the first time I tried but now I feel kinda confident.

The whole point of staying in shape is to make your self feel awesome physically and emotionally. For me, in order to keep myself feeling good emotionally I need to switch up my workout routine every now and then. I do it for emotional reasons but it has had a great effect on my strength and stamina also. I bet that’s the same with a lot of you? I have plenty of runner or swimmer or triathlon friends who really just love to swim or bike or run and that makes them happy. I say, good for them but that’s not for me.

If you find yourself loving to work out or stay active but then not liking it after a while, try something new! We live in a generation where working out is ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ and there are so many types of gyms opening up that if I had an unlimited budget, I could have a membership to a different gym for every day of the week. Think outside the box of your normal gym and see if there are specialty gyms in your area. If you find one I’d love to know about it! So feel free to email me at

Stay happy and active people!





14 thoughts on “Guest Post #11 (Switch It up To Keep It Up)

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  2. Great post and I totally agree… variety is the spice of life! I need variety in everything I do, from how I spend my days, to what I eat, to my workouts, to the friends I hang out with. Love the point you got across here! 🙂

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